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A place for people who are addicted to the Mudae bot.
No matter your interests, likes or dislikes, you will find your place in E-Girl inc.
Over 1,000 members!
Join if you're tired of all the other r9k servers that are full of egirls and normalfags
Ready to claim some Waifus/Husbandos? Well join this incredibly fun server! Brag about your achieved Waifus/Husbandos, and shove them down someone else's throat.

New to claiming Waifus/Husbandos? Don’t worry, we got you covered too.
The saucepan is a server started by my best friend and I and we just wanted to make a center for people to interact and play games together and just fuck around.
We enjoy hosting new members and enjoy taking suggestions to add to our community. come join us and have fun =">-<"=
We're a relatively lax server with your standard rules!!
Hello everyone this is a relatively new server to the public scene so at times we are slow moving, but we are steadily growing and hope you'd like to enjoy the community. MysticCrimson has a friendly environment for all and will accept you with open arms. You will be treated with respect, compasion, tenderness, and love. We take requests, ideas, suggestions and much more. You will have full rain in any ideas that may go on or happen in the server because it is built by you for you.
Welcome to Waifu Mania?! Here you can roll for waifus using Mudamaid, chat with people, enjoy some fun bots and some other neat things! Come collect your favorite anime, game, and manga waifus now!
•°¯`•• 🎀 Hello my ladies and gentlemen! 🎀 ••`¯°•
〲 If you are searching for a chill anime related discord server with actual people and not bots then search no more because you have found the right place! ヅ
- This server has tons of specific channels where you can chat all about your favorite anime with people who enjoy it as well! 🌺
- Here you can do all sorts of things from catching Pokémon to battling with an enormous variety of waifus! ✿.。.:* ☆:**:.
- Note: We have Mudae and WaifuBot! If you wish to collect waifus/husbandos from any anime/manga then use them.🌺
You are absolutely welcome to join us! ちャ ぎヾ安果 萎
Looking for a new chill community?
Then feel free to join!
Gaming and Chill server.
Quick and Easy access to roles. Pokecord/Waifu/Economy/Rythmbot available. Easy to reach admins.
A tiny just-for-fun server centered around mudaes waifu trading system. We all get our picks, trade with one another and have chats about favorite characters and what not. And also we are planning an RP and need all the players we can get.
Have fun
This is a server dedicated to all those waifu's out there! From different anime's such as Naruto to KonoSuba, I'm sure you will enjoy discussing different characters in this server!
💕Command's for different waifu's
💕A dedicated channel for posting pictures of your waifu
💕Music channels for listening to any sort of music
💕NSFW channel for hentai and doujinshi content
💕Friendly staff that welcome people of any sort and interests
**An Explosion Club you say?**
Look no more! Welcome to the Blacephalon Explosion Club!
We have many features!
- Fun bots!
- Pizza!
- Giveaways!
- Po Po's
- Good staff and an owner who uses most of his spare time working on the server!
- A Leveling System
- Rudeness doesn't exist
A pretty laid back server. We collect Waifus, husbandos, and sometimes pokemon! We also have people ready to help newbies. Please follow the rules and enjoy your time here. I hope you have fun!
This is a fun server where you can use pokecord, pokeverse, catch waifus and other stuff. We have fun things to do and you can add your suggestions and DM the owner or bacologist if you want to spread ideas
✿ Welcome to the Lily pad! ✿

✿ We're a (growing) community of tadpoles trying to show newcomers of all sorts a wholesome good time! ✿

Channels we have included:
✿ Waifu corner
✿ Selfies (if you really into that validation stuff, we gotchu covered.
✿ Pokecord

We're still fairly new so suggestions would be nice :) ✿
Im just a Admin here soooooooooooooo yeah never told me what to put
Stuff and Things is a great server where you can make friends, game, have fun, or just relax. We assure you, you will not be disappointed with your stay here at Stuff and Things!
It’s Waifus R’ Us, what more description do you want? ;)
Waifu Heaven is the place to be for everything waifu related. Discuss, share and lewd your waifus (only if you dare). You'll have a lovely time at Waifu Heaven!
A server for anyone to come in and have fun catching pokemons and waifus.