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You want to learn or improve your French level and you want to help or you need help with your french homework ? Join us to improve your pronounciation and your communication skills. You can also teach English if you want.
Server Community FR-EN, Server Minecraft, Serveur Minecraft Practice,
PvP-Pot, Best Server Minecraft, Giveaways, NiceKB & other, join the Discord
right now!!! :)
We are an upcoming minecraft server Make sure to join to join see you there!
This is Deadly Club, a minecraft server where you are going to enjoy your time here. There are special
features and special gamemodes that we have on here at Deadly Club. We are a based on a HCF/PRACTICE server and maybe will be expanding to much more.
Also we have a fun custom made discord bot for only you with special features such us you can buy a $5 rank with just 15.000 Shurikens by doing the command .shop also if you feel bored you can chat with Ninja! fire So why are you waiting join now!
With this server, you can learn English in an easy and enjoyable way as members share their experiences in language and help each other.

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We have 2387 people currently and still grows up! Most of people come from Turkey to learn and practice English but we have people that come from other countries. We are having fun with this server! No bullsh*t! Learning and Fun!
So what are you waiting for?
We are a discord server focused on a positive practicing environment and in the weekends we host all kinds of creative lobbys!❤
Bienvenue sur le discord de CtlServ. Vous y trouverez toutes les informations et les outils utiles à un bonne expérience de jeu.