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A Chill server with contests, self-assignable roles, crews, leveledroles, music etc. Oh and we have no rules, do what you want.
Hey there! Are you looking for a server to hang out in and have the best time with friends?
Then you've found the place!
Hey guys! this server is for people lookin for friends to chill with or just hang out in vc or whatever, we accept any race/gender/sexuality here so don't be scared! :)
Welcome to Cringe Hub, where we will give you your daily dose of cringe and memes! But try not to overdose!
🎉Play ROBLOX? Are you chill? Join the Roblox Chill Empire!🎉

We host battles/wars and tryouts for ranks. I can't wait for you to join, so do it now! (If you want to.)

You like game nights? We gottem! Every other night game nights will be hosted. But nobody really comes, so join to make it happen!

Hopefully I convinced you, if so, see ya there!
A group of people who you can talk to about anything you need to.
Really anything
This server is a s place where everyone is welcome. We are the land of memes and jokes. You can show here your memeboi talents and become the world's best memer.. or nsfw poster. Everyone is free to express his humor as long as it doesn't affect people.
Welcome to (yes), Despacito 420! Obviously we are a group of people who just like to mess around and have fun, talk about whatever we want, etc. Only rule? THERE'S NO RULES. Except, like, don't be a dick to people. That's about it.

We have cool stuff like bots, a music channel, roles, a venting channel, and possibly MORE.
Welcome to the Duelist's Palace where we share
Yu-Gi-Oh meme cards. No shit, thats what we do. We also have a basic dueling system run by a small team of mods so you can use your cards. Come on, have a laugh and maybe don't contract depression while your here.
This server is open to everyone! We make puns, jokes, nsfw jokes, theres some roleplay... if you're into that! We have open discussions, and everyone is allowed to join! The rules aren't that strict, just basic human necessities, and we know how to have fun. Looking for Mod & Admin roles.
Welcome to the Meme Teams discord server!!!!!!!!! <3
HIIIII it's nice to see yOUuUUuU!!!!
We have created this server expecting to have a great,friendly and PG server which is a good community for friends, we are expecting this server to be a place you want to spend your time at!
Random Experimentation with country-balls server.
Roast away is a fun server where you can invite your friends so you can have roast battles in our 3 battle arenas and sometimes 2-3 members will be selected to have a battle in the roast battle channel where the rest of the server picks a winner using reactions.
At this server we have fun talk and communicate with each other were all good friends and yeah it you join you'll probably have some fun we have a spot for offensive jokes so people don't get offended and yeah.
This is My Steven Universe RP, Channels are very organized in my Opinion. And it seems like it'll go on for a while.
As the name suggests, memers from all around the world are welcome, we are "definitely" funny and dank so if you want to be looking for new friends/memes or both then consider dropping over here
This is Miff and Emily's Hangout.

A server made to bring discord members together and have fun ~
Our aim is to make a discord family, a server full of people with no beef just having everyone as friends and happy hey who knows you could find someone special ;)
We welcome all with open arms and would love to have new partners, people, staff you name it.

So join our server, meet new people, make friends, invite ur friends and lets have a good time! 🎉😎
a server where you can talk about dogs games and more (I don't mind if you talk about cats)
This is basically a joke server to be honest, I don't know why I made this but I wanted to make my own DDLC server since most of them are either up-tight or bad.
We're a (currently) small community of people looking to share cancerous cunty memes and lots of explicit content.
Hentai Hell is a hentai server. Duh. We joke around a lot, so if you get offended easily, just don't join. If you like to joke around a lot then join, we love people like you. We can talk about most topics, hentai gaming, etc. If you epic gamers want to join go ahead. Let's have fun in Hell. *wink emoji*
Our Sever is all about chatting, fun & making friends all over the world


- Global Chat to Conversate with the People from More Other Servers

- Variety of Color Roles

- VC, & Karaoke for Singing

- Memes Section for Fresh Memes.

- Self-Assignable-Roles

- Selfies Channel

- Art-Stuff Section

- Hindi Role to Access Hindi Language Channel

- Nsfw Roles for those who want to have Access to the NSFW Section.
Join Gooeypants, the newest and coolest Discord community. We don't have many members, but if you join, you won't regret it (actually, you might)! Invite your friends! :D