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Welcome to Kings Peak Hotel. A discord server based on the official Roblox game Kings Peak Hotel! Stay up to date with all new features and get special access to game leaks. Have fun and communicate with the developers!

----~ Features ~---
- Bots
- Game Leaks
- Friendly Community
- Sleek, user-friendly channels
- Support
- and more!

---~ Details ~---
Kings Peak was a small project - created by Strawbjosh - that was never designed to grow, but it suddenly started growing and is now a project here on Roblox!
Come join us at the Lewd Roleplay Hotel!
We're a community focused on casual roleplay with NSFW content, we welcome all kinds and are open to suggestions for improvement!
Please note, new accounts will need to at least upload a profile picture!
Welcome to l'enfer hôtel, recently relocated from earth, to hell! We offer scenic views of the fiery landscape of eternal damnation, as well as a restaurant and an indoor pool. We cater to patrons of any race, demon or human. So, whether you're stuck here working off your eternal debt, or just here on pleasure, please enjoy your stay.
Come check us out a amazing Hotel Resort owned by a Rich man, You can do whatever your heart wants even ERP ;)
Welcome to Hotel Quattuor, the perfect place to satisfy your kinky pleasures with some unexisting anime characters! yaaaayyyyyyy
Here, you can have sexual intercourse with:
-room service
-and tuff supervisor ladies
Ya up to fuck the hotel employees, become one your own, or just have your own damn room, eat pizza and watch TV? Then come on in to Quattor Hotel;
Your needs, our pleasures. ;)
This is The Lil' Hangout Hotel, a chill hotel where you can chill with others.
--Movie Talk
We are quite new, so give us suggestions on how to move forward!
Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!
Join or face the wrath of hell

(HH roleplay)
After the death of her mother, a teenage girl returns with her father to North Star Lodge, the family-owned hotel where her mother was raised years earlier, to get a fresh start. She quickly makes friendships with the locals who live in and work at the country lodge. She must rely on her new friends for help when she finds out that her father plans on selling the lodge. Because it contains so many memories for her family, this girl becomes determined to change her dad's mind and keep the hotel in the family.

The Lodge is a place where 14-22 year olds can work and live easily. Not many people visit but they’re trying. The lodge is north England, on the border of Scotland. Despite being hidden away, the drama is

Hey! Have you ever felt like, you just wanna chill and relax in a nice hotel? Well, we got that for you! For free! Just grab your FREE ticket, and join my Hotel! You'll have an great experience there! Hope to see you there, and enjoy your stay!


» Features «

▸ Public NSFW

▸ Levelling Rewards

▸ Themes

Hello whoever is reading this! My name is Claudia and I'm the co-owner on The Lewd Hotel. The Lewd Hotel is an NSFW Rp server that allows anyone 16+ to roleplay, not all rps have to be NSFW we also allow SFW if that's what you'd rather. At the time I'm writing this we have 136 members, we would be higher but we have just gotten rid of some of the people who have been on for a long period of time and never made a character. I hope to see you on the server if you ever choose to join!
- Claudia (C l a u d i a#4425)
This is a rp server. Its a café connected to a hotel all owned by a demon who is the daughter of a businessman. Hopefully, you come and check us out~
〰🌟Hello! Welcome to Shining Hotel!!!🌟〰
This is a Hotel Roleplay Server. You can get a job, create a business, create and grow a family, save up to buy different rooms, so much more! We are just now releasing the server to the public so we dont have many members yet, which means staff positions are avaliable!!
(and special sales to celebrate the release 😉)

We offer:
👤Active Admins and Moderators
👤Hotel Staff Positions
🏨Main Lobby for everyone to chat
💰Money System
🤖Plenty of Bots to ensure lots of fun!!
🔖Self Assignable Roles
🚪15+ Rooms to save up for and buy
📰We will have advertising in the future
👥Will Have partnering in the future

A few of the rooms you can buy include:

🎲Unique Game Rooms
🎶Multipul Music Rooms
🎨Art Room
🎭Meme Room
🔢Counting Room
💬Daily Questions and Quotes
👀NSFW Room

We have so many things to do and rooms to explore!
🌟Come join us in the fun at Shining Hotel!🌟

Suggestions are always welcome!!

Hurry and Join now to participate in current events and get 10% off 3 Delux Room Purchases!!!!
Hello welcome to Parkview hotels here we have some geogrgeouse room here you can buy drinks at the bar and you can have fun with friends in your room left top of hill you can adventure all your amazing feelings of joy welcome to parkveiw

Parkveiw hotels founder crazy cop / Ben Phillips
Hello, Welcome to the ERP/RP Hotel! In this server we are based on a Roleplaying/Erotic Roleplaying type of channels.
Hotel Dvll

Hello, welcome to Hotel Dvll! We’re just a little Hotel that I decided to make, just as a hangout / For role-play? Here are the rules.
It is the the time of Monsters and Humans. Monsters are hunted and humans slowly killing all the monsters.
They created a hotel with a magical barrier so humans cannot come in. (Unless they are let in).

Welcome to Hotel Immortalem. We are the only Hotel that accepts monsters! We have refreshments and food. Very nice beds and we have everything you need!
Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Moonlight Hotel, we are freshly made server that already has 50+ people. Come join to talk, meet new Guests, talk to new people, and have all sorts of fun, you can chill, relax, earn ranks...We also have a level system to earn more roles and unlock channels! We would love for you to join and invite others!
Serveur communautaire dans le thème d'un hôtel. Des rôles assignables, un staff à l'écoute et une bonne ambiance.

Back in 1980, A man named John Noah Gallagher had the smart idea to open a hotel. In its first 38 years of running, the Hotel had great business. John's family, His wife and Daughter, visited almost every day, sleeping over every weekend before returning to their home down the street for the weekdays. This was, however, until a man named Daniel Harrison died there.

The murder mystery was left unsolved, and the case was closed. Murders continued to happen at the hotel, causing John Gallagher to almost go out of business. The only thing keeping him going was journalists, dodgy men and people with nowhere to go.

And, he guessed, murderers coming in as well. Since when one weekend his wife visited to sleep, she died as well. John fell into a state of depression.

John tried getting his eldest daughter, Lana, to run the building, but she politely refused, saying she'd 'rather continue her career in writing books.' Or, maybe she just wouldn't like to stay in the strange walls of the place.

But why are you so attracted to the building? What about the shabby old walls, the rotting wood, the silent, eerie children's playground intrigues you?

God knows.

But one night wouldn't hurt, right?
Welcome to Halo's Hotel
We are going to have a blast in this server!
Arcade, Restaurants, Rooms, and plenty more!
So join today!
Hello! Thank you for viewing our message! We are $tale’s Hotel a (obviously) hotel themed server that is heavy in development. You may recognize me $tale from another server as we are transitioning from that server to this one. We are still in development and we hope you can be patient. Our server has many things to offer as well, such as:

- An (almost) working economy!

- A (mostly 😉) responsible staff.

- A growing community.

- And a Class system as well!

- And much more.

We hope you’ll have fun at our Hotel!

A mysterious hotel that seemingly has existed even before the town was built around it. You’ve all more than likely heard the rumors, about the hauntings at Cinderbrooke, and that’s likely what drew you here.

Whispers in the night, scratches at doors, mysterious bruises... that’s not the only strange thing at Cinderbrooke. A group of women that apparently have lived here since its opening, hardly seen...

But the rumors don’t scare anyone off. Cinderbrooke is thriving. The spa has recently reopened, and the hotel is in great shape. Enjoy your stay. Complimentary breakfast.
a minimalist server dedicated to just having a fun time, includes nsfw channels, music, science and game chat rooms, art, robots and much more!