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This is The Lil' Hangout Hotel, a chill hotel where you can chill with others.
--Movie Talk
We are quite new, so give us suggestions on how to move forward!
Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!
Hello whoever is reading this! My name is Claudia and I'm the co-owner on The Lewd Hotel. The Lewd Hotel is an NSFW Rp server that allows anyone 16+ to roleplay, not all rps have to be NSFW we also allow SFW if that's what you'd rather. At the time I'm writing this we have 136 members, we would be higher but we have just gotten rid of some of the people who have been on for a long period of time and never made a character. I hope to see you on the server if you ever choose to join!
- Claudia (C l a u d i a#4425)
Welcome to Moonlight Hotel, we are freshly made server that already has 50+ people. Come join to talk, meet new Guests, talk to new people, and have all sorts of fun, you can chill, relax, earn ranks...We also have a level system to earn more roles and unlock channels! We would love for you to join and invite others!
In this server it is a place to connect with other players and also move up in the rankings of a hotel like discord server

It is also used for Content Creators trying to get noticed more
Welcome to hotel sushi blend, not only know but for its odd name but also it's services to it's guests. We are a brand new server that follows the journey of o hotel and how it will progress for the better and the worse in the roleplay. Hope you enjoy your stay >~<
Serveur communautaire dans le thème d'un hôtel. Des rôles assignables, un staff à l'écoute et une bonne ambiance.
Welcome to Sarcastic Hotel, you talk to people and chill!
Welcome to The Shorwick Hotel and we hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome to an Rp that will have events, teams, stores, jobs and even a currency system made by yours truly ^-^
We may be small now but fear not we WILL grow

Hey! Have you ever felt like, you just wanna chill and relax in a nice hotel? Well, we got that for you! For free! Just grab your FREE ticket, and join my Hotel! You'll have an great experience there! Hope to see you there, and enjoy your stay!


» Features «

▸ Public NSFW

▸ Levelling Rewards

▸ Themes

a minimalist server dedicated to just having a fun time, includes nsfw channels, music, science and game chat rooms, art, robots and much more!
This is a roleplay server with a giantess and hotel theme. It also has a large sub theme of vore. We welcome people of all kinds and hope you enjoy your stay here.
It's a hotel in space. I mean how cool is that!?
**CTVS's Hub Hotel**

CTVS's Hub Hotel Is a Hub Based community with over 10 Different Hubs/community you can join. With around over **45** Channels there is tones of fun you can have.

Links And Info

Owner - CTV|Mothm1#5155
Admin: nosuchthingj, Aqua
Moderators: Jacob K.
Bot Status: In Development.
Discord Link -
Enjin Forum -

**Farewell Message**

We hope we see you at our amazing hotel, you will enjoy all of our hubs/communities. Farewell. Please note, We are looking for moderators
This server is a non canon version of the hotel Valhalla made by rick riordan. it has many channels for you to roleplay in and still making some things.
- newly made
-nice staff
-plenty of gods
Welcome to the Dohen Hotel! In a small town on the edge of Maine. This hotel also functions as an apartment, so have fun!
~NSFW Roleplay~
Welcome to the Heartbreak Hotel. Here, we keep guests who we think have earned their stay.
Unfortunately though, there's no way to check out after booking in.
This Hotel is here to punish those who have lived a life of sin and bring them back to the light!
So, we hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Have Fun Hotel! The once active community of friends and family who're willing to talk about anything. You can help make us active again by joining! I'm sure you'll make a lot of new friends.
-Interest related (Games, Anime, ect)
-Pronouns (He, She, They, ect)
-Colors (Red, blue, lime green, magenta, ect)
-Custom roles
This server is where you can hang out with your friends, listen to music, and it has a Strip club on the 4th Floor of the Hotel. So if you do join the server we would really appreciate it if you share it with your friends. Please enjoy your stay at Hotel Brine
This server is just a place where you can hang out and talk to people if your not interested in that you can play pokecord or request a some music, also you can get custom roles you just need to ask. If you do join make sure you find a good hotel.
Tittie Towers is a joke/parody discord of your standard hotel roleplay, Of course actual roleplays can roleplay here but do not expect any normal roleplay,
The main theme is a love hotel, But can be used as a standard hotel
Gaming server for all ages and we do play alot of games, feel free to join and start a conversation!
Come join now! You can be a butler, maid, manager or guest!
And you can be whoever you want!
Just a new server starting out! Few people but I hope we can grow stronger. This is a small Hotel theme server. Want to find out more? Join and find out!