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uhm... its a fun server, its for rp, has bot cmmds, etç. Join if you want to.

We’re a casual roleplay group set in the year 1926 amidst the height of the rolling twenties, the city of New York is flourishing with jazz, illegal booze, gangs, commerce, and culture. And Among it all Le Grand Plaza Hotel of Manhattan New York is at the peak of profit and luxury. Owned by the young Concierge Marquis L., the hotel has become the headquarters for the Lorenzo crime family.

Le Grand Plaza is based off the real world The Plaza in New York, the setting is an alternative universe where a Sixth Crime Family emerges and Rivals the other main Five. The main location of the roleplay takes place at the Hotel itself, as well as selective locations around New York for guests to visit.


• Active and Friendly admin!

• Small group environment where everyone is welcome

• LGBTQ Friendly

• 13+ group with 18+ channels for adult content

• Laid back roleplay where individuals can develop their character and relationships at their own pace

• All literacy levels welcome from linear to paragraph!

• Realistic roleplay environment with lots of chats to explore.
~Hazbin Hotel Server~

Denizens of Hell, welcome to the Hazbin Hotel! We're a chill community about anything Hazbin Hotel related. Discussion, Memes, Role-play and more.


Hello and welcome to our hotel! We have many amazing things here!
❤ A nice general chat to hang out with people in
❤ A place to talk about anime and manga
❤ Gaming area to flex your epic gamer skills
❤ A meme channel to show us all your haha funny content
❤ A lewd section for our 18+ guests
❤ And lots more!

The server is quite new and doesn't have a lot of people, so we hope that you'll help it grow! We hope you enjoy your stay!
🍷 Welcome to the DereDere Romance Hotel it's not a Love Hotel so don't come for that stuff

This place is for all that are fed up of Real Life Dating but still wants love... Online Apparently, be it Trans, Gay, Poly or Non-Binary it doesn't matter you are all welcome to my Hotel with no Cost

This Place is a Remake of my Old Server that Got Stolen and Nuked Farewell old friend but that won't stop me from trying again

In This Place we have

🍹- A variety of Roles

🍹- Crappy but Reliable Staff

🍹- A Shit ton of Channels

🍹- NSFW Channels that you need a role to access

🍹- Events and Hopefully Give Aways

🍹- A Hotel Themed Server

🍹- An active but yet not so active community, you can help us with that

I won't say its the best but I will say that I'd be glad for you to be there

❤️ May you find what you're looking ❤️
«────── « ⋅ʚ☕️ɞ⋅ » ──────»
Welcome to The Sweet ERP café♡ ೃ‧!

   ╰┈─➤ I’m so glad to see you! We are a server based around a café that is owned by a sweet cow, we serve LOTS of sweets and even have sweet people who will bend to those kinky needs of yours~. We have a hotel above the café for those who would like to stay for a night or two! Get yourself comfortable and enjoy a cup of any drink you would like.

What we offer at The Sweet Café:

|☕️| A warm, sweet and welcoming community.
|🌸| Cute & fun emojis to play with! (Adding even more soon!)
|🍥| Voice chats for those who love to speak!
|🍦| LGBTQ+ Friendly!
|🍡| RP and OOC channels for everyone!
|🍵| Memes & artwork sharing!
|🍧| 17+ server only!
|🌸| And much more! Just come on in and see for yourself~

[We offer a spot for everyone but prefer people who Roleplay and who can write 3+ lines.]
🎀✨We hope to see you soon!✨🎀
The Kabaneri Hotel is a safehouse made for those considered as the outcasts of their homelands. This is so that they have a place that allows them to live on the edge of all existing realms, away from external influence, and as secluded from reality as they could possibly get, living out all the possible desires they can fulfill.
*Welcome to our Hazbin Hotel!*

We are a brand new server that is in search of OC users! Mostly all Canons are open as well!

We are very chill and open to all types of roleplayers! Please check us out!

Look forward to seeing you in Hell!
~𝒲𝑒𝓁𝒸𝑜𝓂𝑒 𝓉𝑜 𝐻𝒶𝓏𝒷𝒾𝓃 𝐻𝑜𝓉𝑒𝓁 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝐻𝑒𝓁𝓁𝓊𝓋𝒶 𝐵𝑜𝓈𝓈!~
✯ In this server, we aren't as mean or strict as other Hazbin servers can be!~

✬Here, we offer: ✬

♡ Friendly Staff!

♡ Self-Roles! (and more to come!)

♡ 40+ roleplay channels!

♡ 50+ Emotes! (more coming!)

✯ We are open to any suggestions to the server! If you join, have a nice stay! We look forward to having you! ✯
Welcome to Kaat's Hotel, where stuff happens. Mostly. Considering it's not dead. This server can be used to advertise some videos you made, make new friends, and meet new people. But it's most likely just some random server you found. I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you have any inquiries, don't be shy, and ask one of our hotel managers, and they'll gladly help you.

Hey! Welcome to the Mobster Magnum Hotel, the place where mobsters alike can relax from business and be safe from police. Some things that happen in the server are.

A Fair Owner And Respective Members.

Bots That Fill Your Desire.

Potential To Meet Other Mobsters And Gain Own Members In Your Mafia.

Making Your Own Mafia And Step Up In The Ranks To Become A Verified Mobster In The Server.
Welcome to the Eclipse Hotel!
Its your first time here, right? Then I shall explain to you what kind of roleplay this is, this hotel is for any kind of creature, human, skeleton with glowing eye, deer demon and much much more!
Servidor Ativo
Vagas abertas para quem quiser entrar na nossa equipe
Staffs Competentes
Cargos Super LEGAIS
Servidor de diversão e encontra de amigos
Aqui no hotel você sempre é bem vindo
Venha e se encontre com o seu amor <3
A Roblox server called ViVa Hotels
We need members to make our community grow.
A fun, small server to roleplay in with both the original characters and, if you want, OCs!
Chat to your heart's desire about the most cursed things, and have fun!
Welcome to Attrap Reves Resort! We thank you for considering our service. At our hotel, you can..!

೫ Role-play with others
೫ Find a role-play partner
೫ Get your own room
೫ Play games in the Arcade
೫ Get your own roles or custom
೫ Bring your own pets
೫ Share a room with others (A sub if you have one)
೫ Spend time at the pool and more!

We hope you consider checking in at Attrap Reves Resort!
We are also looking for more staff!
Welcome to the Underworld, sucker! We're proud to be one of the first roleplay servers centred around the world of Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss. Your spot in Hell awaits!
Welcome To Water Cove Hotels!
This a roblox hotel, we recruit memebers once a week, or daily. We also include bots to keep our members/staff! Happy! The bots we have is:
-Dank Memer
-Idle Miner
We can have your voice heard, and voted on! So if have a idea Make a suggestion and we might accept it.

You can also buy roles, with robux or money (must have PayPal).

The requirements when becoming an employee is:

Must use Grammer (No need " ' " or ",") for example - Dont do that. Thats against the rules.

Join our discord, and our group, enjoy!

Hey there! Welcome to the Helluva Hotel! Take a seat, why don’t you? ❤️

You may be a bit confused by the name, well we are a server merged and focused on Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss! Both pilots equally appreciated with plenty of fans to share interests about the two. Here you can simply be yourself, and interact with others. It’s a safe place.

Here at Helluva Hotel, we inspire to have each and every person feel more than welcomed to be here. Another one of our goals is to make sure everyone is having fun making friends, and role playing! That’s what we’re all about here. (We also have a great sense of humor. 😉)

Now to the fun part and what we have to offer you:

🔥Did you know that you can be a cannon character? That’s right! You have the opportunity to audition from anyone from the 2 series and RP as them. (But I recommend you hurry, before they get taken.)

🔥We keep the opinions of others included for our server. We take suggestions and tips, and apply it to the server. See that in the suggestion channel!

🔥We have multiple fun channels for both social interaction, and RP! So ya won’t stay bored here. Plenty to do.

🔥Our stickers are customizable for everybody! Just send a picture of your very own sticker, and we’ll add it! (With moderation of course.)

🔥We have many interesting roles that you can choose from. You actually can also get a role based off of what you’re known for. Maybe you have the best humor here, so you’ll get that crown!

🔥We do host many art competitions and other competitions of any sort. Our fellow members of the server get a chance to be a judge, we’ll hand pick them of course. This is just for fun of course, but it’s a good thing to add in if you’re interested.

🔥We have channels for additional support, ever need someone to lean on? We’re here for you, more than glad to listen and give advice. We give daily inspirational quotes everyday because we all need some support sometime. Your feelings are important!

🔥And finally, we are a generally welcoming server. We are a family, and you can be included; apart of our family. Nobody is left behind!

So come the Helluva Hotel, where everyone is welcome. We’ll cya there. ✨

Welcome to The Venetian Hotel where your stay matters!

At The Venetian Hotel, you get to have that amazing vacation you deserved all your life. We have a pool, food court, café, comfortable rooms, and our friendliest staff!

Our staff here at The Venetian Hotel is the best you can get! Once you walk into this amazing Hotel, you never want to leave!
✧The M hotel✧

Hi! Would you ever like to join a hotel Server? Wellll. You are at the right place! Here's the info about the Server 😉 (The Server may be dead..)
1. Bots to interact with🤖
2. Listen to music in the Server.📻
3. Make friends!💖
4. We have nsfw 💋
5. Self Roles💌
6. Commands for all Bots.💬
More coming soon..
Have a great day!
🧸 🧸
Hi, this is a Helluva Boss(HB)and Hazbin Hotel(HH) Fanclub. We have various categories for you to have fun in and roleplay and bots for you to play around with and meet others. We have extra character roles, a prison, hotel rooms, Hazbin Hotel areas featured in The Pilot, and Helluva Boss channels! We have verification, role reactions, and interviews to become a high rank. Please follow the rules and verify yourself to be able to access the server! There is a roleplay category featuring parks, bars, casinos, etc. We have around 13 bots and custom IDs for a special category, I hope to see you soon!
This is the official discord of Latiana Resorts. To join our group please click the following link.!/about