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Zoot Central
- Chat, get high, and make new friends
- Show off your bud/weed/gangja pens/battery, edibles/cooks, etc.
- Numerous bots, games, and music channels
- Talk with all levels of zoot
- Chat to rank up
- Partner with us!

Hentai, yaoi, yuri, Lgbt, anime, all races welcome, weed, acid, lsd, psychological, philosophical, zen, bhuddism, third eye, aliens, Vrchat, games, Hinduism, Taoism, Alan watts, sadghu, rp, erp, freak, weirdo, rebel, tribe, be yourself, fit in. Music, art, poetry, writing, witchcraft. If you fit all of these dm me personally.
Welcome to Insomniacs™! This server is for anybody and not limited to:

》 Stoners
》 Insomniacs
》 Freaks
》 Gamers
》 Raging alcoholics with those foam beer coozies

~1 Booster~
~Semi Monthly Discord Nitro Giveaways!~
~Voice Channel Based!
~Staffing positions open!
~Music, Selfies, Gaming & More!

☛ We take pride in trying to keep our server as active and as friendly as possible. This server doesn't require you to be 18+ in age, but we do expect to restrict NSFW channels if you are under 18. We're all just friendly people who can't sleep and want stuff to do, so you probably came to the right place! ☚
Hey, yea you. Looking for somewhere to crash?
Come join and see whats up, everyone's welcome to join!
The best Discordserver to just hangout
This server is meant for people who smoke weed or just want to hangout and meat new people. we are a new server that is fast growing and has a friendly and open Community.
Welcome to Cam's Community!!

In our server we like to be nice to everyone and just overall have a good time. Some of our features include.

-Active Staff!
- Nice community
-Reaction Roles
-NSFW channels
And much More!

Check us out! :)
Best 24/7 Global Social Cannabis Society for those seeking a online cannabis sanctuary. HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!
Do you smoke weed? If so, this is the perfect server for you! Come talk to other high people and have a great time!
The Stoner Hangout is a 420-based server that is now currently undergoing a complete revamp. So far, we have gained over 200 members in just 2 weeks!

A little about the server:
‣ We don't just have members that smoke, we have people that don't as well! Non-stoners are definitely welcome too.
‣ We have a dedicated Minecraft server that is owned by one of our staff members so come play with us and make sure to check the #minecraft text channel for the IP.
‣ We host events (i.e. Karoke nights, Game nights, Movie nights, CAH etc.) whenever staff are able to make time for them. They are usually announced approximately 5 days before they take place.
‣ This is an 18+ server due to the mature nature and content of the server. Any member suspected to be underage will be asked for a government-issued ID showing their birthday. Those who fail to do so will be removed from the server without a chance to appeal.
‣ We are looking for potentially new staff members due to the absence of some of the current staff. We are also working on a form to be submitted upon applying for the position. When finished, the form will be posted to the #announcements text channel so members will be able to view it and submit their application.

Come and join us at the Stoner Hangout! We definitely look forward to having you!
18+ Cannabis server dedicated to cultivators of cannabis and hemp. From first-timer to commercial grower.

Planning to grow? Join to make sure you start on the right path!
Welcome to High n Dry!
This community revolves around the safe use of psychotropic substances with firm stance on harm reduction

We have an excellent, active community. Most who visit become regulars.
Trying to get as many people in my discord, so if you're down to hang out and be part of my discord come and join. If I reach my goal I will host a giveaway.

This is a community server that strives for fun.
⚗️ 420 Friendly
😂 Meme Friendly
🤗 Fun People
📢 Available Staff Positions

Games we play:
- Rainbow Six Siege
- FiveM
- Squad
- Golf With Your Friends

I am planning to expand the whole thing once we get enough loyal members who are willing to stay and help out the growth!
welcome to red and malu's crackhouse. there is basically no rules and we all just chill out up in our crack house and mess around. feel free to join and invite your niggas too if you'd like.
Welcome to The Smoke Spot! A growing and thriving community of stoners from all over, we are an accepting bunch with a strong desire to sit down with a bowl and get baked 90% of the time.A group focused on acceptance and community, we welcome everyone from the wisest Ents to the Newbies, and we have self assignable roles to mark you depth of knowledge! VC is live most nights and throughout the day, and we do game streams as well!

so join us, pull up a bowl, and chill at The Smoke Spot!
Open to Partnerships for those that want a place for their wayward stoners!
Cannabis 101 ~ The global 18+ community for all the frosty flower topics!
We strive to unite growers, breeders, extractors, smokers and enthusiasts in order to provide a legitimate information platform for Cannabis and all of its qualities.
Feel free to share your progress, questions, and pictures in the appropriate channels, and enjoy your stay!
Looking to join a brand new community that you can grow with? Look no further than The Gutter! We have the most chill members that welcome anyone to come and hangout. Smoke weed? We do to! Come roll one up with us sometime! You might meet a new life-long friend.

» Monthly Nitro and Game giveaways!
» Stoner Friendly
» Looking For Staff
Need Partner Managers! Join the server and DM @Trey#1749 if you're interested!
hello fellow stoners. ♡ i'm just here to promote my discord channel that i made to bring marijuana lovers together and to create some hella chill vibes. what we provide: 50+ weed emotes, weed education channels, 300+ members, game nights, movie nights, smoke sessions, and even giveaways!
Pandora. Creating a myriad of serious trouble the moment you press join. Pandora is that place your mind gets to when you've hit that high. There's a spot for adult crowd, a spot for the young ones—and just about anything in-between. We have growers and tokers all the same. We welcome everyone. Like to smoke? Then we'll all definitely cause mayhem together. Come join a voice chat with us and burn a few.
18+ The biggest and first Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Canadian MoM Discord + home of the Chronic CAST Livestream!
Welcome to THCDen we are a community based discord server for stoners.

We have many channels including:

✪Weed voice and text channels:maple_leaf:
✪Ranks & Levels :arrow_double_up: