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if you're a weed and/or cbd lover, then this server is for you! we keep a positive energy flowing, so if you need a little getaway then i'll see you there. ✨
18+ Cannabis server dedicated to cultivators of cannabis and hemp. From first-timer to commercial grower. Planning to grow? Join to make sure you start on the right path!

NOT a server to buy/sell cannabis.
18+ The biggest and first Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Canadian MoM Discord + home of the Chronic CAST Livestream!
Cannabis 101 ~ The global 18+ community for all the frosty flower topics!
We strive to unite growers, breeders, extractors, smokers and enthusiasts in order to provide a legitimate information platform for Cannabis and all of its qualities.
Feel free to share your progress, questions, and pictures in the appropriate channels, and enjoy your stay!
𝓦𝓮𝓵𝓬𝓸𝓶𝓮 𝓽𝓸 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓗𝔂𝓛𝔂𝓯𝓮

Hylyfe is the most active global cannabis community with growing members and plenty for our followers to see and do!

Connect with others and play games through various platforms including our bot games!

We also have multiple music bots, events, movie nights, and much more!

Come join our 420 cyber-oasis and become a part of the chill vibes!
Zoot Central
- Chat, get high, and make new friends
- Show off your bud/weed/gangja pens/battery, edibles/cooks, etc.
- Numerous bots, games, and music channels
- Talk with all levels of zoot
- Chat to rank up
- Partner with us!

Welcome to The Smoke Spot! A growing and thriving community of stoners from all over, we are an accepting bunch with a strong desire to sit down with a bowl and get baked 90% of the time.A group focused on acceptance and community, we welcome everyone from the wisest Ents to the Newbies, and we have self assignable roles to mark you depth of knowledge! VC is live most nights and throughout the day, and we do game streams as well!

so join us, pull up a bowl, and chill at The Smoke Spot!
Open to Partnerships for those that want a place for their wayward stoners!
Chillout server for stoners to meet each other, talk, make plans or share info.
Stoner Hub for getting high and chillin with fellow pot heads. :P
All things Weed
18+ for Smoke Seshes
No Gore Allowed!
Fair Admins and Staff
Fun Chill People
Cannabis related News
Server wide Events
memes channel!
Weekly Contests!
rewarded leveling system
"Life Sucks but at least we got weed" @sad-potatoe
California cannabis community. Everything is here. Medical, Growing, Recreational, Regional Chats, Jobs, Pictures. Here to network everyone and grow.
For growers & smokers
BC Canada 🍁

We're a new ganja/grow community where you can come kick it and chop it up, or share knowledge/info about plant-based, or non-plant-based drugs and substances whether it be medicinal or recreational in nature, or just the strawberries in your moms backyard.

Come through and learn or assist, give or receive help on gardening/growing, and post anything else pertaining to marihuana/cannabis.

We're a chill spot and want to focus on being a place where mfs can come kick it and not get tripped on by snobs.

We have channels for:
other drugs
& more

Come thru, listen to some tunes, & show off whats in your bag

& Join our advertisment server 👇
We are a cozy community server for the discussion of psychedelics, cannabis, spirituality and everything else under the sun from politics to gardening.

-Music streaming bots
-24/7 trip sitting
-Harm reduction and safety info
-Dedicated staff
THE HIGH GAMES is a project for gamers and stoners , help us expand this community we talk English And Spanish.
We Are going to have Weed Prizes , tournaments , free Seeds and Weed for the winners!
A Canadian based discord server for CannaPlates customers and anyone who wants to learn the art of rosin pressing. Rosin Guides, Mechanical Separation of THCA (Diamonds/Sauces) Guide, Hash Pressing, Flower Growing and much much more!

No trolls or drama queens, you will leave faster than you came in.
Be human
Be nice
Be 18+
🎀𝐵𝓁𝒶𝓏𝓏𝑒𝒹 & 𝒩𝒶𝓀𝑒𝒹 💦

•NSFW Bots
•Stoner chill place
•Sexy Voice Channel
•Masturbation Groups chat
•Weed related subjects
•Friendship/Love only
•LGBTQ+ friendly
•Self promote

High & Horny all day!!!
A new server made by some peeps who appreciate cannabis and want to meet other chill people who do as well!!
-We are a judgement free zone 💚
-Not a drug conversion server, even if you don’t support drugs other than cannabis you can still join!! 💚
Hello, everybody ahem stoners in particular such as myself we all deserve a spot to just relax unwind and communicate with one another ya know? Well guess what this is the place to do so. This server is very new and really requires the assistance from all of you fine folks out there to help better it and to help create the perfect stoner paradise!
We are [up until this point atleast] a small community lead by Arez & West.
Our small refuge is for likeminded people that enjoy to light one up after a long day & just enjoy smalltalk while doing so ♠
Welcome to Smoker's Paradise!
Your first and last stop for everything cannabis-related. This is a 24/7 community just looking for new and experienced stoners to share their creations, stories, and much much more! We are brand new, help make us successful! Join today! Time to fly sky high!

A cute little new server with an active, laidback community. Events, movies, games and other fun await. We're a harm reduction based community and promote education. Hope to see you there!

Welcome to 'Netflix and Smoke' a brand new hangout/community server for cannabis lovers!
We have :
No age requirements
Good staff
Nice bots
An upcoming chill community

Have fun and see you soon!
☘ Welcome to Herb Cave ☘!

😋 This server is created for like minded people to talk about marijuana, hash(ish), bongs, dubs and everything else that comes with the good oll' herb.

❗This server is NOT designed to promote or condone the usage of illegal substances.❗

😊 We're all here to chill and have a good time expressing what we feel about the plant and it's funny reactions on our brains.
This server is dedicated to helping people learn how to grow and helping people in all aspects of growing. We also have lots of awesome pictures and a great group of people to chat with! JOIN NOW!

Promote Your Brand!
Meet Breeders!
Ask Questions!

New Server So don't be afraid to Join