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Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We have media/art channels along with commissions/commissioning and even a Minecraft server we just recently opened! hope you enjoy your stay!
A small server with a friendly community. We have color roles and other roles about yourself. We have bots like dank memer, IdleRPG, Giveawaybot, and Rythm.
💖Hello! At first glance this server looks like every other server, but i assure you when you join Netflix & Chill you're not going to regret it.
Some of the things we have to offer:
💖Active VC's
💖Active Staff
💖Experienced Staff
💖Fully Developed Server
💖Detailed Rules to ensure your best experience in Our server
💖Dark Humor
💖LGBT Friendly
💖And More!

The Hangout Lounge is a social server where you can meet a bunch of new friends!!
We have:
Mod Applications
Music Channels
Self roles!

Color Roles!!!

Hangout Lounge is an amazing place to make friends too!! Come join today!!!
Hey guys I am here to invite you to join us over at The Lounge we are a small group of people who are very nice and are looking for more people to join our server so we can create an amazing community

-ZeroTwo bot includes card fights and flips and also commands such as hug punch slap cuddle etc..
- quite a few music bots for all your music needs
- you can also suggest bots to us that we can add to make the server more fun for people
- self roles you can also suggest more roles for us to add (:
- artwork and photography channels
- Anime chat channels
- Gaming chats
We welcome you all to join us and make new amazing friends!
(note we do move the discord around now and then adding more channels etc)
Welcome To вσσnκ
• 100 / 100 Emotes.
• 19 Amazing bots.
• Members count +300.
• Role menu to choose your own color!
• Different music bots!
• Giveaways!
• Memes channel.
• SFW/NSFW channels.
• Nice members.
• Kind and active Staff
• No annoying pings!
My server was made as a team server for a Pokémon Discord Bot called Pokéverse, here is our info!
Join ⚔️Dragons Grip⚔️ for a friendly community and fun challenges!
Join us here:
"The shadow of fear is all that our enemies will see!"
There are player gyms for our special Ace Trainers and people to help with gyms if you are stuck! We hope to see you there and welcome everyone to our server!

⭐️Top 10 Team every month!
⭐️Challenges to earn free stuff!
⭐️We have custom roles!
⭐️Lots of channels for our team!
⭐️Helpful staff!
⭐️Tournaments every month!
⭐️Giveaways every week!
⭐️Private channels!
⭐️Gym help!
⭐️Non-Toxic Community!
⭐️Pokémon League!
⭐️And much more!
Welcome to “Disposable Fix”
•A server built around Gaming, Anime, Music and more. Just where you can be you•

📌Events & Give aways
📌Venting & Confessions
📌18+ verification

•Now taking partners and in need of partner managers!
•Join today and meet new people!
This server is about gaming, fun, roleplay, action, events, music, roles, chit-chat, Nsfw, anything you could ever dream about!~
✨ Welcome to the Gemstone Library! A discord server for anyone who is interested in writing or reading. We offer contests for people who want their writing to be seen and many roleplay channels. ✨

✨ SFW server and moderation for a safe environment for everyone.
✨ Bots for you to have fun with. :)
✨ Contests where you can earn rewards like ranks in the server and having your writing featured.
✨ Many roleplay channels with rules so they're not chaos.
✨ Places for you to post your writing in general.
✨ Self assignable roles for gender, color of your username, and interests you have.
✨ A fun community that is growing!
✨ Cute pictures of pets. <3

We'll see you there, gem! ✨
❣️ We Welcome you to Hentai community ❣️

★We Have Lots to offer Why not come see!★

😍Friendly Community with very active members!
😍 Custom roles and giveaway at 1k members (nitro)
😍looking for PM and other staff

😍 We got hentai for everything
😍 Daily hentai post from our members!
😍 From specific hentai to your favorite waifus and anime being lewded ;p

We're a LGBT+ server aimed for avian (bird) furries, but anybody and everybody is accepted! We have...
🐦 - Self-roles
🌈 - Colour roles (Hex)
🅾 - Little pings
📝 - Art channels
👙 - Roleplay channels
🤖 - Bots
🐱👓 - 𝔐emez
🎭 - Support
💣 - Raid protection
🚯 - Easy verification
🤣 - Easy-to-follow rules
💞 - An accepting community
😇 - An owner that isn't an asshole
➕ - And more!
We're open to suggestions and recommendations! Helper and moderator applications are also open! We hope to see our server grow from your contribution!😅

Hello! Welcome to Hentai Hub.

We have a friendly community of people, which some of them are active on here.
So if you like chatting with others and watching or browsing hentai, then you came to the right place!

What do we have?
> Lots of hentai channels to satisfy your needs!
> Many channels with specific subjects, to exchange images and chat with other members!
> Tons of fun bots!
> Self assignable roles to tell us a bit about yourself!
> Self assignable colors for your nickname!

Make sure to head over to the #rules-and-guidelines channel, and read through it. Breaking the rules is never a good idea, not even on accident.
After reading through the rules, head on over to #react-roles, to get yourself some info roles.
And at last, write something about yourself in the #introduction channel! We'd love to get to know you even better.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at the Hentai Hub!
Heyo! My goal with this server is to meet some cool new people and overall just make a fun, safe, welcoming community for people to chat. If that's what you're looking for then feel free to join!

What we offer/rules~

•Some fun bots

•Self assignable roles

•Friendly people


•No heated arguments

•No discrimination (no homophobia, racism, sexism, etc etc)
Welcome to the Wonderland Of Humans
<*> Self Assignable Roles
<*> Plenty Of Channels
<*> And More
join now to join our small but great community today!
This server is mainly for Voice Actors looking for projects to be a part of, or people looking for talent for their own projects.

We also double as a growing community server with cool people, memes, music and self-assignable roles.

So come join us!
Still a growing community!
In progress of rules,
We have a chief aswell as trusted members called admins, and we would love to see you become a villager and gain friends :3
(NOT a dating or NSFW server.)
The Outcasts Discord Community is a server for people from all around the world, of different ethnicities, interests, sexualities, and more to connect and have a general good time. We offer a wide variety of original and exclusive emoticons that can be used for many purposes and subjects. (We have 3 other emote servers.)

We also offer a wide variety of self-assignable tags for people who would like to express themselves and their personality.
(Including LGBTQ+ tags)

“Why Outcasts?” — The server was named “The Outcasts” because not only are the team who created the server social outcasts (most are LGBTQ+ or part of social categories that are often mistreated)... but we also are an open door server to all people who feel like they don’t fit in.
Loli kanna ♡ is a cute themed server where you can get to know people from all over the world! this server has alot of cute emotes and places to show off your talent! you can also promote your social medias.
Hello! We are a server full of fun people where you can make friends and chat together. We also love to play games and vc, so you should totally join today!

; Self assignable roles for socializing
; Fun bots and games
; Voice and Music channels
; Awesome Members

We're also looking for partners so if you join, just dm an hr!

Hope you'll join :)
A new small community to discuss all your nerdy needs, find people with similar interests, game with other people and watch live streams of the staff and anyone interested in streaming.
We have self roles in the server so check that out. A verification system for selfies and age to ensure that the person you are talking to is real and not a catfish.

We also have 9 custom made emote made by an artist so they are unique to us :D

The server is still new but we are rather friendly so come drop by and say hi :)
Hello! Looking for new People Looking for a friendly& weird server? 👋 Then this one is perfect for you! We are mainly a friendly server with [funny & mature people & Savage]people 😁
We are just starting out, but even if we are small you will have one of the most fun experiences here friend! We are very active. 💜

╭━━━━━WE HAVE:━━━━━━╮
Lots of Channels for a great time
Very Different variety of people! 😜
Games and Activities 🎮
And Self-Roles 😄
📜Friendly server, no toxicity allowed or Raiding !Everyone here is accepted and loved.`We are kind of everyone. Join for the best time.
I hope to see you soon ❣
An All Around Great Server For People To Chill Out, and E-Date

We Have:
Role Assignment
Fun Bots
Social Media
Video Calling