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> This is a simple meet and chat discord server where you can do pretty much everythings you want, as long as you respect our staff and other members

> We got multiple roleplay channels as well as mental health ! As said previously our server isn't about something specific. You can then come in and make friends with other people as well as support others that need the most help and rp.

> We now accept partnership, so try and work with us !
This server is mainly for Voice Actors looking for projects to be a part of, or people looking for talent for their own projects.

We also double as a growing community server with cool people, memes, music and self-assignable roles.

So come join us!

- Non-Toxic for the most part,
- Minimal rules,
- Friendly staff,
- Rapper roles,
- We support music leaks
🌴Welcome to Mongo's Paradise!🌴
🥥—We are a small growing community!
🥥—We have very friendly staff!
🥥—We have very chill rules!
🥥—We have unique earnable ranks!
🥥—We welcome people from all corners of the world & Discord!
🌴Give us a visit!🌴
🥶Welcome to INTERNEST
-🌼We are a friendly community that revolves around anime, gaming, music, ect. with active vc and chat🌼!-
-💫self assignable roles to customize to your liking💫-
-🌙24/7 hotline and lofi music stream🌙-
-💕This is just a to chill with people with interests!💕-
⁺ ₊`🌙` ˗ˋ welcome to . . .

**✦ ╮__Chat zone!__**

> **; ♡⋆.ೃ࿔* : about**
:`🍡` **cute themes** ๑
:`🦋 ` **self-roles / colors**๑
:`🍵 ` **parternship / cute emotes** ๑
:`🌸 ` **hiring anytime!**๑
:`🎋 ` **Custom Pings!!** ๑

♤Server full of baddies

♤Smash or pass , and other fun channels

♤Self roles

♤Voice Channels

♤Active chats

What are you waiting for join now 💛
__Tattle's Clubhouse__

*We Have*

• Self Roles
• Friendly Members
• Lots Of Bots
• Possibly Giveaways Soon
• Booster Perks
• Partnerships
• 13+

This is my first server and I worked really hard on it. I want to make it a fun place where people can come and have fun talking to other people! We are currently looking for more mods and partners. I hope you decide to join us! Have a wonderful day!
Hello! This server is for all those gamers out there, we have a bunch of gaming chats for the most popular games out there rn. We have self roles for you to show who you are and just a fun little thing I thought people like you would like! We have very helpful staff that will help you with anything! So what are you waiting for come join today!
⭐ Premium Server (All users have Premium Perks active for FREE)
⭐ Rob and Heist are and will be disabled forever.
⭐ NITRO Giveaways
⭐ HUGE Giveaways (500K+ Daily)
⭐ Cool heist events from staff and members (1 Million Heist!)
⭐ A lot of roles!
⭐ Tons of Events
⭐ Nice and Friendly Staff
⭐ Selected users.
⭐ Tons of other bots and active community
Join our community of otakus 🌐
and achieve; Roles, ranks and win games.
We own nsfw channel whit many bots and commands.🔥👌
Just your typical roleplay server. We accpect furries, gacha people, ect. You can voice chat, share your art, advertise, vent and just about do anything. No nsfw content.
Snail's Hangout is a relaxed server to talk to others and vibe. We offer self roles and cute Animal Crossing emojis! Our server is strictly sfw and anything of the nsfw nature isn't allowed. We invite you to stay for a little while and chat :3
Lemonade Stand, what is this server about? It’s a lemonade stand but it’s a server, the more members we get the more our server grows(as in more channels and roles). Why do you wanna join you ask? we are a community making friends, we accept everyone!

Server Invite:
─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───
Welcome to デク! 🌸
─── ∙ ~εïз~ ∙ ───

This is a server where everyone can socialize and make new friends :). It is also very humorous and aesthetic server that is small but slowly growing, so feel free to join so we can make the server more active! <3

✰ Self-roles
✰ Events, giveaways
✰ Streaming
✰ Anime
✰ Memes
✰ Chill staff and members
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Cheeto Galaxy 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆
☆ We are a chill vibes server where you can come and hang out and meet new people.
Hello and welcome to the Street Gods!

We have welcoming and friendly members and staff!

There's a channel for you to talk about your aesthetics! Anything you like! We also have channels for things such as; art, video games, pets and a vent channel.

The server is still very small- come join us and make friends! We'd love to have you here!
Hello everyone tis server is based on music but has more then just music! We hop you will give it a try and yeah have a great day!
Take your friends to court!

We only have a few simple rules;

No spamming, bo being raicst/homophobic/sexist

Fuck trump🥰

Have huge pp if join.

Very strange and weird people here

We are a super chill, friendly Discord server accepting all members

We have:
🍡 Friendly community
🍡 Self roles
🍡 Fun channels & bots to play around with
13-17 dating/talking server
We mostly talk nothing else
We would have a great time if you joined
We have game night every friday 5pm MST
Read rules to find out the rest
Please only talk in english
Have a good day!
Safe place is a place where you and all your friends are welcome. It's a safe place meaning you can let all your worries and everything that's bothering you out, if you don't have any worries then join to help us grow:) If you need a friend we got you. We're small yeah but we're gonna grow and nobody is gonna ruin our server. Join now and come let all your worries out, come with us in the safe place 😁
Join huge community of otakus 🌐
and achieve; Roles, ranks and win games.
We own nsfw channel whit many bots and commands.🔥👌