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Northeast Ohio LGBT is a server dedicated to bringing together and helping LGBT people in northeastern Ohio. We provide resources and advice for LGBT people, and we pride ourselves on having a peaceful and friendly environment. Anyone is allowed to join, just know that we mostly focus on northeastern Ohio. We are kid friendly, and all are welcome.
Welcome to the Pokemon Go Trainers club! You won't find a more welcoming bunch in Ohio. We are all here because we have one goal and one goal only, we wanna be the very best and catch them all.
Hey! I just made this discord so that anyone in the Ohio/Dayton area can talk about real life, play some games, and have a fun time. this is a very new server so please feel free to correct me on any mistakes I have made when I built the server
This server is a place where you can meet new people from all around OH and where people can chill and flirt with others and possibly find that special someone I need to find that special someone lol
A community of people local to North East Ohio (NEO). People elsewhere in Ohio, as well as other states welcome. We serve as a platform to connect local gamers to each other so we can find parties with our favorite games with people in our little part of Ohio. We have self-roles for all counties in NEO, as well as all popular platforms and games, to help you find team mates on your consoles and games.