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North East Ohio Roleplay is a Grand Theft Auto V FiveM PC community that bases ourselves off of real Ohio laws, departments, and locations. We have over a year of development on our server bringing many things that you might be interested in. We have an active and helpful staff team and every single feature you could dream of. Now, all we need is people to come to enjoy and share their passion for roleplay and community.

**Our Features**
Hundreds of developed Civilian and Emergency vehicles
Retro Cars from the 70s 80s and 90s
A Custom EUP made for all Ohio departments (Clientside)
No blacklists on any weapons, vehicles, or menus as long as you use them responsibly in RP
Custom Map
A custom made CAD
Story RP

**Departments we offer**
Police (Departments of Cleveland, Rocky River, Elyria, and Avon)
Sheriff (Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department and Lorain County Sheriff's Office)
Ohio State Highway Patrol
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fire Rescue
Federal Aviation Administration
The United States Military

We hope you come and join our community. We would love to have you!
this server is intended for people in ohio interested in being a part of/learning about the satanic community. this is mainly a temple of satan based server rather than the church. we dont charge you anything, we dont make money doing this (so far) and we are here to make a space for discussion, information, hanging out, and healthy debate. we welcome everyone, so come and join us.
Hi there!

This is a server for peeps in Ohio that are furries as well! Easily suggested for meeting friends, and dating, or anything your mind desires! Please feel free to join in! You're welcome, and such!

You're great y'know!
💫 OH LGBT! 💫

The OH LGBT! is an Ohio LGBT-centered server for anyone on the spectrum of LGBT to join and talk to likeminded people.

We have separate roles for certain areas of Ohio and lots of accepting people!

Come meet other LGBT Ohioans here today!
We are a server for discord people in ohio to connect. A chill place to make friends! Non-ohio residents are welcome as well!
(just a heads up, we are absolute crackheads)
《 𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖! 》

Welcome one, welcome all! This server is for those of Ohio State or any of the neighboring states that want to chat, make friends, voice call, or even meet up! we have plenty of things to offer, such as;

➷Friendly Staff
➷Self-Assigned Roles
➷LGBTQ+ Friedly Staff And Chats
➷Plenty Of Chats
➷Support Chats
➷Furry Chats
➷A Meme Chat
➷Artist Corner
➷Anime Chats
➷Gaming Chats
➷Roleplay Chats

We are always looking for more members to help grow and make out community a bigger and better place! We are a 16+ community, please respect our guidelines! Thank you for taking a glimpse at out lovely world, fell loved and feel good my sweet people ♡
Hiya! All doms and littles welcome! Just a a new 17-25 cgl/ddlg server for any Ohioans or surrounding ppl 😁This is a mostly sfw server! Just a chill place for any mommys, daddys, or littles who are from or around Ohio! Surrounding states are ok too :)
Must be 17+ to join! Hope you join and have a lovely day!
17+ in Ohio or around. This is just some extra sever. Join to be added to the other one with all the servers and everything
The idea of this server is to use creative minds to create lore for the funny ohio meme that has been going on lately. Feel free to join and see what we're all about.
Ohio State Roleplay is a roleplaying server on FiveM (GTA Custom Framework). IF you would like to join and apply for a whitelisted position. Good Luck, and have Fun!!!!
Welcome to the Pokemon Go Trainers club! You won't find a more welcoming bunch in Ohio. We are all here because we have one goal and one goal only, we wanna be the very best and catch them all.
A community of people local to North East Ohio (NEO). People elsewhere in Ohio, as well as other states welcome. We serve as a platform to connect local gamers to each other so we can find parties with our favorite games with people in our little part of Ohio. We have self-roles for all counties in NEO, as well as all popular platforms and games, to help you find team mates on your consoles and games.