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Hello fellow people. We are a lovely and caring server. We may be small now but with your help, we can grow. If you want to help Suicidal or depressed people then this Server is for you. If you have depression or suicidal thoughts then this place is also for you :3
If you can’t join, message me: CutieCat05#7181
Any Trolls or Spammers will have a permanent ban or use this invite:
Hey everyone! This is the New Haven server. We are here to help people who are in need, no matter what do they need we try to help them. We are all a family here. We won't judge anyone for who they are or what's going on with them or their past. We try to help no matter what it takes. We accept people from all around the world. We here have channels for almost everything a person needs. Such as: Support, Vent, Fun, etc... We will always try to help you with what you need <3. You're welcome to join whenever you want.
-"I basically want this server to be a community, to help people out. To have another place to come to when life is total shit. This is a server to go for also gaming for as DL is a clan I made but developed into a group/community. Also, would appreciate everyone to respect and care for each other. We are chill in here" -Server Owner (Natas)
-Hey! maybe you can join and give some suggestions on how we can grow/improve
-We have many bots that you can have fun with and even an NSFW channel.
-We are also open for partnerships with server that have 100+ members (number may change as the server grows) - Yonnie aka Goddess (server admin)
Hello, welcome to PG Studios! We are a developer community server. We help others, we work together & more!
Make your own creation as a Pex game. Your own creation & your own business. Hire members to work with you and pay them! For what he works. You can also talk with our members on #general. Thanks, we will see you there
Hello we are an friendly community of vgilantes/heroes,we got an army to patrol in Roblox and other games, we fight for justice and peace! You dont need to join our milita,you can be here just for fun and get a /Member role/ or just ask us and we can create a role for you! We can chat for fun anyway we got some good memes in meme channel. If you hate bullys and injustice and you like heroes and vigilantes then this group is just for you! We fight for justice and peace,we play all kind of games not just the roblox.
Join Locals Lounge
We Are Here To Help You With Any Stress We Are Honest With You Sharing Your Thoughts Our DM’S Are Open 24/7 Dont Be Afraid To Speak Out And Express Your Feelings We Will Accept Your Message.
This is to help youtubers grow talk about bugs on youtube and more
This a fun server for all artist who want a nice paradise location to be in with fun people and friendly artist who want to help others learn and grow we can help artist of all kinds and other things like writers people who rp any other things of the sort
Welcome to this Wizard community. We are all glad to have you and welcome you. We are all here to help out and grow. If you have any questions on what something is please ask. Enjoy your stay and keep leveling. Have a wonderful day! -Hoovered
💔Not Alone💔 is a server that is a community that is formed together by friendly staff, loving members, and much more. You can get advice on what to do in a hard situation or just hang out. This is a server i hope can grow to become a great community.🖤
well help people out with the games that they need help on if we have them and mic isn't required but it dose help a lot
A server which is for helping you on general stuff, we are happy to help you no matter what the problem is. And we have lots of specialised categories and chats to ask for support in.
⌦ —✪Alchemist Dating✪—⌫

⌬ This is a dating server for to meet new people and find love and get friends, If you join we will be happy to welcome you Sly Signing Off ⌬
Dating Is not Required we also have a option for making friends
⊠ Things the server has are.. ⊠
╞ A Kind Owner And PIB,Staff!
╞ RP Coming Soon
╞ A Welcoming Community!
╞ A Meme And Art Sharing Chat!
╞Magical Server With Factions~!
And More!
So come! Join Today!
- - - - -
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Hei guys!
We're an active Aqw-discord-server. Join us if you like Aqw, wanna meet new friends, hang out, need help with the farming/boss, guild-recruiting, and much more!

We also have room for other games aswell!
Come fresh! :p
we are a clan who help eachother out, nobody gets left behind with us! no inactive members. COME SEE OUR NEW REVAMPED SERVER DESIGN FEATURING ALL NEW BOTS AND ART. no judgement we are new and up and coming.
We are a server that helps with Comptuers and Laptops! If you need some information on your laptop let us help you!

Note: We are not affiliated with Microsoft or any other based Manufacturers for Computers/Laptops.
to help small streamers on twitch...i hopepeople join's to help others...and yes i just started streaming ... lol
Hello! I have built this server for the main goal of helping others with their problems. With this server, me and as many others as we can get will try to spread positive vibes among the fine people of discord (or just anyone else who wants help). This server is a great way to make friends as well. So join, and we'll help you get through life, one step at a time!

Sincerely, Jason (OWNER OF CACC)
If you need a safe place, or just want to make some friends, or need to vent about your daily life, or just want to play some video games, then join our server!
A small growing helping server where u need something were here to give a hand
hello this is my very first discord server I would love for you guys to join especially the people who like helping others my server is about making safe place where you can be you and talk about how you feel or try helping others
This server is a new and up coming server to help everyone in save the world and make new friends.