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Feel free to be yourself, if you need to vent you and your bad thoughts and other things, you can do it!

-Welcome Channel
-Infos Channel
-Art and Hobbies
-Talking Channel
-Cult Channel
-Disorders Channel
-NSFW Channel

Feel free to be yourself here but join us at your own risk! Feel free and have fun and respect at 1st!

Sadece kızların ve elit erkeklerin alınacağı müthiş yüksek kafalı, girdiğiniz zaman "damn bro this niggas high as a kite" diyeceğiniz bir sunucu. Yetkili arıyoruz!
A wide variety of epic gamers from all across the world.
Loading is an English speaking server only.
There are rules to be followed and upheld on here so make sure to read them when you join.
Make sure to type what type of color you want in the #role-request chat when you join and you will be given it as soon as possible!

Thank you all and welcome to Loading <3
Site-934 is a SCP Roleplay open to everyone loving both SCP and Roleplay.

We offer:
- Custom roles depending on your character
- Character Promotion
- Experiment logs
- Character roles from Class-D to O5 passing by chaos.

Don't wait, and join us!
You were in every kind of server and you were throw outside from there? Here you can feel free to be yourself and do a lot of things, there are rooms for every kind of things and if you need a room i can always create it. Respect is at the 1st place here!

You can really feel at home here, you can do:

Mk roleplay
Talk and VC talk
Listen music

We have rooms for a lot of things to talk. If you need a room for talking about something of specific ask me and i'll create that

Also seekin' for 2-3 admin for info ask to me on discord at:
Sub Zero#3798
Hey, and nice that you watch by this Server! This is a English Community Server! This is a very new server, with 1 person, and we hope that it is a Public server later!
Qui potrete condividere le vostre passioni, chattare ed ascoltare musica, vi auguro una buona permanenza, chiunque voglia può entrare nel server

Here you can share your passions, chatting and listen music, everyone can join the server. Have a good stay here in this server!
Welcome to ClanWars! We are going to become 100% international.
Create your clan and dominate the server!
Hello ! Come with us play Honkai Impact 3rd ! We are a English/French server ^^ A big family is waiting you <3
Acesta este un Servar Roman si pentru Englezi.Aici puteti discuta si sa va faceti prieteni noi , Aici avem : casino , Darkweb , Hentai , etc
Zdravím! Chtěl bych tě pozvat na náš server kde můžeš počilovat, nejen s československými tak i zahraničními členy...
Převážně máme rádi aesthetics a posloucháme lofi hudbu...
Hi! Im inviting you to our server where you can chill with us,
not only with czechoslovakians but with international members...
Mostly we like aesthetics and listening to lofi music...
hallo dit is een server voor alle gamesr titch streamers en youtubers als je zit hebt kan je ook met mesen spelen in de discord