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Hello, welcome to Mega Traps, a server where you can text your friends, make friends and just simply text anyone. The server isn't very professional and it is pretty active. There will always be an admin or the owner online for you if you have any questions about the server. If you want to know anything before joining, add me: Dyin'#7112. Thank you and I hope you pass a great time in our server. See you there.
Czesc chcesz porozmawiac z innymi i pograc z innymi? Wbijaj do naszego gangu!
━━━━ ⊱ ⁂ ⊰ ━━━━

Welcome to Hentai Hell, a server for hentai lovers and lgbtq folks alike.

To join the server you must be over the age of 15. We do not discriminate against anyone here and any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. language is not permitted.

Here in Hentai Hell we have plenty of roles to choose from, and more as you level up while being active in the server. There is a friendly staff and friendly members for you to interact with.

We have multiple channels for texting and sending images, including a vent channel that will be cleared every other day.


Once you join please check out our rules and pick some roles. We hope to see you there! <3 - Bee

━━━━ ⊱ ⁂ ⊰ ━━━━
Welcome! This is the place where you do...nothing! Prepare for weirdness, fun accepting people and meet new friends! People around the world can join it, but please be aware about time differences heh.
TNAS stands for ”ThisIsNotAServer” and was made by ”Skilled”. On TNAS you can chill, talk, hangout, find friends and find new memes maybe also. There’s many more things about TNAS if you find it interesting then please join.
Just a place to hangout and have fun. We have some emojis and music stuff. This is a new server so stay tuned for more stuff.

Here you will be seeing:
🔔Active Staff🔔
🏁Fun Games🏁
📊A good balance of good people📊
📊Weekly Polls📊
👍Helpful Staff👍
📝Now hiring Staff📝