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Vortex is an RSPS that aims to please the players of its community and will soon be one of the top servers. Come check us out and maybe stick around and help us reach the top.
Have you ever wanted a server where you can just be you?
A place where you are accepted wether you drink,smoke cigarettes,cigars or weed?
A place where you can hop into a VC high and have other people who are high that you can talk to
A place where the staff members can relate to a few topics
A place where you can gamble with Unbelievaba bot
A place where you can discuss controversial topics without being judged by the media
A place where you could be a member on a future podcast that is in the works
If so,then why not join this server?

We have:
-Black Jack
-Chicken fights
-Casual roulette
-Slot machines
-Russian roulette

Chat channels
We have:
-A chat for people who smoke weed and want to discuss all the ins and outs of it and maybe even make a little business if some other people are willing to buy from you,in person of course (We dont want any scammers)
-A chat for casual smokers who enjoy cigarettes and cigars,who want to talk about the prices of lighters and different packs and flavours depending on the tobacco
-A chat for drinkers who want to possibly meet up in person and get drunk together or in the Drinkers VC
-A channel for gamblers who want to discuss their biggest score and how to pay less but win way more
-A channel for controversial topics where people can discuss any sore topic that the media would normally call you out on.We dont judge,we feel like you should be able to openly discuss sore topics in history,religion or anything of the sort,just as long as you arent making huge fake claims that you havent actually done research on,you should be fine
Voice Channels
We have:
-A Smokers VC for every type of smoker to get together to either get stoned or high together
-A Drinkers VC for the lads and maybe ladies to get drunk together and have a great time
-A Gamblers VC for those who want to get together and gamble in real life or use Unbelieva Bot as their online practice for Simple online Black Jack
-And if you arent 18,dont worry,we still have the general chat and VC.We also dont lock the overage VCs and channels from younger people,as long as if you are underage and you are responsible,you should know that you should either be 18+ or 21+ to do any of those things.Gambling,smoking and drinking can be fun but if you arent careful,it can ruin your life and we dont want to be responsible for that so please have common sense and dont try any of those things
-We have a controversy VC for of course,people to voice their opinion on any sore topic that the media would normally shame you or cast you out as the villain for discussing
-We have a PodCast VC in the works seeing as a YT channel is already made but we are still working a few things out for the future so we might still do a PodCast but we won't record them,it will just be your lucky chance that you got into the PodCast VC
Overall,in this server we just want a place for all the lads and ladies that dont feel like they fit in because other people judge them because they smoke,drink,gamble or make their own theories on topics from the past or present topics,online or not to come to so that they can know that we will accept them and we are also willing to discuss topics with them and maybe everyonce in a while,get drunk,high or stoned and have a quick gamble with Unbelieva Bot
We hope to see you soon
-From the Staff Team of High Heights PodCast
✮ Fun for All Ages
✮ Both Safe for Work and NSFW
✮ Hardly any rules with anti raid protection
✮ Experienced and friendly staff
✮ Easy ID Verifying to view our NSFW Content
✮ Once verified you can Post your own NSFW Content
✮ Lots of Male and Female Models and sellers
✮ Friendly and welcoming chat with tons of channels to express yourself
✮ Over 70 self assignable roles (with more on the way
✮ Over 30 custom color roles (with more on the way)
✮ Custom Level system with more freedom the higher level you become
✮ Buy roles to give yourself special access to channels using our currency bot!

This is the support & community server for the discord bot 'Fish n Economy'!

Here you can meet many new friends, get rich with bot currency and find a new discord bot.
Welcome to the world of KR gambling! We are a new Krunker team growing extremely fast!
We currently have a 10k KR contest active.
We also host KR giveaways which are open to the public!

contact us:
It is a gaming community. Also waifu hunting, gambling, anime and most IMPORTANT "NSFW"
| ♕Kakegurui Role-Play♕ |

//Semi-Literate OC Role-Play//

Welcome to Hyakkaou Private Academy, this is a prestigious school where students from powerful families in the political and financial world attend. This school does not evaluate you on your studies or athleticism, but your social status and your ability to gamble. Everything here is determined by your gambling skills in a harsh and competitive environment.

— Interested? Come join us for more information!
Welcome to this original idea discord server where you can play Multiple different discord games in one server , adding new ones every day,And you can also challenge people in any of our games,No this isn’t a joke your eyes are not deceiving you So COME ON AND HAVE FUN!

Here are different kind of games we have.

Dank memer
Idle miner
And more .... Still counting
Hey! Welcome to the Mobster Magnum Hotel, the place where mobsters alike can relax from business and be safe from police. Some things that happen in the server are.

A Fair Owner And Respective Members.

Bots That Fill Your Desire.

Potential To Meet Other Mobsters And Gain Own Members In Your Mafia.

Making Your Own Mafia And Step Up In The Ranks To Become A Verified Mobster In The Server.
We are Norinchukin
(  ̄┏_┓ ̄)
We are a very friendly server that will welcome you with open arms.
We accept everyone and we don't allow shaming of any kind.
Now including BNHA 3rd Generation RP
W̩̮̼̮̜̮e͇̭̼̼'̢̹͚̘̺̻̻̣r̤̩̤̟̬̳̭e̗͇̫͠ ̯̦̲̳h̡̟͍͇̘̟̺̟e̱̪̝̺̫͎̜r̢̩̩͚e̶̩̻.̜̗̜̬̰̫̟
CS:GO Trading is a community server created to providing a fun/safe space for all. Here, you can mingle with other members as well as trade and buy/sell CS:GO items. We provide a system with low-tier trading, middle-tier trading and high-tier trading. We hope you will join us as we do weekly giveaways.
BattleHashes is a decentralized platform for unusual gambling, which involves hash codes of players,
the winner takes the whole Bank of the game, games are held every 5 minutes in the most popular and fastest cryptocurrencies.
Multiplayer blockchain gambling | PvP | Referral program
Welcome to Frost Bets 👋. Join us for Runescape 07 & RS3 gambling. We also do massive giveaways daily and you can earn millions just by being idle in our server💸.
Welcome To The NitroGaming Discord Server! You can have a lot of fun with the server economy or simply just listening to music while you look at memes from reddit being posted every second or even post memes of your own. We are a small community. We are a gaming based discord server but you can have any discussions on here and maybe even find someone else to play with!
Well hello there!
I am carl, and i wanted to promote my discord server carl's gambling CS
The server has the following:
Bots (roles, gambling, and more!)
And we would love to see you!
Because the server is small and it would alot to us if you would join and have fun.
Naruto: Compulsive Gambler is a new role play server where you earn your strength through gambling. Here we prioritize giving everyone a fair and equal opportunity to grow together.

Set in an alternate timeline where a mysterious man brought the First Shinobi War to a halt and, after declaring himself to be God, enforced nine rules for the world to live by, the abuse of power and unfair advantages became a thing of the past. Murder and crime does not exist outside of gambles. Everything a person owns can be gambled in a game of their choice. Money, power, information, even your very lives can be placed on the line to climb the ranks and become the next true God.

Naruto: Compulsive Gambler features:

>A currency system!
>Easy combat system!
>Encouraged use and creation and of all canon and custom Kekkei Genkai, Clans, Jutsu, weapons and many more!
>Events and giveaways will be hosted on a semi-regular basis!

Don't want to role play? That's ok! Feel free to hop in and socialize or gamble without being pressured to make a new character!

The only limits to what you can do are those imposed by yourself and the luck of your gamble!

Create your own character and place your bets!

Currently recruiting dedicated staff and Dungeon Masters!

Partnership requests welcome!
Come join me and my little poo poo's as we hang out and chat for fun times!
- maybe events
- lotsa roles
- fun polls
- fun bots
- gambing

all this and more, in the wew lad server (name subject to change)
Seri is a discord bot that aims at making your server more interesting and fun for everyone by adding loads of custom commands! Seri even features a full economy system! This is the support server for Seri where you can get help or maybe even impact the future of Seri. Come join us! :)
LightningCash Gold is a bitcoin currency that can be created with your computer or your mobile device right from Discord. It is the worlds fastest and most efficient (no expensive equipment) and exciting new cryptocurrency. Join our growing community and get some free coins!
Welcome to shrek x Barry b benson there is only 7 rules
1. Be mature
2. Don’t spam unless you’re in <#621844764731637760>
3. Nothing pornographic unless you're in <#621844764731637760>
4. Keep content to their respected chats
5. With the exception of the above rules anything goes
I regularly use the prune function, so if you haven't been seen in the server for 30 days you'll likely be pruned
6. Respect other if this rule is broken it will result in a perma ban
7. Do not mention brawl stars or it will be a perma ban
There really is no other rules just don’t break them
Spicy Chatting Platform

-Active server with friendly staff.
-Strict rules against toxic behaviour
-Recruiting moderator and admins.
-Gambling with rewards (custom roles, discord nitro, steam key's)