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We're a growing community focused on what the community wants. We have an active community and want you to join us. Come along down, relax, play some games, etc...


♣ Active staff

♣ Self-Assignable Roles

♣ Level Bot - allowing for more perks the more active a member is🤖

♣ Music Bots - chill and game or just enjoy your afternoon ☕

♣ Calm environment - this is a place where one day your jamming out with your friend, and the next you sit down and listen to your head 🎵

♣ Awesome members! - We don't discriminate, so anyone and everyone is welcome 👍

♣ NSFW section

♣ Exclusive No-rule chat

♣ Excellent Gambling and Economy Bots!
Gambling and fun community
A well developed community where everybody shares and have fun. We have the gambling bot which is the most thrilling bot you could ever find in our server, we help each other grow as well so if you're looking for gambling, fun and entertainment this should be right place for you
A friendly gambling community with great giveaways, and a category with a bot that includes many games including UNO, HANGMAN, MINESWEEPER, and many more!
Welcome to Slayer’s server! Here you can expect to find:
A friendly community 👍
Plenty of bots so you never get bored 👌
A fair staff team with easy going rules 😃
Tons of memes 😎
Overall a great discoed server. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! There will be giveaways at certain milestones of the server. If you don’t wanna miss out go ahead and join!
This is a gambling server that was just created. You can play blackjack, roulette and much more in this server! We will be waiting for you!
Join our server and hang out with people and meet them, gamble away
This server is a server based off a new discord bot called LootBot, basically on that bot, you can rob people, shoot people, etc to get cash off of them for LootBot. This server is a gang for this bot and is dedicated to helping gang members get good stats on the bot and to protect gang members from attackers. No entry fee's are needed anymore!
This server is in beta but with your support, we will grow!
there are positions available like admin and beta tester!
so please come on down to chat and game!
| ♕Kakegurui Role-Play♕ |

//Semi-Literate OC Role-Play//

Welcome to Hyakkaou Private Academy, this is a prestigious school where students from powerful families in the political and financial world attend. This school does not evaluate you on your studies or athleticism, but your social status and your ability to gamble. Everything here is determined by your gambling skills in a harsh and competitive environment.

— Interested? Come join us for more information!
This is NDA (National Dokkan Association). This is a server where you can hangout talk about dragon ball (or other games), play with a currency bot or use a waifu bot!
Great forum aimed at teaching blackjack card counting, sports betting, poker and more. it teaches you to be an advantage player through discipline. everything ro land and online casinos
this is a new server and we have no idea how to run it
A fun, family friendly discord server! Made for everyone: memers, music fans, game players!
Feeling lonely and looking for people to talk with? Join here, chill & Friendly server. Make new friends and have fun. Use the channel accordingly to their description. Wanna partner up to grow your stream? We have staff applications for you to apply! Join now!! This server is quite new and is working hard to grow and be active.
Attend a prestigious school centred around gambling (fake money) and try to work your way up the ranks and join the student council, or even be the head of it!
At game 1,100,000 (our 100,000th spin) we will be giving away 500,000 Dogecoins to the person with the highest net profit overall ( We will also give 100,000 to the person with the highest gross profit that has a negative net profit. Get crackin' kids. ---
This is CSGO500's official Discord server!
At CSGO500 you can gamble using cryptocurrencies/virtual skins!
Come join the lora server with great people, come gamble & talk.
Lora support also
My favorite discord! Cool sports gambling people that make money :D
Hyakkaou Academy is a private academy where grades really don’t matter. Yet all students are focused on the status of gambling. The thrill in this rp comes from trying to make it to the top and to stay away from the bottom. There is a ranked hierarchy in where the worst gamblers become house pets. Based of the anime kakagurui this rp is a school for gamblers where you can find other rp friends.