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A server for humor, conversation, and friendship! Come say hello!
Ranks, casino & pokecord.
Welcome to Frost Bets 👋. Join us for Runescape 07 & RS3 gambling. We also do massive giveaways daily and you can earn millions just by being idle in our server💸.
simple discord server with minimum amount of roles, channels, bots
Welcome to The Sand Casino! The #1 Runescape Gambling and Chest Opening Discord!
This is a gambling server that was just created. You can play blackjack, roulette and much more in this server! We will be waiting for you!
its a fun server with not many rules. people are friendly and can talk about anything here!
theres many fun games and competitions with the dank memer bot! welcome to our server
A tiny just-for-fun server centered around mudaes waifu trading system. We all get our picks, trade with one another and have chats about favorite characters and what not.
Have fun
A well developed community where everybody shares and have fun. We have the gambling bot which is the most thrilling bot you could ever find in our server, we help each other grow as well so if you're looking for gambling, fun and entertainment this should be right place for you
We gamble the money you get can be used to buy roles on the server
| ♕Kakegurui Role-Play♕ |

//Semi-Literate OC Role-Play//

Welcome to Hyakkaou Private Academy, this is a prestigious school where students from powerful families in the political and financial world attend. This school does not evaluate you on your studies or athleticism, but your social status and your ability to gamble. Everything here is determined by your gambling skills in a harsh and competitive environment.

— Interested? Come join us for more information!

This is a fun little server. Make friends, lovers, and playtime buddies. We are a roleplay server with a little of everything: bots, gaming, gambling, rping, picture sharing.
Encore Casino is a virtual gambling server that's really fun. It just started out, so expect a few issues/unfinished stuff. Please, join in on the fun!
This is **slayers server!**A tight-knit community server. There’s a spot for every hobby inside.
We have:
* Different parts for every one. As an example the weeb role. We have a category dedicated to weebs, but you have to assign yourself the role to see it. Same with a furry category and a gamer category.
* Tight moderation and a great staff team to deal with any problems that might arise.
* Friendly members!
* NSFW channels that also require a role to see.
* Plenty of server games and bots for your entertainment.
* Art channels.
A community growing fast, doing a nitro giveaway at 150 members.
Dicers#2 is focused on dicing for more consistent gains and simplified! Over $1000 in monthly giveaways! 54x2 75x3 blackjack and more!
Do you like hentai? Do you like porn? Do you like being bombarded with messages when you type ! Well then you've come to the right place!
This casino puts them all to shame! From free 5$ starting cash to jackpots as high as 3000x your bet. Dicers is where at!
We are a casual discord with about 400 people, a nice rank system, and channels for just about everything. We have daily events to keep you entertained. We have separate channels for gaming, music, porn, memes, and much more! We are also working on new multi-purpose bots to improve your chat experience.
This is the realm that resides in your local dump, please enjoy your stay.
We have:
2 meme channels
1 casino channel
4 trash/command channels
5 voice channels
And if you're good you might get something else..
Join now!
A hardcore gambling server for with many bots and hangout spots/channels. This server is growing at a steady pace and would be grateful for you to join! Job applications are open.
Snagz discord is a community for the youtuber Snagz. He gambles VGO skins on stream on his youtube and does plenty of giveaways on his twitter and discord.
gambling, talking, fun, nsfw, you get it. At A&L Casino you can enjoy a great fluent currency system.