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✮ Fun for All Ages
✮ Both Safe for Work and NSFW
✮ Hardly any rules with anti raid protection
✮ Experienced and friendly staff
✮ Easy ID Verifying to view our NSFW Content
✮ Once verified you can Post your own NSFW Content
✮ Lots of Male and Female Models and sellers
✮ Friendly and welcoming chat with tons of channels to express yourself
✮ Over 70 self assignable roles (with more on the way
✮ Over 30 custom color roles (with more on the way)
✮ Custom Level system with more freedom the higher level you become
✮ Buy roles to give yourself special access to channels using our currency bot!
>Wreck boredom with constant entertainment! From the drug parties of events to the communist coups of server clans and monopolies of the server economy

🔶Tons of fun, troll-y, and serious events all the time🔶
>#📢events< Game Competitions, Challenges, and more!

🔶Rival Clans Wyntaire + Nyghtaire🔶
>#🔴clan-info< Power, competition, and communist uprisings (with rewards)

🔶Powerful ranking and greedful economy system🔶
>#🔴leveling-info< Earn coins to gain privileges, enhance your clan, and more!
server to chill w ppl & make some new friends, there's memes, self roles & im adding more stuff so yeah lol
Welcome to Frost Bets 👋. Join us for Runescape 07 & RS3 gambling. We also do massive giveaways daily and you can earn millions just by being idle in our server💸.
| ♕Kakegurui Role-Play♕ |

//Semi-Literate OC Role-Play//

Welcome to Hyakkaou Private Academy, this is a prestigious school where students from powerful families in the political and financial world attend. This school does not evaluate you on your studies or athleticism, but your social status and your ability to gamble. Everything here is determined by your gambling skills in a harsh and competitive environment.

— Interested? Come join us for more information!
Ever want to Gamble that GP you've been sitting on in hopes of turning that 100m into bils?

Here at SavageStakes you can do that any way you want heart
We have
-Flower poker
-Dragon Dyce
-44 or lower
-50 x1.8
-54 x2
-75 x3
-Partyhat Poker
-ou overunder
-!hc hot or cold
-sport bets
-esport bets
-active bettors club
-Ranks are avaliable #paid-ranks
Come and Join us at @everyone
𝐊𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐠𝐮𝐫𝐮𝐢: 𝐇𝐢𝐠𝐡 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞𝐬 is a roleplay server made and moderated by a small group for a realistic, fun experience. It includes a mock-social media, roles for every character, houses, currency, and fun gambling games, just like in the anime!
Come Join our Beatiful Server and Lets make the world sees who is the Best and The Best is Me The Best is You Start you adventure by joining now!
Welcome to fN. GyanburuRP!
Become the best gambler in all of Hyakkaou. Become the strongest swindler or the fiercest bluffer!
This is a Minecraft Roleplaying server! Play a variety of card games, dice games, and even board games!
Be the dealer to your own card games using our custom plugins! Create your custom games, using our fully-featured, unique resource pack!
We present you with a dedicated team of staff members, ready to help you out!

Join us now, the IP is given out in the Discord! Have fun!
Quick Hits Dicing is a newly found osrs gambling community of which you can cash in and out your OSRS gp via our cashiers and use our on site gambling bots.
Do you like hentai? Do you like porn? Do you like being bombarded with messages when you type ! Well then you've come to the right place!
This is a gambling server that was just created. You can play blackjack, roulette and much more in this server! We will be waiting for you!
Welcome to UwU Underground! We're a small server that started from a joke and turned into an actual server which has been running since May 2018! We have a great community, despite being small. We have a wide variety of people to talk to, bots to gamble with, voice channels, and plenty of memes. We have personal color roles and custom roles with lots of events. Please stop by!
This is the official discord for! Here, you can discuss bustabit, bitcoin gambling, or just cryptocurrency in general. Come on in and make some new friends, too!
The server is just an open community for people to have fun in, meet others, and maybe even make some new friends. The server is headed by [FG]Donut_Wolf, who doesn't take kindly to raiders and has quite a bit of experience in dealing with them. The server is only for open-minded people, though. People who are accepting of others, no matter what their beliefs are. If someone's gay, asexual, trans, or anything in between, you have to work with them and not belittle, insult, or offend them.
Looking for a gambling server game and murder mystery in it? With a roleplay aspect? Then join this server, if it's for you.
- Gambling
- Roleplay
- Highschool roleplay
- Wealth roleplay
- Music
- Friendly community
- Anime
- Manga
Hi there,

We’re a startup gambling site and this is our server! Hop in to meet new friends, participate in giveaways, have fun, and win CASH (Bitcoin - that is)! For those who don’t take gambling seriously - we offer free Bitcoin daily so you can mess around without having to spend a penny. Come join our Beta testers and get free beta credits to try us out!
Please only gamble if you are the appropriate age and its legal in your area.
chat use bots and most importantly have fun, economy/gambling bot with real prizes.