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Dice is a webtoon and this server revolves around it. Join to get notified of chapter releases and chat with other people that have similar interests as you and you can lurk too!
Ömar is a rp server inspired by the Greek and Mayan civilizations with added magic because that's fun. Yes we use a dnd style combat system for those looking for a more structured fights. We have few bots and are open to adding more, so feel free to suggest some for us!

On this small desert planet, there's a live and bustling little town called Omar the inhabitants all worhips a burning orb of light which they also call Omar (It's a lot of Omar trust me). Governing the town is three all poweful demigods, Ethos, Logos, and Pathos, made by Omar to protect the people.
Ēdrugon hen Vali (Sleep of Men) is a role-play server loosely based around the books and tv show Game of Thrones. You the player decides how the world of Ice and Fire will look.
This server is relatively new and has only existed for roughly two days under the work of two people. We would greatly appreciate you joining as we need opinions from those who like to join. This servers is about medieval fantasy in a land of magic and dragons. It is based on a mix of Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, and Goblin Slayer. Currently we have 10 classes and 4 races, Elves have 3 different kinds so it’s basically 6. It includes a quest board system in which every day 10 (or more depending on the amount of members) missions will be randomly chosen and put on the board for players to quest solo or with friends to gain money and experience. We also will have a rank system which is under development. At our current pace the server will be completely finished in 2-3 days.The server is still under lots of work so as I said before I would appreciate people joining and giving suggestions and such to further improve the server.
Hello there new traveler! Please come join Vigilant RP! We even made our own system for the RP, many things can happen here and it's pretty open to any character you would want to play! Wanna be a 10' robot? Sure! Interested in being a dragon in space? Go for it! Or you down to play as a shark with a laser gun attached to your head? Sure why not! The possibility is nearly anything you can think off! I am looking for role-players to come and join in the epic story of the Vigilant coming together to defeat the unknown evil of space!
An Empire rules by futanaris and females ,where male have hardly any rights but are still treated decently , the worship of the futanari goddess is still mandatory, we welcome everyone ^^
Our server is based on the old towns of the Wild West~

Gameplay mechanics and OC characters, you get to play as your own citizen or sherriff!

Taking from some Urban Legends, fighting and surviving is the basis; with bounties, and much more!
>>**In 2019 President Donald Trump of the United States, and Supreme Leader Ali Khameini of Iran started a nuclear war known to the American as the Iranian War, and to the Iranians as the Western War. But soon. That war erupted into WWIII, and with some of the world most prominent superpowers such as Russia, China, Brazil, India, and more getting in on the action leading to an all out nuclear war. In the end the whole world ended up being nuked and there was no clear winner...... But! The fact of the matter is:the current year is 2319, and without us humans to destroy the environment and kill of animals.......the wildlife of earth has re-inhabited it over the past 300 years, not to mention some new species of plan and wildlife. But we’re not the only ones out there.... The earth is ran by clans and gangs, some good, some not so good. But will you survive?**<<

(Yes, this is plagiarized from Far Cry New Dawn, but that’s okay.)
A mysterious cooperation hires you to investigate a jeep jungle full of Unknown mysteries... you will hunt and gather information, create teams and bond. And your life will change forever

This server includes!
• a simple dice system!
• a simple stat system!
• simple combat! (You get the drill)
• And an ever growing lore.
Welcome to my organization! Please read the rules and your ready to go!! Don’t make this Ultimate Supreme Leader get mad at ya if you don’t! Neeheehee!
insomnia holds a world of mystery as you a stray dragged into the grasp of dreamland find your way through an unraveling reality

the server includes dice rolling
individual character arcs
a serverwide storyline
and a relaxed and respectful community
Ethium is a roleplaying project based out of

The entire premise is to be a fun side roleplay for those who are constantly catching themselves waiting for responses in their other roleplay threads. It has some light RPG features, is entirely text-based, and is often influenced by a role of the dice. Come check us out!
🌸Welcome to DiceRoll🌸

What's DiceRoll?
DiceRoll is a fairly new server, created to be a safe space to make friends without fear, as well as a roleplay server too. A high school with a bit of magic, and a twist of dice rolling on the side.

➼ Laid Back Attitude
➼ Meme Channels
➼ Music Bots
➼ Introduction Channels
➼ LGBTQ+ Friendly
➼ A Variety of Fun Bots
➼ Music Channel
➼ Animal and Art Categories
➼ Judgement Free Vent Channel
➼ New Roleplay Channels
➼ Upcoming Server Events (Games, Art, Karaoke, etc)
➼ Bio Approvers to Guarantee Better Roleplay
➼ Taking Suggestions and Staff Members.
➼ Usually Quiet and Calm.
Colonizing Andromeda is a Sandbox RP server with its own dice system and XP. Scenes and Battles to be rewarded with one unique system.

Is a 18+ RP Server due to mature subjects and violence.

This RP is taking place on Earth, where Humans and Mobians live together without a single problem. Of course, things aren't only perfect, creating events around this. Create your OC and hope with us into this RP. We're searching for staff members.

This server offers a fighting-system based over a rolling-system, active staff members, and a simple system of getting forms, etc.

We can't wait to see you into our server!
The world was never meant for the weak. It was always unfair and would stay that way. Only the strong will prosper within this cruel place. This was what a young boy at the age of 9 grew up to learn. Let's call this kid... X. Yes, a befitting name for someone who's next move you will never know. To get the rest of the lore go ahead and join our server. You won't be disappointed! We are always looking for outside constructive criticism.
A New Dice Discord server for { RUNESCAPE / OS7 }
make sure to join for a automatic giveaway every 20 mins on 100k 07 about 10m giveaway daily and 100m giveaway monthly make sure to join now.
Welcome to Silverstone City!
Population: depends on the moment. There are regulars, full timers, and those that are just there for the stay. Dead and alive intermingle in the forests as they worship the Goddess of the Forests, but mostly, they keep to their separate groups, go on quests, and work on The Road; a pathway which is fabled to lead to your hearts desires.

Join us as we're currently creating characters and figuring out how the plot will work, and we're totally open to suggestions!
In late 1970, a large number of unusual disappearances were noted by governments around the world. As unusual as this was, what was all the more bizarre was when missing persons were found. Limbs were rearranged, bent at impossible angles, and occasionally with strange sigils on them that made anyone who stared too long violently ill. Not long after, investigations into the areas where these individuals went missing were launched. Those who managed to return, did so screaming. After this, an organization was formed to isolate, and if possible, eliminate whatever group, or force was causing this. In order to remain secretive, the organization contracted its employees privately. This is where you come in. You've been contracted to one of several control teams. The pay is good, but the job is treacherous. It is now your job to isolate, study, and eliminate whatever force is at work. Good luck.
A fantasy roleplay server, best described by joining. We use dice and literacy to RP.

A slight dark-fantasy roleplay server inspired by Japanese manga, video games, and several of our own member’s imaginations,

A world emerging out of a technological advancement, met with cultural challenges and other obstacles. Governments and groups clash together as supernatural acts influence the world of Diirtha.
In a distant time a great kingdom rose, it was the worlds first true super power built upon equality of the people within it. It consists of many unique regions all to be explored. The world is full of mysteries just waiting to be discovered. The whole world is completely home brew the races, classes, jobs, world and even battle system were all handmade. I hope you can join! (This server isn't a erp server)
Diode Mind and the Zen Kind [or DMatZK] is role play about adventure, dice, confusion, reincarnation, phone calls, dimensional travel.
In the world of Ammarillis, two kingdoms are in bloody conflict. Scarlingdale and Zepher are two sides of a coin, opposites in every way. The ruins stand between the two kingdons, echoes of a long gone empire. But are they as dead as thry appear to be? So come, choose your side and fight for you're home.

This is a fantasy/steampunk rp. We do use dice for many things, and there are set plot points for the story. Character sheets are kept secret to everyone but the admins and the one who turned them in, so any suproses you have in store aboug them will be suprises.

By the end of the plotline, there will be a winner to this war. One of the kingdoms will stand victorius, and that victor is up for you roleplayers to deside on. The question is, will you be that winner?