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Welcome to my organization! Please read the rules and your ready to go!! Don’t make this Ultimate Supreme Leader get mad at ya if you don’t! Neeheehee!
-DBZ | BEYOND is a RP based over the DBZ universe. The RP is happening in a different Timeline where you can be a Saiyan, Human, Demon, Android, Core person, Majin... The only limit is your imagination for your OC.

-We're working with a Dice system. We have a fighting system, training system, etc. We also have an active community, and fair staff members.

What are you waiting for? We can't wait to see you join us!
Colonizing Andromeda is a Sandbox RP server with its own dice system and XP. Scenes and Battles to be rewarded with one unique system.

Is a 18+ RP Server due to mature subjects and violence.
Ēdrugon hen Vali (Sleep of Men) is a role-play server loosely based around the books and tv show Game of Thrones. You the player decides how the world of Ice and Fire will look.

This RP is taking place on Earth, where Humans and Mobians live together without a single problem. Of course, things aren't only perfect, creating events around this. Create your OC and hope with us into this RP. We're searching for staff members.

This server offers a fighting-system based over a rolling-system, active staff members, and a simple system of getting forms, etc.

We can't wait to see you into our server!
Welcome to the year 2103. The earth has been bought and sold a hundred times over and now giant Mega Corporations hold more sway in the ever shifting politics of the world than governments or peoples. In the shadow of the major corporations lies a populace of humans, machines, replicants and synthetics, all struggling to find their place in the new world where business is war.

New Detroit:
One of the first American Neo-Cities and for a while a utopic metropolis built above the collapsing ruins of the once proud Motor City. While it was once home to Atlas Macrotech, in the last few years Atlas has been pushed out of the city by Atarashi Corp who transplanted their entire headquarters there, causing much upheaval and unrest in the process. New Detroit now stands as one of the proudest acquisitions of the Mega Corp that controls the Pacific, much to the chagrin of the local residents.
🌸Welcome to DiceRoll🌸

What's DiceRoll?
DiceRoll is a fairly new server, created to be a safe space to make friends without fear, as well as a roleplay server too. A high school with a bit of magic, and a twist of dice rolling on the side.

➼ Laid Back Attitude
➼ Meme Channels
➼ Music Bots
➼ Introduction Channels
➼ LGBTQ+ Friendly
➼ A Variety of Fun Bots
➼ Music Channel
➼ Animal and Art Categories
➼ Judgement Free Vent Channel
➼ New Roleplay Channels
➼ Upcoming Server Events (Games, Art, Karaoke, etc)
➼ Bio Approvers to Guarantee Better Roleplay
➼ Taking Suggestions and Staff Members.
➼ Usually Quiet and Calm.
In a distant time a great kingdom rose, it was the worlds first true super power built upon equality of the people within it. It consists of many unique regions all to be explored. The world is full of mysteries just waiting to be discovered. The whole world is completely home brew the races, classes, jobs, world and even battle system were all handmade. I hope you can join! (This server isn't a erp server)
Diode Mind and the Zen Kind [or DMatZK] is role play about adventure, dice, confusion, reincarnation, phone calls, dimensional travel.
Ich könnte dir jetzt erzählen, warum es doch so toll wäre auf unseren Server zu joinen. Ich könnte dir auch erzählen, was dich in diesem Rp erwarten wird. Ich könnte dir jetzt auch schreiben, dass du überdurchschnittlich intelligent wirst, wenn du joinst, aber nein.

Lass dich einfach überraschen. Vielleicht findest du hier ein neuen Rückzugsort. Die Intention des Roleplays ist es doch der Welt zu entfliehen? Das kannst du hier von uns aus machen. Oder du gibt's dich komplett natürlich und triffst wunderbare Menschen bei uns. Das ist nämlich der Kern bei uns - Wunderbare Leute, gepaart mit niveauvollen Roleplay.

Warum ich die ganze Zeit von "uns" Rede? Nunja, es klingt komisch, aber ohne Sie, wäre Ich jetzt nicht hier und würde die komplett outdatete Beschreibung ändern, um im ständigen Wettbewerb nicht unterzugehen.

In the world of Ammarillis, two kingdoms are in bloody conflict. Scarlingdale and Zepher are two sides of a coin, opposites in every way. The ruins stand between the two kingdons, echoes of a long gone empire. But are they as dead as thry appear to be? So come, choose your side and fight for you're home.

This is a fantasy/steampunk rp. We do use dice for many things, and there are set plot points for the story. Character sheets are kept secret to everyone but the admins and the one who turned them in, so any suproses you have in store aboug them will be suprises.

By the end of the plotline, there will be a winner to this war. One of the kingdoms will stand victorius, and that victor is up for you roleplayers to deside on. The question is, will you be that winner?
Something happened to cause the old world to be gone making what is known as 300 A.W (After War). There are opposing forces for who should own the new land. Ravens and Reapers.

Ravens believe in a republic government is in order and the new species that aren't reptilian should be outcasted for being the cause of the new world.

Reapers are the other species opposing against this side wishing for the reptilian to be eradicated for their selfish behavior is a virus on the world. They believe a republic is also in order for this new world.

Both sides living in poverty and poor conditions only the few high class which make weapons of war, food, or are farmers live in more liveable conditions.Technology is still present and able to be made by the new inhabits. Such as revival pods, Magnetic Plasma guns, normal guns, and more sci-fi stuff.
Ethium is a roleplaying project based out of

The entire premise is to be a fun side roleplay for those who are constantly catching themselves waiting for responses in their other roleplay threads. It has some light RPG features, is entirely text-based, and is often influenced by a role of the dice. Come check us out!
Dicers#2 is focused on dicing for more consistent gains and simplified! Over $1000 in monthly giveaways! 54x2 75x3 blackjack and more!
A mysterious cooperation hires you to investigate a jeep jungle full of Unknown mysteries... you will hunt and gather information, create teams and bond. And your life will change forever

This server includes!
• a simple dice system!
• a simple stat system!
• simple combat! (You get the drill)
• And an ever growing lore.
Hello there new traveler! Please come join Vigilant RP! We even made our own system for the RP, many things can happen here and it's pretty open to any character you would want to play! Wanna be a 10' robot? Sure! Interested in being a dragon in space? Go for it! Or you down to play as a shark with a laser gun attached to your head? Sure why not! The possibility is nearly anything you can think off! I am looking for role-players to come and join in the epic story of the Vigilant coming together to defeat the unknown evil of space!
Tucked away in the port town of Medaina, there is a small, unassuming building, denoted by the sign in front as the headquarters of the Medaina Odd Jobs Company. Owned by Jameson Bradley, a powerful necromancer turned entrepreneur, the company does exactly what it says - for a price, they will take care of any task their customers need doing. Unfortunately, though, the NOW HIRING sign in front is failing to bring in any customers, and Bradley is begrudgingly forced to turn back to necromancy in order to operate his business.

Odds and Ends is a dice-based fantasy undead roleplay server based off of Roll to Dodge forum games, where you will play as a zombie, skeleton, vampire, or ghost. The success of character actions are subject to rolls of a 6-sided dice, operated not unlike D&D or something similar. The system and lore are more fully explained within the server. If this sounds interesting to you, then check this server out - I'll be glad to have you here!
A Cryberpunk themed rp, that has it all, we're fairly new and looking for suggestions and admins
A fantasy roleplay server, best described by joining. We use dice and literacy to RP.

A slight dark-fantasy roleplay server inspired by Japanese manga, video games, and several of our own member’s imaginations,

A world emerging out of a technological advancement, met with cultural challenges and other obstacles. Governments, groups, and kingdoms clash together as supernatural acts influence this world.
In the town of Harrison (no relation to the real town), a curse was placed upon an abandon warehouse by an unknown darkness, it was filled with malice and the darkness of the magic which lays underneath the eyes of humanity. This horrible place was hidden by a powerful shaman who tried to remove the evil from it after some reports of people disappearing inside, and it was completely wiped from the maps. People in the town were safe from it for decades, blissfully unaware, but, there was a bit of a hidden problem with the magic, it can be pierced by the people with most disturbed minds, and even attracted them. Since the dark forces within the warehouse knew that they wouldn't get too many opportunities to kill people by just sitting passively in the run down building, they turned whoever wandered through their door, into a horrible monster, filled with power that was beyond human strength, and released them to hunt down as many people as possible and kill them to spread the influence of evil, starting with the small little town. That is where all of you step in, teenagers, cops, parents, whoever you are, this is your chance to help break a curse that has been placed upon this world for years, and possibly prevent the deaths of hundreds, hell maybe even thousands. But, remember, these killers are everywhere, they stalk you, hunt you, they have there own little fetishes that they follow so they won't kill you instantly, but the clock is short and it is either them, or a community of people. So, grab your weapons and make sure to double tap as you are thrust into this game of death.
Because of how never a video game cover the 2nd Sino-Japanese war, and I love history. I've decided to make a RTD (Roll to Dodge) game of it with the fictional 2nd platoon.

Die horrible deaths!
FIght the Japanese!
Super Annoying Gun Jam events!
If you roll low enough at something, I may make something funny out of it!
A turn every 6 hours!
And Finally... Mods Agree on roll messages
(Friendly staff not guaranteed, so is fellow RPers)
“Believe” this is about a place in a different Realm unlike your own. Where many races, monsters even gods roam. From the vast arenas and tournaments to the gourmet and buffet. There’s everything you could dream about in this realm though death is very real. But if you die that is not the end of your journey, no where close to it. In hell you will meet many but that’s another story.
The Airbound is a roleplay server developed by DemonicSymbol. It focuses on travel via airship and locating relics so you can use them or sell them to a museum for uh **cough cough** lots of money **cough cough**. If you want a good rp, this is the place to go!
✔ Custom Characaters
✔ Fair Battle System
✔ Easy to understand Systems
✔ Helpful Staff

We'd love to see you in our server anytime soon!

In the beginning, there was nothing, actually, scratch that, there’s the world of R’anquetos. It’s been 200 years since the world came to be. I’m this time, people have found a highly volatile material in the cold Tundras of Ümberzung. This material was called Derköin. Derköin is a fuel when unrefined, when refined, Derköin is a metal that is very valuable. Weapons were created with Derköin, putting R’anquetos in a state of chaos. This war finally ended when all leaders agreed on a treaty. All Derköin was to be shared equally. Soon after, the invention of **airships** came to be. Civilian and Work airships were made of traditionally wood and light steel. Full metal ships were reserved for military ships and trading ships. Lands started forming in the air, and were chained down onto the Earth’s crust. Those who explored the floating lands were called the “Airbound.” Soon enough, most land continents were abandoned for the air lands. Those who remained were called the Land Bound and were a disgrace. Every once in a while, miners will go down to mine Derköin. Those people are not considered disgraced. Enough of talking. This is your journey, your adventure! Go on the high skies and see where they take you! is a decentralized gaming platform that consist of a provably fair dice game and a exchange that allows you to purchase DICE tokens