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hiii 1!1!1!!
this is a really chill server, plus we have a lot of cool people hehe. we would be happy to welcome you to our server!1!1!1!

。・::・゚★。・::・゚☆︒✯⋅what we have⋅ ✯︒。・::・゚★。・::・゚☆
︒✯ friendly staff and members
︒✯ open vc and music chats
︒✯ fun bots
︒✯ customizable roles
▬▬▬▬๑ Elemoji ๑▬▬▬▬

Elemoji is a smaller nitro emoji server, filled with plenty of emotes. Our main purpose is to supply emojis, but we also have;

💬 Active Chats!
😂 LOTS of nitro emojis!
🕴 Staff, almost always available to help.

😳 We're the #1 (small) emoji server! Join and take a look!
This is the knights of the fruit table.
All words pass here, but we aren't toxic.
we're relatively close knit and would like to have more people join in.
Hey, whats up? Don't answer that. If you do not know, we are a roleplay server that doesn't have too much direction. We are a city RP where you can just have fun. So give us a shot and we hope to maybe your day! :)
We are a friendly and very small D&D server! This server is less confusing and very simple, so if you want a small community of D&D players, join our server! There are multiple D&D campaigns. All you have to do to start one is to get players and a Dungeon Master. If you don't want to play Dungeons and Dragons, you can chat and just roleplay in our general roleplay. We also have bots to enhance gameplay. We are also looking for more staff members if you're interested in that. We are trying to get more players so please invite other people!
//Channel D is a server for anyone who has an interest in anything art related, while still in the teething stages the server will be changing, so don't right it off so quickly and maybe instead offer any suggestions.

This server isn't trying to be the biggest but is trying to gain a tight knit community (quality over quantity).

Please come and check it out!
A close-knit BnHA server for all the My Hero Academia fans! Included but not limited to AUs, headcanons, and off topic chats!
Convention and Cosplay is a server for those who are passionate about Cosplay.
We have custon color roles, specialty roles and a whole lotta bots!
Join if ya like!
♠ Don't you want to take a tumble down the Rabbit Hole? ♠
New server | Great Moderation | Community-based | Express yourself | Meet new friends | There's something for everyone
DMFrenzy is a CS:GO gaming community that was made for players. Our servers include 1v1, Retakes, Deathmatch FFA, Surf, KZ, 10 mans, and many more to come.

We are a close-knit community that seeks to connect players from all types of background together. If you are interested in improving your skills or relaxing while chatting with other players, this is the right place for you!
"A place you can call home!"

- A place to be cozy and make new friends. We're all family here.
- Tight knit community.
- Fun VC's!
- And much more!

Join today.
Kryptic is a CS:GO community that is dedicated to bringing together players from all sorts of backgrounds. Our servers include 5v5 competitive and Retakes. We are currently looking to expand our servers and with that our community as well.

If you are looking for a close, tight-knit community, this is the place for you. We have an active staff team, a mature community, and plenty of servers to practice and hone your skill.