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Cherry Palace is a social community server that has mixture of different channels for sharing posts on cooking, art, games, anime, music, video's and other stuff. Each day new video's and pictures are posted and more things are being added daily.
Anyone and everyone can join. The server has a selfie channel and selfie roles. There is a ranking and leveling system on the server also. Overall Cherry
Palace has a mixture of things and it is a server that welcomes all.
♥ Welcome to Fantasia ♥

👓** This is a Family Friendly family and a Gaming community joystick ☆ and also multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize tada Enjoy and chill with other members, and make a new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, and talk to new people everyday. **

💕** ⋄ If you enjoy talking and making new friends, this server is dedicated to you !
💕 ⋄ Big Giveaways & Events
💕 ⋄ Awesome Staff
💕 ⋄ Staff applications server available
💕 ⋄ Music & Activities
💕 ⋄ Self Assignable Roles
💕 ⋄ We will start partnerships
💕 ⋄ Friendly Server
💕 ⋄ Bots
#We are looking for a Partner managers and new staff members ok_handif you are interested you can apply


♡Server owner : Mridul
This is just a server for friends to meet new friends and add even more friends!
Inferno Guild is a friendly community server that has a mixture of many different channels for people to share pictures, video's and other stuff. It is a small social club that is looking for more members to join. The server welcomes anyone and everyone to check it out and join. It has minigames, leveling and ranking, daily pictures and more added each day.
Gardenia is a friendly and welcoming community that gives advice and support whenever the user should need!