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Apakah anda bosan dengan hidup anda? Masuk saja kedalam discord kami. Didalam kami tidak peduli dengan hidup. Siapa guru bk anda, pacar anda, ortu anda, lupakan semua itu. Bertemu teman mabar PUBG, CSGO, FF, MINECRAFT, DAN LAIN LAIN. Sapatau ketemu jodoh eeaa. Yang penting #YouthCorner
The Meme Dream is the refuge for all sorts of people on the internet;
Memers, Gamers, Nerds, Morons, whatever you are, this could easily be your home. Live memes, dead memes, here to find an extra for a squad, here just to chat, whatever! It doesn’t matter. We’re all here to chill and have a good time. So come have fun.

-We're a community for all things, games, memes, weeb shit, you name it and well probably add it
-We'll welcome everyone with open arms
-We're a bunch of dipsticks so eh, join us if you want
We are the New Monarchy. We are a small community looking to create a friendly and an enjoyble enviroment for everyone! This community is to gather and find new friends or just to hang out and have a good conversation with each other.
Do you like writing and roleplaying? Do you draw? Are you looking for a place to find roleplay partners or even friends? Do you have a group to advertise? Well then: Welcome to the writing hub.

We're a brand new server and we aim to be the most inclusive writing hub out there. With SFW and NSFW channels as well as enough free speech to saitisfy everyone.

~Advertising for servers that are rps and not rps as well as 1x1 advertisements.
~An allowence for free speech and a tolerence for all cultures and views
~channels to pst pictures, lore, and memes
~a voice channel

So if this server fits your fancy then we'd love to have you!
From The Dwindling of Darius the First Wielder of the Hidden Blade who Killed the mad Tyrant Xerxes.... To Masyaf to the Renaissance... All the way up to present day The Foundation of the Assassins has Changed The Creed Has lasted for Milenias Protecting the Minds of Men and sheparding the world saving makind from itself In constant Conflict with the Templar Order... Welcome to one of the First Assassins Creed fanbased servers on discord...

-What we Include:
LGBTQ Friendly 🌈
Ranked History of the Assassins In Chronological Order
Roleplay as an Assassin or a Templar the Choice Is you'res.
Become Part of a RPG/Roleplay based organized server and work you're way up in the ranks
Trustful Staff Always on Hand.

Roleplay channels are currently a WIP Please bare with us til we get everything sorted.
-Roleplay to the Max otherwise know as {RM} is somewhat a brand for roleplay servers

-This allows a deeper partnership between servers by building a little community

-This is somewhat like a social hub were you can find server details and links to th server

-Servers who wish join this will be inspected and checked that they follow some standards such as:
-Basic rules enforced
-At least a small player base
-A server developed and ready to go
-The Owner and admins are willing to co operate with other {RP} members
Here's a Bunker for RP-ing, Socializing, and Hanging out while the world goes to shit! It doesn't get more simple than that i'm afraid!