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A Fun and Friendly (18+) Server for social chat with nice, sweet people.
✧ Choose your own role
✧ Fun Social Chat Room
✧ Introductions and Selfies
✧ Funny Memes and Jokes
✧ Inspiring Quotes
✧ Great Games Including a Connect 4 Challenge
✧ Boobbot and Lewdbot
✧ Voice and Music Channels
Come and see what your new Favorite Discord Server is about and meet some awesome people!
A good cleanish place to chat and make friends and of course Flirt! We have introductions, selfies, memes, music, books, sports, art, quotes, foodies, travel, jokes, emoji playground for all our cool and unique emojis, Connect4 challenge, truth or dare, voice chat, naughty nook, a pet pig, we have a little of everything here. But most of all fun, friendly people to chat with. Our server is often active and a few of us really should be comedians. So come on in and have some fun, tells some jokes make some new friends.
Hey there my peeps! I see you're scrolling through Disboard for some server to join.
This maybe what you need. This is not a dating server, this is a community servers. We still allow flirting but there will not be roles for Age, Gender, location or anything that.

#1 - No Racism
#2 - No Sexism
#3 - No Homophobia
#4 - No Spam
#5 - No Disrespect
#6 - Any advertising results in an instant ban
#7 - Humour is allowed BUT no DARK HUMOUR. Keep it PG and mature.
#8 - Do not abuse the commands that are currently available. You will be banned instantly.

- NSFW Channel
- Bot Spam Channel
- Movie Night Channel
- Cosplay Channel
- Selfies Channel
- Role-Play Channel
- Music Bot
- Many VC channels
And so much more...

We are still in early stages of setting up the server as some commands are still available to most people with the bot. We're looking for extra staff incase we get raided too. Applications are open!
We are an underground community and want to grow a bigger community we talk about weed and anime and do gaming
Alliance server for :radioactive:️ʙɪsʜᴇs ʜᴀɴɢᴏᴜᴛ:biohazard:️ sfw nsfw social porn dating nudes friendly active members colorful roles and nice emojis
sfw nsfw social flirting dating nudes porn friendly active members colorful roles and nice emojis
We are an LGBTQ+ community based on acceptance and we would welcome anyone to our community.
We started on the 20th of March 2019.
We have much to offer, including:
General Chat
Pet Pictures
Calm Cafe (VC)
Welcome to LoveForest , A new server that is starting to grow, a great place to make friends or find your love. Don’t feel awkward because we have a amazing and friendly community
A great play to hang and talk to friends
What are you waiting for join and experience the amazing server

•Friendly community
•Voice and text chats
•Looking for partnerships
•And looking for staff
Welcome To the best and only UK Dating server. You here looking to find love? find someone who will be with you and is from the UK :) <33

We like to laugh and joke but we still have our rules. So have fun but be respectful. We have only just started out so don't expect a lot of members (you have been warned)

Our server is mainly about socializing and making new friends. Hopefully forming life long bonds with these people. We hope to see you soon.
Things we offer:
-Friendly, fun staff
-Self roles
-Acceptance to the L
Hello! Welcome to Passion Paradise, we are a mainly a dating community but we have combined many diverse communities in to this server as well such as anime, video games etc. There are many different channels and roles to satisfy all your aesthetic needs and many bots to have fun and play around with! However we are a 15+ server so be sure you're the right age to join.
Come join and chill with us no bullies here this is a server for like everything (gaming,irl problems etc.) hopefully u will enjoy your time in our server
Place to hang out and flirt a bit while we talk games, geek culture, sci-fi/fantasy stuff, and other miscellaneous stuff. 18+ only!
Want to start a small community in a little discord server