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Hey we are a friendly server we have different channels for games, anime and also a nsfw channel. Everyone is nice and chill in the server but we also are a bunch of memes. So come along and meet a bunch of people and enjoy
you want women? we got women! our owner is woman! our staff is woman! everything is woman! also weekly bingo nights
Welcome to Server E.TOXIC.GAMING
This server contains different types of games
Enter and get your lvl up 😁
Aren't you lonely and have nobody to talk to? Want to talk to a Boy/Girls but there's not enough Girls or Boys in that server? Tired of people wanting NSFW?

Your In the right place! This group is Bran New so we are going to invite friends.

This contains:

•Hanging out.
•YouTube Advertising (WhiteList)
•Cool bots

This group is New so dont judge!
We are going to be doing Giveaways every 100th Member.

If you want to partner with us! We would like to Partnership with you.

If you would like to do a Face Reveal do it in the Channel: Media!

If you want to Post Links, dm the owners.

If you want us to WhiteList your YouTube Channel to get more Views and subscribe? Dm the owner your Channel Name.




welcome to transman town! a safe, discourse free server for ftm men :)

we are a fairly active community, and make you a personal promise to be your new best friends uwu

transmeds, tucutes, and neutralists alike are welcome! but any mention of the dysphoria debate will get you striked. debates are allowed, but lets leave that out of it. we should fight transphobes, not eachother.

enjoy your stay in transman town!

-owner kokichi boom
Een gezellige server waar nederlandse homo jongens samen kunnen kletsen, chillen en gamen. (14+)
✨The Town Of Boy Love Reborn is a new and improved server of the original one. In this server there is so much more fun things to do! Unlimited oc’s, more places to Roleplay in, and more!✨
Just a small server:
Chill, listen to music, talk to some girls or guys. Just here for a fun time tbh.
We still new so everyone might not be online and everything might not be working properly.
thanks for reading, have a nice day <3

- Chill space/Friendly zone
- Diverse Text Channels
- Events
- Food Themed XP Roles
- Freedom to be yourself
𝒜𝒻𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓁𝒾𝒻𝑒 is for making friends, sharing memories, making new memories and finding love perhaps..

A great server for anybody. We have VERRRRY loose rules. We have NSFW and if you like the more dirty sense of humor then this is the place for you.
Welcome to 💖Angel Hangouts💖
And our lovely Community!

We contain:

•Freindly Members
•Awesome Bot Commands
•Communicate Channels

If you want someone to talk to like, if you want to talk to girls, talk to them or dm them.

If you want to talk to Cute boys, talk to them or dm them.

You must be 30 or under! If your over 30, you will get kicked.

Are you lonely in life and have no girlfriend and is a lonely person with no friends? The lads will accept you and make you feel welcome, for we are all lonely losers here, the lads will be there for you.
The Authority on Partying, Frat Life and Most Important Rushing! (NSFW) 18 up to join!!

Voice Channels with 1:1 male to female ratio / over 4K Members / state channels talk to people all around the world

This is college discord server for everyone to socialize, chill , meet new people,

This server is
A well-sized gay community, mostly in the 18-30 age range, looking for new additions to our lovely group.
Various topics to talk about, and hopefully lots of fun, interesting, and nice content for you to enjoy with our channels.
Feel free to join, and try it out!
The shack is a inclusive dating server with active staff. The server is still being developed and is ready to accept new people to find their significant other. We hope you have fun and have a good journey!
if u like boys love then pls join my server all love here and some nsfw but lets not mention that just yet