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•´¯•» •´¯•» TheDamnWorld «•´¯• «•´¯•

Having Hope Of You Joining Us
░▒▓█ This server contains a very unique system which prevents you from getting pinged █▓▒░

★·.·¯·.·★ Server Condition ★·.·¯·.·★

░▒▓█ We are very sorry if you were expecting us to have nsfw channels in the server, we cannot keep it as it is against our discord TOS guidlines █▓▒░
The Hideout is back 👀 Welcome you lost souls
Welcome to Sunflower 🌻

♡ new-ish server
♡ 1:1 gender ratio
♡ events
♡ self-assignable roles

come stop by and say hi!
post your cute NEET weeb feet, that is an order
Een gezellige server waar nederlandse homo jongens samen kunnen kletsen, chillen en gamen. (14+)
Welcome to Server E.TOXIC.GAMING
This server contains different types of games
Enter and get your lvl up 😁
Come and join this nsfw server it brand new make friends and enjoy
It's a tinder for online dating on discord :>
✨The Town Of Boy Love Reborn is a new and improved server of the original one. In this server there is so much more fun things to do! Unlimited oc’s, more places to Roleplay in, and more!✨
you can pick up a girl here, also there will be a moderation for catfishes, you'll have to run up to me before you post your selfies, also, this is teen shit here
♡-Welcome to Angelic-♡
We are a growing community that is looking for new members! We offer a funny and safe environment! Join the family !

Looking for partners! 100+ HUMAN MEMBERS
You must bring a representative from your server into our server and they can NOT leave. If they do the partnership will be canceled.

No NSFW content allowed!

We will not ping for partnerships! Unless you have 100+ people we will do ping-for-ping.

You are not allowed to edit a ping into your server of OUR partnership. Editing it in makes it irrelevant and does not count it as a ping. So do it properly. And don’t advertise through our server by posting (even in DM’s) “Look in this channel! And join the server.

DM me or Partner_Manager
(@Alone) for a partnership!
Welcome to the boys!
Me and the boys thought to make a server for all
Join boys we are here to talk and have fun and I know you boys wana do other stuff so join
We have aActive VCs. Global emojis. Unique bot. Lenient rules. Friendly staff (say hi to them, they like new members). Active chats. Level rewards. Beautiful artwork. Decent male-to-female ratio. Very fun. Among the top communities Discord has to offer.

☆ come join ecstatic ☆

☆ bots
☆ channels to make friends in and have fun
☆ a channel just for sadness
☆ a channel to ask for advice/rant in
☆ nice people
☆ fun roles
☆ nsfw channels
☆ voice channels
☆ music
☆ self roles
☆ giveaways
☆ and much more

we're looking for members and we also partner with other servers!

If you don't understand the tags then don't join.

Send me a server link or something to get verified.
A waiting place... If you don't understand the tags then don't join.
If you're a stranded soul of the now-gone Hideout Discord, come on board.
If you do not know the meaning of any of this, do not join.
Jeżeli szukasz:
- luźnego RP
- odpoczynku od rzeczywistości,
- RP o tematyce Mystic Messenger ,
- potrzebujesz trochę humoru,
- dzień w szkole był no tak 2/10,
- miłych ludzi, z którymi będziesz mógł się pośmiać,
Ten serwer jest dla Ciebie.
Nie zastanawiaj się, sprawdź już teraz, czekamy na Ciebie :D
Tutaj taki skromny link :
👉 👈
Kliku kliku :D
Welcome to apollo.
A new chat for chilling and meeting new people join and make friends and play alot games here.