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Welcome to a world of icy ruin, some wanting to keep the cold- others wanting to set the work ablaze and have the word be an eternal inferno. Choose a side and fight to your hearts content.
We're a community full of people who like snow days, snow, and just weather in general! We are looking to continuously grow over the year 2019 and beyond!
Welcome to Arctic Fur!
We're a server for furries. Young or old, tall or short, spiritual or atheist... everyone is welcome here. But we of course also have a few #rules to follow. Without them chaos would be our new name. But no, we're the Arctic furs. Are we living there? Some maybe. But actually, we're just a bunch of persons who feel at home in the Arctic world. Be it the theme itself, the colors or the place. We love the cold, we love the snow. We're not many but we're like a close-knit family. That's why this server is a semi-private one. We decide who joins based on behaviour mainly. On this server we've got a chill atmosphere which we want to keep. An atmosphere which is supported by tolerance, honesty and patience. We're mainly a furry server but also have some otherkin/therians roaming around and also some non-furs and non-kin.
Discord server for the Minecraft server SnowySkyblock! Join for giveaways and events!
Welcome to The Frozen Wastes. The frozen hellhole where a character you create will be desperately trying to survive the harsh cold as well as starvation, other survivors, and basically the all-around apocalypse. So have fun, but don't be stupid, think logically, and be realistic. Thank you and remember to read rules. Good Luck
This server is family friendly.
It has lots of memes. VERY GOOD MEMES.