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A very very friendly server, practicing acceptance and warm welcoming. Our server is snow themed, with a Kingdom RP meant for anybody to join in! <3

Plot Description:
Solstice Kingdom: A kingdom that exists within the sky, hidden by the clouds, reached through the highest peak in the world. Anyone may enter this world if they simply believe and climb high enough, because of this there are an infinite variety of people and species as well as items and objects from numerous decades. Those who enter the realm will be greeted by the icy winds surrounding the peak, the beautiful snow will fall upon their shoulders with each moment that passes by as they stand. It has been only 2 years since the former king has inexplicably ‘passed’ away. His son Cicero II has taken over, at only the age of 20, now 22. A small lingering force lurks within the peaceful city of Aurora, waiting to strike and cripple the Kingdom by dethroning it once again. Refusing to be lead by such an 'inexperienced' figure.
Discord server for the Minecraft server SnowySkyblock! Join for giveaways and events!
Welcome to The Frozen Wastes. The frozen hellhole where a character you create will be desperately trying to survive the harsh cold as well as starvation, other survivors, and basically the all-around apocalypse. So have fun, but don't be stupid, think logically, and be realistic. Thank you and remember to read rules. Good Luck
This server is family friendly.
It has lots of memes. VERY GOOD MEMES.