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Hey! Yeah! I mean you! I am TROPICALCYCLONEALERT, but you can call me Trop or TCA for short. I have made a server dedicated to weather here, not something you see on discord often. We have so many things here, even a channel for all types of chat! Have fun!
Tropical Trackers is an intimate, fun-loving community of junior and amateur meteorologists primarily interested in tropical cyclones, but we also welcome people interested in severe weather, climatology, natural disasters, and more! Come participate in various games, contests, storm tracking, and make predictions! We have a casual atmosphere and the general userbase is age 14-25, though all are welcome. No experience or interest in meteorology necessary. We hope to see you there!

We'd love to tell you what we have to offer, but it's so much fun for you to come and experience yourself! So, what are you waiting for!?

***Official partner of the Meteorology and More server***
We have ALL News for around the world 24/7 Going on in this server Join to stay Kep Up on the newest and hottest news!
We are a growing weather community with the sole purpose of helping people stay safe and informed 24/7 internationally. Anyone seeking information for their area is encouraged to join for their sake and life. Meteorologist and people with the interest in weather are also very welcome to be part of the community or staff team.
A discord used by the Central MN Skywarn team for communications and data sharing. Also host of discussions relating to weather topics and many other topics.
A server that provides weather updates for hurricane and cyclones. Join if interested!
Are you interested in:
-The Emergency Alert System (EAS)
-Other Technology

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Worldwide Weather Community is the place for you!

Join the just created community for weather discussion and technology discussion and for things such as memes and random discussion!

We are a server that focuses on mainly predicting future severe storms and broadcasting current on-going storms to the channels we have here.
This is a new Discord server that revolves around the weather, chatting about it, posting weather phenomena, local weather, international weather, news reports, photos, storm tracks, ensembles, etc...
We're a community full of people who like snow days, snow, and just weather in general! We are looking to continuously grow over the year 2019 and beyond!
Here you do anything you want you basicly have another life but you cant kill anyone
A great place for science & technology fans to hangout and chat about weather balloons, spaceflight, NASA, SpaceX, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and cool technology.
Weather Chat is were you come and chat with other people about weather and there is links to weather websites for anyone who is new to weather and everyone is nice and you can learn about weather
Welcome to Dynacell Statistics of Storm Studies. We are a Discord Server that is based on Meteorology. We study weather daily, and we need members to join.

We're a Discord Server based on Weather Tracking, and we track weather right off our computers. It's basically a community of those who enjoy weather, and they can track it with other people.

We track weather for fun! We're not some sort of official organization, we're just here to track weather for fun.

Well, do you like weather yourself? If you believe so, then it is worth it.

As stated, we're not an official business or organization. We are just here for fun, and we don't recommend anyone to go out and literally storm chase. That's not what we do, we just track storms and stuff for the fun of it.
Come to our server for some time with SteventheRob, WhatsAppTwitterFb, And many other peeps!
This server has Weather related stuff, as well as Roblox stuff, Music, Bot stuff, and most of all, Christianity!