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I don't know what to do anymore🖤 I don't know what to do anymore🖤
Awsome uwu
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Huzzi Huzzi
Cool people but the staff are awful
Lol so basically. It’s a decent server but the staff members are the biggest SJW PC motherfuckers you will ever meet.
Polar Obsxxesd Polar Obsxxesd
Gfx Work
They're a small team for gfx and editing they have amazing work you should definitely check them out they were also respectful and nice , plus it only took them not even a day to make my stuff awesome business You should definitely check them out.
Alice SixSix Alice SixSix
hablan mucho xd
pese a ser pocos hablan arto, no me imagino como sera cuando venga mas gente, aunque se vera bonito como crece el servidor :3
Cool Guy 64 Cool Guy 64
Great server
Really is the best server around, it’s not that active because my friend took most of the people in it to a new server for no reason.
Cx_is 🐟 Cx_is 🐟
Amazing Server
Calico is a scumbag she stoled my heart my love and left me broken while she went after a 46 year old whos balding snorts crack and has bad breath. Never trust single moms and she feeds her kid kibble and bits and tuna . Join the Boys 2.0
Aynjell Aynjell
Is great
Everyone here is very friendly and very welcoming with active staff which keeps everything safe and clean and an almost family feeling
𝕊achi! 𝕊achi!
Great server.
It’s honestly the best demon slayer rp server I have been in. Not even lying here, you should totally join.
machineth0t machineth0t
In case of an investigation by any federal entity or similar, I do not have any involvement with this group or with the people in it, I do not know how I am here, probably added by a third party, I do not support any actions by the members of this group.
Parker Dinkleman Parker Dinkleman
Great Experience Overall
My Time at SKK has been spent hanging out and speaking with the community that’s been built and maintained by the staff. Overall it’s a great place that has helped me grow as a person and break out of my shell and become more social, I really do enjoy this server and I can assure it will be a good fit for anyone looking to make friends or have a good time.
FeedMyLife FeedMyLife
vue mieux, mais reste sympa
serveur assez commun, comme on en vois tout les jours.
Categorie NSFW trié et ranger correctement.
Staff respectueux envers ses membres.
Je n'ai rien d'autres a dire, je felicite juste tout le travail qui a etais fais pour donner cette valeur !
Unkindled One Unkindled One
A place with hentai and wholesomeness
I love the community that’s formed in skk, and the hentai is straight fire. If you like laughing, banter, and cute anime butts, this is the server for you. Cum visit :3
RiaZ0 RiaZ0
Korean Jesus is awesome, fuck Kate, fuck ethots. This server is full of trash and whores lmao. This server, in a nutshell, is just a place for Borat to herd ethots so he can get nudes off of em which I commend him for because oddly enough, it works looooool I was literally removed THEN brought back in the next day after for the sole purpose of obtaining a blowjob video from a woman you all used to despise and hate on, and she was stupid enough to cough it up LMAOOOOOOOOO and then a few days later she leaves too so it was for nothing, what a fucking nonce hahahahahahahahahaha. Hyphonix is banned so this server literally serves fuckall purpose anymore, there is no "Anti-Hyphonix rebellion" and there never really was because, to be frank, none of you really did shit that mattered towards him in the first place pffffffhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
BFD_Productions BFD_Productions
Much wow many amazing awesome people great friends great admins and awesome owner
dung bug dung bug
Fuck u
Nigga boy fuck unjklsecrfewrwefrjhhhjk,h,jherwoilceaklcjhghgkjygukgyhjygynGhggjhhhcgdewv Nigga boy fuck unjklsecrfewrwefrjhhhjk,h,jherwoilceaklcjhghgkjygukgyhjygynGhggjhhhcgdewv Nigga boy fuck unjklsecrfewrwefrjhhhjk,h,jherwoilceaklcjhghgkjygukgyhjygynGhggjhhhcgdewv
poopy butt poopy butt
NIGGERS hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahaha
NinjaBlaster NinjaBlaster
A good AOT Server
This server is really cool guys. I hope you come and join us. Have fun and also roleplay with us. Have a nice day...
ֆʊռʀɨֆɛ ֆʊռʀɨֆɛ
Team EnVy
Team EnVy is a great clan and i would really recommend joining it has a very good player base and very helpful and friendly staff
Mason Mason
Heavy Trippin
This lil white boi be trippin with them peedos in dat server yo. He ain't no broda from anotha motha and he be shaking hands with Satan Kun. Aww sheeeeit! Don't let him touch your fried chicken, or he be given you da ebola mon. Dis foxxo dangerous boi.
I am the senate daily yt I am the senate daily yt
The least “Christian” server I’ve been in
This is a toxic place full of hate and prejudice towards non-catholic Christians. Beware, the mods abuse their powers and label you as a heretic if you do not agree with their blasphemous doctrine.
🦇AzrealBelmont🦇 🦇AzrealBelmont🦇
highly enjoyable server
All the mods in this server are great! They make you feel like your family and will make sure you feel as welcome as you could possibly be .
Nemu Nemu
The owner is boivulating and going through a rough time with puberty at the moment.
Primarch Vulkan Primarch Vulkan
XVIII Salamanders Halo RP
If you want to play some halo custom games and make new friends come over here they made me feel right at home!
Nat the Cat Nat the Cat
This server is a friendly server where you can rp all you want. Fun server, nice people, fun bots. Its good and enjoyable and i would recommend it if you just want somewhere to rp with others.

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