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Delgado Delgado
Excellent serveur !
Serveur très agréable avec beaucoup de gens très chaleureux ! Le staff fait un boulot en or vis à vis des troller/homophobe/raciste ainsi que tout autre non respect d'autrui est instanttanément ban ! Cela permet la joie et la bonne humeur ce serveur !

Bravo pour l'avis troll de la part d'un imposteur s'auto critique sur son propre commentaire ^^
1 minute ago
Cosmo Cosmo
Fantastic community
I joined this server around a month or so ago and I have learned so much from it. There are tons of resources provided through classes and articles shared. It's a great community for those at any point in their practice. Very warm and welcoming.
3 minutes ago
Kychu Kychu
Amazing server!
I'm usually always a very introverted person, and on discord servers I feel very insecure talking to people. But this server is different, the staff members are very welcoming and never miss anything, they try in every way to make everyone feel comfortable. Very active server and nice to spend time there
5 minutes ago
𒆜𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕪ⁿᵇᵗ♛ 𒆜𝕊𝕒𝕞𝕪ⁿᵇᵗ♛
Es una hermosa y divina comunidad y es demasiado organizada con un buen owner, en este server TuT está muy bien uwu! :3
5 minutes ago
WAMBA RP es un servidor con un rol increíble que no tiene nada que envidiar a otros servidores y tiene cosas impresionantes para estar siempre haciendo cosas sin parar. en mi opinión me encanta y solo espero que crezca hasta llegar al top y mas.
8 minutes ago
Echo Wilder Echo Wilder
Roleplayer beware
The server has a very intresting setting but fails to make anything that captures your attention. If you want to make a character that breaks a little bit of the norm or be a normal person, that gets nitpicked or told that its dumb. Then the gangs get pushed on you even though they are bare bones and uninteresting, and instead of giving them more fluff to be eye catching, they want the people that join said gangs to write lore and what not for the gangs.
10 minutes ago
Reaper Reaper
It's an amazing server. People should go to it just to chat with a lot of people
12 minutes ago
Youssef93ii Youssef93ii
Meilleur serveur musulman francophone !
Je vous recommande vivement ce serveur il est plus que tres actif, il y a des vocaux tout les jours !!!
13 minutes ago
rk rk
Buen servidor
Llevo jugando unos días, la verdad es que me lo he pasado bastante bien, aparte de que la gente que juega en el servidor es seria y rolea bien. Hay que sumarle también la buena administración y la atención que dan solucionando cualquier problema. Lo recomiendo
16 minutes ago
Miiwagler Miiwagler
Great Place with cool people
Everyone on the server is very kind and knows their stuff about games. Theyre also really funny lol. Party Rock in vc is the best. they also have this minecraft real called Stay at home Bois and a project called super mine kart in minecraft. they also have daily questions about games and other crap. rlly fun time!
19 minutes ago
pabloccs pabloccs
siempre todos de buena onda y simpáticos, charlas en general siempre para reír y entretenernos un buen rato largo. De lo mejor :D
22 minutes ago
IqRazerTTV IqRazerTTV
Have fun!
Zur probe m,al ne Rezi schreiben :)P
Bis Bald auf meinem Server

PS: suche noch Mods
22 minutes ago
Mousollini's Spaghetti Mousollini's Spaghetti
I met some new friends
I found some new friends that had similar intrests as me and we had a good time! The only problem is that the channels are hard to navigate through and some people are inactive
30 minutes ago
Grada™ Grada™
Pandy Dominuska
Super serwer administracja aktywnych ludzi wszystko na + konkursy na nitro
● Super adminiastacje

● Aktywnych pand

● Ogarnięty serwer

● Dużo givawey na waluty w grach i tp i na nitro

● Rangi za ekonomię za level

● Kanały 4fun

● Eventy

● na serwerze zobaczysz więcej wbijaj
32 minutes ago
the emoji man the emoji man
it sucks
i know that you banned a mod and then the next day you raided their server, bad server
32 minutes ago
THE Liseq THE Liseq
fajny serwer
fajny serwer naprawdę to nie żart xdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
33 minutes ago
nafka nafka
Un lugar agradable
La verdad muy buena comunidad, si estás aburrido y no sabes que hacer te podes unir y charlar son todos buena onda la gente del server, te integran aun que no te conozcan, quien sabe capas encontrás a tu próximo amigo acá, te recomiendo entrar
33 minutes ago
Em Rose Em Rose
I love this server
The community built on Moonlight Witches is incredible, everyone is kind and helpful.
38 minutes ago
Requiem Requiem
Sympa et convivial !
Serveur actif et toujours dans la bonne humeur et la tolérance.
Les novices sont acceptés et facilement intégrés et le serveur est accessible à tout un chacun ! On y profite d'une bonne ambiance et c'est le principal !
40 minutes ago
Davids Step Dad Davids Step Dad
Listen up ladies and gentlemen, The Bueller Buys LLC Is no rinky dink discord chat. The men and women who have dedicated there time to developing a stable, healthy and profitable learning environment for new traders and even those who would be deemed seasoned traders. Bueller and his founding members don't only provide the environment to learn and grow in a respectful community of traders but also dedicate themselves to every members growth who decides they are ready to work for it. This isn't a place where fake dreams are sold at high price to try and convince you to keep paying for the service of the chat. Bueller is an honest hard working trader, businessman and dreamer whose passion and vision involves helping people of all ethnicity groups, age and sexual identity learn how to make a living trading on the stock market and reach financial freedom changing lives one member at a time. the people who he lets participate in teaching new traders or guiding seasoned ones are qualified, profitable traders who do there best to set you up for success. Rather it be Yanzzo the king of AMD, David, HolyFireSwings, Tin-man, Jon.,Chef G with the killer zones or the members who call out plays and give market analysis in live chat like Harland, TheNerdyBicep, and Jason. Everyone in the discord are more than just members, they are a family and a team. I myself have been educating myself on day trading for almost a year and a half now. I've read 7 books on analysis, budgeting, mentality, understanding chart reading and direction, etc. but in the past few months scalp trading at open from 6:30-8:30 has both taught and showed me more than any amount of you tube videos ever has. To give you an example of this type of community i was a basic member paying monthly subscription when i wasn't even trading just to show support and stay in the loop so when i returned to trading the transition wouldn't be dramatic, and when i did Bueller had released his new guide, but when i reached out to him to see the price he gave it to me for free. He invests his time and energy not only into his business but also into the people who choose to invest in it with him. So that day i upgraded to premium and soon the lifetime, and if you are reading this i urge that you do so as well because it surely would be your best investment yet.
41 minutes ago
,𝓩eus.exe ,𝓩eus.exe
Tout le temps une personne co
Se disc est un des meilleurs serveur que j'ai dv il y a beaucoup de choses que dotre serveur on pas le staff yper cool
43 minutes ago
Arthur Morgan Arthur Morgan
Epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic epic
44 minutes ago
! $ ๖ۣۜEloͥสnͣeͫ~🌻~° ! $ ๖ۣۜEloͥสnͣeͫ~🌻~°
🤍 • LE serveur à ne pas rater
Alors alors, que dire de plus que le mot "parfait" ? Rien, bon et bien voilà c'était mon avis 👍🏻
Non, rien n'est parfait, mais ce serveur woah pour moi c'est la perfection incarnée faut pas chercher plus loin. Sa communauté est incroyable, ça faisait longtemps que je n'avais pas eu l'envie d'être active sur un serveur discord. J'ai voulu rejoindre, au départ, grâce aux emojis de celui ci (oui ils sont clean c'est un très bon point) et après avoir parlé quelques minutes, je me suis très bien fait intégrer. Un staff qui fait correctement leur job et des membres géniales.
Des salons originaux, ça fait plaisir de voir un serveur qui ne ressemble pas à ce que l'on voit d'habitude.
Serveur actif en vocal et à l'écrit chaques jours.
À mon avis, il peut plaire à tout le monde. Alors, rejoingnez le, et vous verrez de quoi je parle x')
45 minutes ago
TrueTRENDTrevor TrueTRENDTrevor
Bueller Buys is HOME!
Bueller Buys was the first group I joined to learn how to trade. When I first started I was the Robinhood trader that got in random trades and had to success but after having conversations with Bueller and other leaders in the group I realized that is entirely the wrong way to trade. Everyone cares about you. If you create a bond or show any activity that is noticed, you will be missed and they will check on you like real family. This HOME. I honestly say you join and learned from 0 experience trading. Most groups have give trade signal with NO information or guidance on how everything works and that is setting you up for failure. If you want to be a part of our Family join today and start growing tomorrow in EVERY aspect of life and success, most importantly self development.
45 minutes ago

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