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cheaprestreams cheaprestreams
Great services
very good support and services thanks
Bart. Bart.
For my 🅱️Rother Billy Herrington
https://10fastfingers.com/text/135670-Billy-Herrington-Nico-Nico-Douga-Speech you should do the Nico Nico Douga Speed before sending the server a feedback.
젤리 젤리
추천 서버
제가 디스코드 서버를 돌아다니면서 제일루 만족하구 좋아하눈 서버에여!!
유저분들 모두가 착하시구 서버 관리팀분들도 전부 착하셔서 서버 생활하는데 만족하구 있습니당!
Nothing's safe from my eyes Nothing's safe from my eyes
Really nice server
It's a little friendly community. You should join it. The owner is really cool and you can find some really good art there. This is an excellent place to share your art and if you don't want to, then you can just enjoy the features of the server.

P.S It has reaction roles for ALL of the countries. How cool is that?
민성 민성
별을 그냥 100박겠습니다 🤩
Dsa 서버를 하면서 넷상친구도 많이 사귀고
재미있고 유쾌한 서버들이 많아서 좋아요
적극 추천 합니다 그리고 관리자 분들도 친절 하셔가지고 너무 좋아요 :)
Alwin/ZikArrow Alwin/ZikArrow
Créateur du discord
Chroma es une team ainsi qu'un serveur multigaming,
Des Joueurs sont connectés tous les jours, prêt a jouer,
Une équipe d'administration active et prête a vous aider, rediriger, régler les différents entre joueurs
spring boinne gamer spring boinne gamer
best sever ever
When joining giveaway nation I wasn't so sure if it were one of those scams but after a couple of days I received nitro for free it was crazy I actually found a sever that isn't scamming you plus it's not a waste of time
Ngl it was worth staying the couple of days !!
✧Orange Deus✧ ✧Orange Deus✧
Guess reading subs isn't something the owner does.
So, I submissioned my oc, got accepted and immediately started rping. The rpers are nice and let me join their rp. They do some events (Too many people, the way events are handled are a little chaotic and you sometimes get rp locked for days because of a person who is off during an event.)
Also my biggest complaint is the fact that I had my oc submission (As well as a technique one.) Read by the owner, accepted and then de-accepted later since it seems she didn't read it well enough the first time. She didn't tell me of any other ways to make it so the oc wasn't deleted and just went ahead and deleted the oc as well as the power level I had gotten myself.
Also the spirit ki system seems way too grindy and not even too rewarding, the techniques should have lower reqs and higher payoffs.
(Shoutous to Vana- the most active and nicest admin.)
woompus woompus
This is a great server
This is a nice server to hangout in. It's pretty active and the staff and owner are very helpful. I like how there is a lot of channels that I can talk in and cool bots I an use. It's raid proof to make sure the members are safe. I honestly think this is a great server and I'd recommend joining.
Boston Ledger Boston Ledger
Best server ive been on
I've been in a lot of servers and yet nothing beats being in this server specifically, sure Sully can be a big booli but he's good all the same. Anyway I just love the server all in all.
Cat Cat
Best server
Nice people with good emote lists and many channels
SnowGlitch SnowGlitch
Great comunity wit active staff!
It's great just join and see urself. I need to type 80 characters so let's talk about what it is about. Its a pawsome furry community wit all your needs, want to RP? No problem! Want to make friends? there are a lot of nice people to become friends with! I don't know what to type more. And you can better join and see it yourself!
호시 호시
여러 서버들이 홍보되고 있어서
제 취향에 맞는 서버를 찾을수도 있었고
친목, 게임, 성인 서버등으로 분류되어 있어서
이용하기 편했어요!
최강배너 DSA 최고 >ㅁ</★
G47 G47
300 SPARTANS GR/CY Pc Gaming
Come on in, we have cookies.
Oh, you'll make friends too while playing.
Win win.
Yannik Yannik
Turn Up
Rip in Peace an alle die nicht auf diesen Server sind
Darklaime Darklaime
c'est mon server je suis pas con don comme je doit ecrire plus de 80 caractere sa m'enerve donc j'eris pour rien dire
ramuuu ramuuu
bester server ever !!!!!
Heftige dudes
heftige channel
heftiger admin
Server gemixed mit kanaks, almans und sinti Roma.
Lapis Lazuli Lapis Lazuli
Very Well Set Up :p
Lots of effort put it into it to make it look nice! But it really needs more people to join ;)
¦S̱Ƒ¦Spectrus¦S̱Ƒ¦ ¦S̱Ƒ¦Spectrus¦S̱Ƒ¦
K. Community
Es un servidor agradable en el cual hay un staff Activo para cualquier duda que tengas y puedes interactuar con una gran variedad de bot's que están en el servidor. ¿QUE ESPERÁS?
Minmin Minmin
Friendly Server
Hey! I know I'm the one who posted the server, but I really do think that this is a great server. We're a great group of people to get to know.
Father Marvin 🦆 Father Marvin 🦆
Krasse Comunity
Nur hotte girls, und freundliche polnische gast arbeiter, aboniert rafis0 auf twitch und lasst bei lb007 nen like da
GestoX GestoX
Amazing Server
Amazing server with an amazing community, has every bot you will ever need. I love it. All recommendations :)))))
tyrion__snow tyrion__snow
Friendly and Informative community
Found this server to be really helpful, people are communcative, friendly and always do there best to push you in the right direction. All the latest news and trends for aspiring entrepreneurs are kept up to date here.
Bexa Bexa
A wholesome safe place
The owner and staff of this place are awesome, and supportive of people who genuinely need someone to hear them in the venting channels! Good server

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