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Chilly Willy Chilly Willy
hentai hentai
A Decent Kuroko No Basket RP!
I may be a staff member on this server but my opinion is not biased, It is a good overall RP with a nice system, the downside in my opinion are the lack of active people.
ʸᵖᵒᵒᴳ ʸᵖᵒᵒᴳ
Great staff
The staff there are lovely!
👑Skylark👑 👑Skylark👑
Absolutely lit server
vintagebabe vintagebabe
it's great
love the server, super chill. totally recommend it.
Misteak Misteak
This community sucks you off
EDM Fans and artists unite!
This is a great community driven server that offers many fun ways to connect with like-minded individuals!

Whether you like kicking back in the general chat, posting your favorite tunes, getting feedback on the songs you're making, hooking up for some gaming sessions, collaborating with other musicians/graphic artists/vocalists, or promoting your own creative content, Officially EDM is the server for you!

See you on the inside!
lily lily
this server is very epic 10/10
Amo Amo
I love this server, I'm totally not the one who made it though.
Kaoikay Kaoikay
My first time doing this stuff idk what to say D: mom I'm nervous.

Anyways, this is a fucking damn nice server, share music you like, share shit you made, play with people, and pretty much just fuck around xd

Sorry for swearing :-(

TrueInfernex TrueInfernex
Great for aspiring artists!
Has a wide variety of users, from people who simply love the music, to those who aspire to one day make it, to those who have even already succeeded. People from around the world join, and we have seen many well known faces (alias') Many people connect on here, with everything to colabs to promotions. It's insane!
🎃Sair-Ruh🎃 🎃Sair-Ruh🎃
The community is small and expanding highly suggested cause this is going to be the next best server!!
BREAD.mp4💙 BREAD.mp4💙
this place is cool
this place is cool very meme
Future Comrade ProvoSantaClaus Future Comrade ProvoSantaClaus
trust me on this review from the future
i travelled back in time to be on this server worth it but i went to far back and got to see hitler not complaining. one warning you won't get the free kidneys they ran out. >:(
g the glimmeringm g the glimmeringm
Awesome Server
This server is great, I got pinged 53 times, but that was because I was offline for a long time, and the staff is nice and there is Music and other stuff, I hope you will join too!
Bradicell Bradicell
Fun server
Fun staff, gaming, music, everything, nice staff too! And roles and theres a youtuber in it but he only has like 32 subs, but still a great server! I hope you will join too!
BREAD.mp4💙 BREAD.mp4💙
pls join my server
Angelo Noord Angelo Noord
Nice server
Fun, and good admins and alot of stuff too!
catcontrol98 catcontrol98
It's good!
Kaylon Kaylon
Best Server
This is the best porn server ever!! I suggest you join
Biohazard_Wraith Biohazard_Wraith
One of the better server's I've been in so far.
Possibly the only server I've seen thus far. The staff is competent and treats their members fairly, which is more than I can say for a couple of other servers I've been in before.
Character creation is pretty much the most flexible I've seen, allowing those who like to create their characters to let their creativity run wild.
The lore on the world that this RP is set in is especially interesting and I hope to see something like.... oh... I don't know... A book written on the lore? Further elaborating on the lore of Simul, it has a near perfect balance of a good setting vs a dark setting. I say this because of some of the lore involving one character named Timothy who gives off the idea of this open and thriving world having a sort of boogeyman. Very far from boring at all.
The only problem I think I would have with this server is its lack of a three strike system, but, thats just me. In any event, everything else about the server tends to overshadow this problem to the point that its not really something that doesn't bother me too much. Just don't butt heads with the mods is my suggestion.
Although there is no three strike system, I can personally guarantee that the staff of this server are the most approachable I've ever seen. There's no reason not to go to them if you need assistance with something. When it does come down to dealing with any problems among members of the server, the staff is fair with how they deal with any problems.
NappyDoko NappyDoko
Reia is mommy 😤❤️🔥
Badass server with chill nibbas (^ ^).

Reia is best girl here ・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+
serafima serafima
The staff are manbabies with terrible communication skills
That alone should be enough to say, especially after being banned off their server for weeks now and my feelings on the subject having long subsided.

However, since these admins and mods are egotistical, sanctimonious hypocrites who feel entitled to having the last word, ( yet call people out for trying to have the last word, hilarious I know ) I believe it’s only fair to share my piece.

Long story short, I was met with sour attitudes simply over a miscommunation and confusion over a power set/ skill one of the clan members have. Instead of politely correcting me and explaining it in a manner that was feasible to me, I was instead met with an arrogant asshole who shoved their college degree in my face to flex how they know better than me. Apparently, a disagreement formed from my own misunderstanding was enough to challenge their fragile authority, earning me a ban.

Wonderful you know all about bugs honey, doesn’t really explain to me how the Aburame clan operate. They get overly defensive at the slightest hint of contradicting their knowledge to the point of childishness. All I wanted to have was clarity on canon character abilities and instead I was backed into a corner by a toxic gang mentality.

Despite all of this, I was willing to apologize as I know my tone can be unintentionally harsh and even arrogant at times. I’m not without self awareness unlike these folks. Once two days were up with no response, I sent a message saying I assumed I was wasting our time, and left it at that. Only to be immediately re-friended ( suspiciously fast seeing as they apparently had no time to respond to me the first time at all ) and met with an disgustingly emotionally manipulative guilt trip, all because I didn’t assume the person was busy dealing with a hurricane.

Would’ve been nice to have been informed this from the start instead of going on and off line for 48 hours straight, which gave me the much more reasonable, logical assumption you just were not interested in dealing with me and waiting for me to go away. I would have gladly been patient and wished the best for you and your family’s safety, but I guess it’s too much to ask from a ‘self centered twat’. Yeah, maybe try looking in the mirror and see whose the real pompous jerk. Also, way to assume people are psychic and just magically know your time zone and location, much less your circumstances. It’s one the to be a hurricane victim, it’s another thing to exploit it as a means of making people feel bad.

So yeah, tl;dr, don’t bother with this sever unless you wish to bad met with rude people who deflect anything you say. I take my apology back, until they learn some self awareness and not get hyper-defensive over someone saying “Well, I thought...” it’s not worth it to me.

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