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Maniel 25-06 ¦S͓̽Ƒ¦ッ Maniel 25-06 ¦S͓̽Ƒ¦ッ
Uno de mis mejores servers
La verdad que cuando entre a este server no sabía que me encontraría, si serían buenos, si me banearían sin motivos, la verdad que me lleve una grata sorpresa al ver como funcionaba y ver como los owners se incluyen entre los users en vez de mostrarse superiores, 10/10 ;-)
themike_land themike_land
es un muy buen servidor con gente no toxica y bueno para pasar un buen rato hay casi de todo tipo de cosas y su sevidor betoo es muy buena perona yo le doi 5 estrellas GG
BetooElias ¦S͓̽Ƒ¦ッ BetooElias ¦S͓̽Ƒ¦ッ
Mi server Favorito 🌟
Este server ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido en Discord, nuevos amigos divertidos, gente muy creativa y talentosa. Literal, pude conocer de todo gracias a este server.
Los amo chicos, Social Friends Forever ❤️
Reinforced Reinforced
Great Server
☯Ash Crimson Phlegethon☯ ☯Ash Crimson Phlegethon☯
I have been in this server for almost a year now and the people are great, always willing to help.
Ricky Ricky
Yuna = great
okay 1st of all yuna is the nicest and most welcoming person ever she checks on every single person in the server and i love her a lot even though im not super active she still checks on me everyday
Hyun Hyun
Owner is literally an angel. Welcomes everyone who joins in dms and in the server. Makes sure everyone is comfortable, and feels safe. Takes time to help them with preschool work, and elementary school work. As well as taking care of all the littles.
Desruc Desruc
Meme Review #2
This is MY experience from MY time in the Server. If I had a completely pleasant and care-free time I would NOT be making a 1/5 Star Review on Disboard. If the Owner wants to shoot me a DM once all of these issues are resolved, I will GLADLY make this a 5 Star.

Owner doesn't like approving bios and won't let anyone else do so, people who manage plot can't seem to work without plot holes, owner and their friends get dibs on overpowered characters (when they should be only controlled when plot necessary, but they are the Owner and their friend's character(s). Also makes you do extra work for no reason.

0/10 if I could.

I have been in this server for 3 days as of posting this message. Ever since my day of joinage, I was met with (mostly) kind and playful members. I asked questions and promptly got accurate and helpful responses. This server does have its faults, though, as the review states.

1. The Owner
The Owner is the only person that actively approves characters. I know, they *have* to be really nice to take that burden, right? Wrong. I sat there for two days with my character in complete limbo with others, and I had to ask 3 times for my character to get even so much as a glance from the Owner. The Owner looked at everything EXCEPT the backstory, and then when they tried to find reasons to disapprove, I responded with "it's in the backstory." After the first 2 times of this, they respond with "I don't click Links." Now, my backstory would be 3 posts in Discord, maybe 4, because it's so long. It's either a small link or clogging up a submission chat with backstory. This is a Google Docs link. They REFUSE to click a GOOGLE DOCS link for backstories. Here's a question: If they don't like links so much, how did they get the server on Disboard or even get Discord? They also wanted to use the excuse "I'm going through stuff in real life." Okay, so you're going through stuff in real life, have been on MULTIPLE TIMES in the past 2 days for long enough to at least even look at the bios. At that point, why not just get someone more active to do your job for you? I don't know. Maybe it will forever remain a mystery.

2. The Plot
The plot breaks one of the biggest plot points of Steven Universe: Diamonds can NOT be poofed. The whole plot is based around how a new group of rebels, which somehow, got more members and was more violent than the rebels Rose Quartz led into battle, and somehow had enough power to poof Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Even IF Diamonds were poofable and hundreds of Gems were going up against the three of them, I HONESTLY doubt all 3 of them would be poofed, especially with their gigantic robot hands and legs, and the fact that yellow can literally put her hand out and poof Gems. But, here is the kicker. Apparently, White Diamond amongst others have the knowledge and resources to artificially create a Gem, no, not just a regular Gem, a DIAMOND. From what I read in the plot, not even a Robot, a real, organic (well, as organic as Gems can get...), Gem. NOTE: This IS set in a timeline where Pink / Rose never led the rebellion.

3. Canon Characters
Okay, listen to this. The Owner gets all dibs on White Diamond, not a NPC so it's not NPC Player acceptable only. White Diamond is also the Owner no matter what. Okay, so the Owner gets dibs on a Canon Character. No biggie, right? Well, there obviously is a biggie, because the Owner, White Diamond, also let their friend, who is now playing the newly-reformed Pink Diamond. So, basically, the owner and their friends get dibs on characters nobody should even specifically HAVE because they are so overpowered? Alright. Staff Roles are also assigned to Diamond Roles, so there can only be 3 Staff (excluding the Owner). I hope all of you reading this can see how dumb and idiotic this is. Like, seriously.

4. "Character Head Canons"
Character Head Canons. You need to post your head canon of your character in a Channel otherwise your character isn't approved. Yes, you heard me correctly. There is also a backstory section on all of the templates.
Here's the kicker.
People can literally post their sheets in there and call it a Head Canon.
Why would you need a channel that is just completely extra and serves no purpose, yet is required for some unknown and more likely than not stupidly abstract decision?
Jaehyuk Jaehyuk
Best server owner<3
a sweetheart who welcomes everyone personally and takes care of everyone in the server.
AIex AIex
Just what you’d expect from a community server
Albeit a small server, it does a great job of making you feel welcome since they accept people from all kinds of background, as well as feeling like you’re part of a community. A real place to call home.
Cardinal Cardinal
Amazing server
In the time that've been in the server I've learned a lot about Kurdistan, the current events in the Syrian civil war which has increased my interest in both of the topics. Also the moderators are extremely chill and friendly towards you which is great if you're learning about the subject.
Jacob|-/ Jacob|-/
I'm biased as the owner
I'm the server owner. But we already have some good core members, and we welcome anyone who wants to join :)
TimDerErste TimDerErste
Mega cooler Server ist nur so das es zu wenig user sind damit man noch mehr machen kann vor allem feiere ich den globalchat der mit über 100 weiteren Server verbunden ist.
Use Code YT_Classified Use Code YT_Classified
Good Respectable Development Server
Really like the place, the staff clearly are passionate about the projects and are eager to answer any and all questions, 10/10 Would reccomend
audacious audacious
Great Community
An amazing community which is dedicated in helping others learn new things about programming and more. Would definitely recommend it to anyone trying to step their game up or gain some new knowledge.
psynchronicity psynchronicity
Nameless Debates, A Forum For Philosophers
This is quite a remarkable forum that encourages Socratic debate. There are a range of philosophers on the server, and the philosopher who maintains the server is a rare penetrating intellect. If you are an experienced philosopher, this is a place to learn, through interaction where many philosophers trip up, and therefore it is a good place to hone your debating and dialoging skills. In a culture where debate has been replaced by cancel culture, this is a welcome and refreshing change. If you are in your first few years of studying philosophy, this is a place where you can learn many aspects of philosophical process and methodology through interaction. We need more servers like this one, and there is no doubt in my mind that this phenomena will grow and become more meaningful to the culture.
Sayori Sayori
server of crunge
solid. too many simonists and alvinists.
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Eucliwood Hellscytheᶜᵉ Eucliwood Hellscytheᶜᵉ
Love this server best server i have been in and i love that it has a lot a things to do in it
Eucliwood Hellscytheᶜᵉ Eucliwood Hellscytheᶜᵉ
Good Server
It seems like a good server.. look as if it needs a little help and i would be willing to help it
✤𝘿𝙞𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙚↪…♛ ✤𝘿𝙞𝙫𝙞𝙣𝙚↪…♛
A server that has been up for years with daily chats , everyone is friendly and respectful , joining this server was one of the best decisions i have ever made.
Hyper Scythe Hyper Scythe
This server is actually amazing! You should check it out, the owner is making his own moderation discord bot and some cool other bots. Please join this server as well (it's not mine.)
Anoriel Anoriel
Lovely server with an amazing community!
This server is a wonderful place for anyone who is interested in books and reading. It doesn't matter if you have been reading for years or are just starting to get into it, either way you will find lovely people to discuss books and share your enthusiasms with.
TheR3a1Phantom TheR3a1Phantom
I love this because its the best and i hope everyone else can come on and be respectful

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