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If you play Pokémon Showdown than This is the best server for you to join! It’s the biggest showdown server on discord
If you play Pokecord than this is perfect for you too we even have a way to earn hundreds of thousands of credits!
A fun place where you can come to chill and talk about pokemon, and other stuff!
🏆 Welcome to the Pokémon Generations League!

Prepare yourself for a unique Showdown Experience!
[Battles are played on Pokémon Showdown.]

☠️Get ready to battle the fiercest Elite Trainers across all 7 Generations.

🌎Elite Trainers will include Rivals, Bosses and Champions of their respective Regions.

⚔️They'll use teams built around the Pokémon used by their associated characters, having access to all Pokémon they have obtained or used during official Games, Anime Series or Manga... And Legendaries/Mythicals of their Region!

🎁Purchase Rewards with Server Currency
🎮Weekly Tournaments & Events
🎉Regular Giveaways

📜League Doc -
Hello! Welcome to Pokegang, our Pokémon themed server!

🤖 We have a variety of Pokemon bots, such as Pokecord, Pokeverse, and Mew Bot! 🤖

👍 We are an active and friendly server that regularly hosts Legendary and Shiny giveaways, tournaments, and contests. 👍

👋 We even have a Pokemon Showdown community! 👋

🎉 Join us now! 🎉
Pokemon Discord For Showdown plus so many other games, VERY BUSY VERY competitive and open for all people. It is run by caring people and no elitist attitudes, LGBT and all races friendly
A Pokemon League similar to the games. We use Pokemon Showdown for our battles! Come on over for to battles, talking with fellow Pokemon fans, Pokecord, and more!
Place for people who love pokemon to discuss pokemon and battle mostly. Just try to have a good time :]
We are a small server right now, But we are hoping to get bigger! We still have some Gym Spots open! So get in while you can! Hosting some Pokecord Giveaways soon!
WE HAVE BOTH SHOWDOWN AND POKECORD GYMS, BUT MAINLY SHOWDOWN. Its just that some people are saying that we are only pokecord, but we are mainly Showdown

Welcome to Pokemon Dark Rising! We are a Community who uses Pokemon Showdown! We have music, custom ranks, badges, gym leaders, E4, memes, giveaways, tourneys and More!
if you are interested, give our server a shot! We are in need of E4 and Gym Leaders!
This is a Pokemon draft league Discord that hosts everything from the King's Pokemon League to the recent Tag Team League.
Come join a brand new pokemon showdown community! This is more tournament and faction based, instead of league/gym and e4 based.
This server is heavily dominated by active roleplaying (RP) as Pokemon! Join us as we all continue our adventures as the group of Ilex Forest. Aside from RP, there's casual chat, weekly events (rewards included), and many more.
Welcome to uh... We don't quite have a name for the league yet hehe... Welcome to our showdown league!

This is where you will enter an epic adventure to become a Pokemon master! Prepare to face tough gym leaders on a 1v1 Pokemon battle! Become the strongest trainer and achieve the champion title, meet new people and most importantly, show that you're the sexiest trainer that ever was! Are you thrilled? Well come on down to... T-the league!

Since we're currently a very small server, it would be greatly appreciated if you would share this with your friends. Then you can show them you're the better trainer by beating them over and over c:

Thank you for the attention, have a good day!
This server is here so everyone can chat and relax. Those that need a break from what they are doing or need a place to chat with friends and play games, this is the place for YOU!
This is a duel pokemon league with showdown and 3ds. applications are still open for elite 4 and gym leaders.
Hey you, join this dope pokemon server. We got cool guys and hoping to get some competitive players. Be there, or be square!