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Welcome to Skull and The Snake !!!

We are a brand new server community and would love some new members!!
What we have? We have Giveaways, Pokemon bots, Pokemon Showdown Gymbattles etc. We also have various other discord bots!!

Gymleader submissions will be opening soon!!! So join in take part in awesome giveaways and gymbattles, and win amazing rewards!!!

We also have one NSFW bot, only certain roles will be able to view that, so no probs for the cleanies!!

Pls join for lots of fun and friendly staff
We play showdown and have a league to support it. You can become a researcher and trainer or even a crime syndicate leader and make your own team. But if you wanna be a part of fun bigger community this is your place, and who knows you may even be able to be gym leader or champ.
Welcome to the world of Pokemon!
The Galax region welcomes you to a Pokemon Showdown region. From Gym battles and tournaments, battle with trainers through Pokemon Showdown and make your way towards battling the Champion of the Galax region! Start your Journey now!

Note: Not Fully developed since we are in need of others to join in but you are free to join in anytime!
This server is just a Pokemon Server for fans and people to talk with some rules and applications and interview for admins and we roleplay for a bit.
We here are people that like Pokémon so we have trials and gym leaders for you to battle
We share friend codes and genners place and advertise other server partners.
We are the North Block Boyz or Nbb for short.
We welcome all gamers of roblox and pokemon players as well we play a variety of games and have lots of fun we hope you can join and have that same fun were having
This is a new server about the game pokemon showdown! Were always battling challenging gyms and more!
*New server*
Place for people who love pokemon to discuss pokemon and battle mostly. Just try to have a good time :]
Join us:-
✔️The brand new server for Pokemon lovers
✔️Join fast recruiting staffs ATM
✔️Tours every month
✔️Battle for badges and become a champion in the server
✔️Pokecord for fans
✔️Strict rules
✔️Matured people most welcomed
✔️weekly 2000pokecredits giveaway
This is a new Pokemon server for those who love to play Pokemon and battle!. Its a place for casual or competitive Pokemon whether your a pro or just starting out all is welcome here! we hope u love and stay at our server
Hi guys! This server is meant to learn about the compatative world of pokemon, The staff is willing to help you with all kinds of questions you might have about pokemon.

Challenge our masters and battle yourself all the way to the top! Hope to see you soon:)