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1. Harus mematuhi rules••••••••••
2. Tidak memotong pembicaraan atasan berbicara••••••••••
3. Bermain di tempat yg sudah di buat•••••
4. Role maksimal hanya 6 dan ga lebih•••••
5. Tidak mengganggu orang yg sedang bermain•••••••
6. Tidak rasis••••••
7. Tidak berbau SARA••••••
8. Tidak membully member••••••
9. Bercanda jangan kelewatan dan ada batasnya•••••••••
10. Boleh toxic cuma jangan kelebihan••••

Terimakasih @everyone @here
I have a small community and I am a small stream on the grow!
Hello there and welcome to The Rainbow Network!
This is a community for people of all Orientation to meet and play together!
We give advice if you're struggling with certain issues.
If you're having a stressful time and need a buddy, we gotchu!
I hope you join the server, and I'll see ya there.
Gaming community for all kinds of gamers with music bot and all premium features you could imagine
(Based in EU) Hello fellow gamers! We'd like you to be part of our new gaming community.
Specialed in all games but for now Anthem and Overwatch.

Feel free to ask any qeustions

The Gaming Citadel is a discord server for all types of games. Yes, there are a few main games, but more will be added once we have Game Moderators. They are a set of people who moderate the General Chat and their specified game. We are looking for members and be glad that you joined.
If you are considered a conformist and you need a place to hang out with other conformists this is the place! If you are edgy or just not conformist and you are looking for a more socially acceptable or generally better lifestyle this is also the place!
(For Guys)
Awesome discord gaming community with just over 20 members. We love to interact with people and we need staff. We hope this community grows into something great :)
Welcome to Suspended Games. We’re a gaming community that spreads nationwide. We love gaming, but here at Suspended we appreciate our members, their support and feedback. We may be focused on gaming but we love to talk about other things from time to time. We do special events, giveaways and much more! You can earn levels by talking in the channels, you can win giveaways or talk about gaming!

Staff Team;
“Thank you for joining Suspended Games! We hope you enjoy your stay and we’d love to help you at any point in time, but be sure to read our guidelines!”
[GH] Gaming Hub - This server has the main aim of providing a welcoming, kind, fun and exciting environment for all types of gamers. Everyone is welcome here and we encourage people of all types to come and socialise together.
Was geht ab meine lieben Freunde, Gamer und Zeitgenossen! <3

Normalerweise würde ich damit anfangen zu sagen, dass wir eine DEUTSCHE GAMING COMMUNITY darstellen. Doch wir sind mehr als das! Was ich damit meine?

Unser Hauptfokus ist das Gaming und wir lieben es! Doch neben dem Gaming sprechen wir gerne über allgemeinen Kram, unterstützen uns Gegenseitig bei unserer Arbeit, erhalten Feedback zu unseren YouTube Videos und vieles mehr. Wir ziehen alle an einem Strang und versuchen unsere Vision der #SamuraiArmy zu verwirklichen! Wenn du Teil dieser Bewegung sein willst, dann trete uns bei und unterstütze uns nicht nur, sondern bewege auch selbst etwas. :-)

So, was bieten wir dir eigentlich? ...

- Ein solides Ranksystem mit ultrageilen Namen!
- Eine ultra nette Community
- Viel Spaß im Chat
- Animes...Ja genau, auch Animes sind bei uns vertreten! *-*
- Leute finden zum zocken! ^-^

Genug der Worte.

Ein Weiser Mann sagte eins: "Wenn die Worte nicht ausreichen, so zeige den Menschen was sie brauchen durch deine Taten." ... Deshalb schaut mal vorbei. <3

Euer Secaki und alter Samurai