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Welcome to our Holy Church where hentai is your godess! It's a sharing pic server, you re free to give and take all arts here ^^ It's a new and growing community who will accept you with open arm. NO KINKSHAME. Free to talk as you like. Channel for all type of kinks! Also if you're active enough you will access to special channel, extreme or not. Welcome to our strange Church, have nice pray!
Welcome to Porn Central! This server is completely porn oriented. (18+ only)
It is dedicated to all hardcore porn stars fans, if you love to discuss and exchange the kinky content you have then come in!
The Realm Beyond is expanding!

Deep Roleplay | Rich Lore | Challenging Combat | Real Consequences

Somewhere far beyond the Prime Material Plane is another world, a darker world, authored by Demons and inhabited by worse. Join us in Acroshia, where magic is dangerous, gods are remote, the corrupted fall.. and then they rise.

The Realm Beyond is a hardcore, grimdark, low-magic fantasy setting that runs on a modified 5e ruleset. Players start off as either heroic prisoners exiled to a foreign land, or native commoners experiencing a zero-to-hero journey. The setting incorporates custom systems for injuries, spell fumbles, sanity checks, downtime, crafting and much, much more.

The Realm Beyond has a dual focus on committed RP and challenging combat. Gameplay, especially at low levels, is high-lethality, and every victory feels earned. The setting is filled with rich lore which takes inspiration from diverse influences, including Game of Thrones, Darkest Dungeon, and H.P. Lovecraft.

Our geographically-diverse community and staff are positive, helpful, and excited to welcome you. The Realm Beyond members also have access to Roll20 Pro, WorldAnvil, Compendium Books for Roll20 and many cool assets.

The Realm Beyond is a mature setting with content most suitable for players 18 and up.
Bootyclap! Is a DayZ server with one of the largest growing communities due to its high modability including spawn bags with food etc, fully working modded areas, unique island bridges and much more.

Join Bootyclap today and clap some ass!
CarolFkinBaskn | Hardcore Survival

We aim to bring a realistic Hardcore Survival DayZ server. Eliminating all food resources bar: Wildlife, Fishing & Horticulture.
We also have a PvP server if you're looking for some PvP action as well.
Simple friendly porn server xD

Server made for porn junkies
18+ to join
Pls read our rules when joining

REACT ROLE ENTRY ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

✦ porn goddess tournaments
✦ music, memes, art and bots
✦ self assignable roles
✦ streaming channel
✦ friendly community of perverts

All things related to Christian Metal! Whether you just started listening to Demon Hunter, or are an avid fan of unblack, this server is for you!

- No taboo / No limit / no shame. Only porn. Unleash yourself, don't be affraid.
- The server is fully dedicated to all kind of NSFW content. From softcore to hardcore.
- Meet new people as kinky as you are.
- Sharing you favourite pics / gifs / vids is appreciated.
- The staff is listerning to you.
- Friendly, active and fast growing perv community.
Come take a look, you have nothing to loose ;-)
Welcome to SkyGrind! A Discord Server constructed by Ourato And His fellow admins. We have made a Hypixel Skyblock Server With over 200 members. We have Free/Paid Splashes, Events timer, QnA, And so much more! Join now to be a part of SkyGrinds fast Growing community. One more thing. SkyGrind is a Skyblock Server. But we dabble in bedwars/skywars. And now Enjoy your time in SkyGrind
💕ONLY +18 People.
💕The most extreme fun you can have.
💕 Welcoming community.
💕 Quality members.
💕 Our own discord bot.
💕 Events.
💕Our own level system.
💕Our own coins system.
If you are someone who is looking for a good Xbox server, a clan, a hardcore experience and some real DayZ, check this post 🙏

The server I am advertising here is really unique and offers more than just being another community server. This has been modded with real experience, and is being coordinated by a passionate admin team.

What can you expect here?

- Hardcore experience -> You have to earn your loot, but it's not frustrating either. The server is also first person only

- Harder and more living PvE with HORDES -> each animal territory is modded differently with a lot of testing to create a more living world. The zombies are harder, and theres something really unique: you can run into real hordes with 10-50 zombies at a time!

- Chill community -> we are welcoming for everyone. No matter the playstyle, experience, age.. but we are not allowing toxicity and shit talk. We are just survivors who want to have fun

- Trading currencies, and a safe zone in Lipina. You can become wealthy by trading, hunting, collecting, applying for jobs, bounty hunting, drug farms, robbing, you name it

- Grenade only raiding -> base building is worthy here. You can only raid with nades, no boosting, tool/bullet raiding etc. So you can actually have a home.

- Little rules -> we do have a rule system but it's designed to allow you freedom and provide fairplay to everyone. Every rule is reasonable and it is not random bullshit

- North of the river is No KOS -> to really provide a good playground to all playstyles, you cannot kos on north. This means more interactions, more friendly people, and still good pvp south from the river

- A lot of modded items and features with no lag and very good server performance

- Fight nights with betting

- An open clan, The Tribe -> you pick up a white armband and you are clan member. This clan membership has it's own rules but they aren't hard to follow

- Actually, there is more, but this should be enough to give you an idea

If you are interested, the server name is Dead Men Tell No Tales

Livonia only, with m&k support

Join discord to be a part of this rapidly growing community, and to learn the rules, get infos, etc

See you on the wasteland fellow survivor!
Über uns - Wer sind wir?

Wir sind aktuell ein 3 Köpfiges Team, was es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat euch ein schönes Roleplay Erlebnis zu bieten. Wir haben uns Nächte um die Ohren gehauen, strukturiert gearbeitet und unsere Erfahrungen gebündelt. Wir werden euch nicht alle Features erwähnen, um mögliche META's zu vermeiden, aber sei gespannt - es gibt Dinge, die hat sonst keiner ;-).

Unser Entwickler, Minze ist täglich am Programmieren für euch. Ein zweiter, sehr erfahrener Entwickler hat Interesse gezeigt, um noch mehr einmalige Features für euch zu kreieren. Ihr dürft uns gerne Vorschläge unterbreiten, mal schauen ob wir die umsetzen!

Unser Konzept & Features !

Lange haben wir überlegt, aber uns dann doch für ein Hartes System entschieden. Ihr werdet nicht nach einer Woche eine Million besitzen oder ein Sportfahrzeug - zumindest alleine nicht.

- 10.000 💲 Startgeld

- Altersbeitritt: Ab 18 Jahren

- Ai-Taxi System

- Angepasst für 1920x1080

- Verdiene dein Geld als Busfahrer

- Verdiene dein Geld als LKW-Fahrer

- Rohstoffsysteme

- Haussystem mittels Shells & MLO

- Garagensystem

- Saltychat

- Blips Ein / Ausschaltbar

- Minimap Standart deaktiviert

- Begehbare Interiors

- Blitzer

- Spieler 24/7's

Unser Hostsytem & Adressen !

Wir haben uns dafür bewusst entschieden, alle Systeme zu trennen. Das bedeutet, der Teamspeak, sowie unser Hostserver befinden sich an unterschiedlichen Standorten.

Wir besitzen ein DDoS Schutz.

Wir besitzen ein 1000MB Uplink!



Serverregelwerk & InGame Gesetz: Auf dem Discord.

Wir sehen uns!
If ur into stuff like hardcore, panic-chord metalcore, skramz, sass/whitebelt, fashioncore, anime/manga, art, or maybe ur straight edge then feel free to join, idgaf.
we got bots and stuff, and there aren't really any rules just don't be stupid or a poser, ok?
▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ 𝖜𝖊𝖑𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖔 𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖒𝖊 𝖙𝖎𝖉𝖉𝖎𝖊𝖘 // アニメティディー ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀
we are an nsfw server, and we happen to be somewhat new. our age group is 13-19 ONLY.

we offer:
× NSFW bots and channels
× an LGBT safe community
× few, but chill staff
× lots of channels to talk in
× self-select roles
× hentai, for your evil needs
× a level up role system
× kink-o-meter
× and lots more

we are a brand new server, and trying to grow so anyone joining helps us. we hope you enjoy your stay.
We are a quickly growing community of music fans, mainly focusing around -core music and pop punk but many other types of music as well. We hope to see you there!
We're just a community of friends and we wish to grow bigger. We don't accept softies tho as we always joke around and by joke around i mean real offensive jokes. Hope new ppl can join us as we are looking for more friends.
Bist du auch Leidenschaftlicher Gamer? dann bist Du hier richtig!

Was wir Dir bieten können mit ständiger Weiterentwicklung ist Folgendes:
Ob Gaming Talk, Hilfe Tipps und Tricks! Oder bist Du auf der Suche nach Mitspielern?

Bei uns findest Du aktuell:
- Talks
- Escape from Tarkov

and more

Wir verlosen gelegentlich in den Streams wie auf dem Discord Server


wen wir Dich angesprochen haben Enjoy the Server
A new Roblox Festival group! We bring top-tier equipment to make your stay enjoyable! Events will be hosted each week or month!
A hangout server for people into Hardcore Techno and its subgenres, uptempo, terrorcore, frenchcore, etc.
Producers welcome!
Our Network consists of Multiple game-modes ranging from Survival, SkyBlock, Super Guilds, Minigames such as Bedwars, Skywars, Party-games(and more), Prisons, Creative, and we dedicate ourselves to increasing that selection of games so that you're always entertained.
CoreCraft is a growing Minecraft Network with the players kept in mind. Our focus is providing enjoyable gameplay and a community that feels inclusive to all. Our current range of gamemodes consists of -

- HardCore Survival
- OP Prison (WIP)
- Let us know what else you'd like

CoreCraft was originally founded in 2012 and was one of the first few faction servers and quickly grew to being one of the most known Minecraft Servers but we closed up in early 2016.

Now we're back and we're here to stay, Come on down and say hello!

IP -
Discord -
Website -