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We are a gaming server, preferably League of Legends. Looking for casual, fun, competitive players.
Welcome to irratora. The land of God's, mortals and supernatural beings. The world is split up into factions. 3 to be exact. The humans. The gods. And the supernatural beings. It is a cruel world, where gods slay humans, humans hunt, kill, and enslave the supernatural. The borders were set millenias ago, and all was peaceful for the first time in forever. Until one man, broke through the supernatural border, and went on a killing spree restarting the war. The gods have deamed humanity unworthy and have taken up arms against them. But the supernatural confused the gods for mortals, and now there is a 3 way war. It is currently at a stand still, however humans are still enslaving the supernatural beings and the gods are now letting them. Is anyone safe? What do civilians think? Will the war ever end? Will the gods be calmed? That, is up to you.
Welcome to the Roleplay Cafe! Join as a member—stay as a friend. We have a currency system where you can buy roles, custom colours, and even roleplay sections! A wide variety of roleplays are offered, including community-built ones, so just take your pick. Don't want to RP? That's fine! Feel free to chill out and talk about anything. We have loads of different channels including memes, Pokemon, a gaming and anime arcade, and an NSFW chamber. c;
Come to the sanctum. a nice chilled out server for you to come make friends, listen to music, post your memes/selfies or just linger in the background, entirely up to you! :)
We're a new server for chatting, making friends, listening to tunes, messing around with the server currency and overall having a good time! Come stay awhile, chill and help us grow!
This sever is full of fun!Here you can make friend and meme around(maybe even make edgey memes in the edgey memes channel)we have currency bots like dank memer for the stealing aspect and other bots such as rythem 1 & 2.embark of the journey to a sever with joy and fun!
¡Welcome rookie! DankServer is a mighty place where u can be rich or fail at your attempt.
We have got a lot of funny bots with multiple functions and people with socialize to!!!!
The bots that will make you happier or probably make you broke your phones are:
Dyno (personal slave)
Rythm to your life
UnbelievaBoat that will surely make you rich
MEE6 who will give you the welcome
OwO that will add anime to your life
Poll Bot that obviously make funny polls and answer then when you are bored
Server Stats that will show you how much rookies are attempting to be rich
o will be your baittl
BoxBot that will add mor
This discord is a community server with a csgo esports team in it, come join as you can talk to us and ask us questions as well as make new friends!
So, welcome to Anti-Social Social Club, otherwise known as A.S.S.! First things first, we are not a hangout server. A hangout server is designed to get as many members as possible and get thousands of inactive users. What I want is a community. Our server always has people online playing games such as Dota, LoL, Overwatch, or anything else under the sun. If a game isnt there and you want it, tell me! Ill add anything people will play. The server has its own currency called ASS, which you need to do anything such as change your nickname, change someone ELSES nickname, or even buy a custom voice channel! We do various competitions for this server currency but you can also earn it with commands and by talking. Of course, you wont care about that unless you know the users, which leads me to my main point. DO NOT join if youre looking for your everyday hangout, but if you want a server you can join and talk to people, feel at home and form close friendships, A.S.S. is for you.
Memes NSFW and other GREAT commands to have fun with!
A fun server with a growing community! Here you can play games with others, join a team, take part in the economy, and more! What are you waiting for, join now and have some fun!
Senpai here!

This server is mainly for making friends and having some anime and hentai!

We have advertising, levels, and NSFW commands!

We've recently added Mantaro Patreon to our server, we even use the currency commands and her lewd commands~!

There's even more bots we use for our lewd server, which includes MEE6, Lewdbot, Mantaro, and Nadeko!

Please join!
At game 1,100,000 (our 100,000th spin) we will be giving away 500,000 Dogecoins to the person with the highest net profit overall ( We will also give 100,000 to the person with the highest gross profit that has a negative net profit. Get crackin' kids. ---

We are a ROBLOX fan Discord Server! We are all about ROBLOX and ROBLOX Studio!

We have channels for all types of Robloxians such as scripters, roleplayers, FPS fans, builders and fans of ROBLOX YouTubers!

We are still in BETA stage so expect things to come in the future!
Gacha Gang is a server where you create a character/Profile then you are able to roleplay that character in our little world! Now this server is a roleplay server, Dont be fooled by the "Gacha". No you do not have to use any of the Gacha games to roleplay here. I just like the idea of using the app to create characters. This server includes owning shops, a manual currency and so much more! Visit town and enter one of the many realistic shops. Or walk down to the market and grab some ice-cream or some shadily cheap jewellery. The open not your style? Stalk the alleyways and unlock the small worlds secrets! Own a house or rent an apartment for a small fee every so often! Good Luck You'll need it.
This is a whole community of people who want to destroy furfags.
We have

•Active/friendly members/staffs

•Active voice chat
-Gaming chat(pubg, Minecraft,, etc)
-General talk

•Leveling up system based on your server exp.
-Level up and get new perms.

-No matter how big or small your server is, we don’t discriminate.

-Dank Memer obsessed
-Friendly staff
-Music Bot obsessed

📟Amazeballs Bots📟
🎉Amazing Members🎉
😎Cool and Active Staff😎
🎵Music Bots🎵
🔒Good Security🔒
💕Friendly Community💕

People at Global Currency Community are respectful, kind, caring, fun, entertaining, and active. We are looking for more fun and active members to be with us to make the server even better! We want you guys to feel safe here in our community. We have a friendly owner who is respectful and kind. Staff members are chosen by who we can trust. We're just looking to grow to become a loving community for everyone. We will love having your company and we can't wait to meet you all!
That Discord is a work in progress server so don't expect much. The server is planned to become more advanced as it gets more popular so it would be nice to see people grow with us. Basically the server is for anyone and the name will most likely change.
This Is A Sevrer Meant For All Gamers. Here We Keep It PG-13 Here, Also We Have A Currency System Here For Some More Fun. We Aspire To Be The Biggest Gaming Community Ever. Our Staff Is Friendly. Feel Free To Stop By And Say Hello. Also Their Are Updates Are Made Weekly (Weekly Patches). We Are Open To Partner With Other Servers (Non-Gaming), YT Channels (Gaming), Social Media (Gaming), And Other Games In General.
This server was made as a collaboration with "Hollow Pirates" The ROBLOX Anime discord server.

This server had 3 Pokémon bots.
They are: Pokécord, Pokéverse, and Monstacord.
All three are very interesting bot.

We also have currency bots like Tatsumaki and UnbelievaBoat.

That's all for now!
A dry spot based in the fictional wild west. We have many sorts of places in this town. There's a general store, bank, hospital, school house, church, local bar, and even UNO! We have a currency which you can use to buy from the rp stores. Although, there may be some outlaws, but don't worry; my deputies and I will get rid of 'em.
pretty much everything.
complete freedom of speech, also
here on my server you can make money by being active on the server, with the money you earn you can buy various items using the commands listed here :
!buy-item (amount) (name)
and you can earn memberships by following curtain steps the owner aka me tells you such as: subscribe to my channel