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Tired of toxic people?? 💀
Tired of corrupt staff?? 💀
If so, E-Fam Rise is the server for you! 😱

We are a brand new server offering many different things such as:
~variety of roles to fit you ❤️
~variety of chats to talk and look in 🧡
~a warm community of non toxic people 💛
~staff who know what they are doing 💚
~and more! 💙

So come join now and fit right in!
We are a gaming server, preferably League of Legends. Looking for casual, fun, competitive players.
What can we do in this server?

- Use premium Dank memer commands (pls weekly, less delay between commands)
- Chat with other people
- Earn rewards like roles
- Giveaways
We are a chill community server with around 50 members, we have lots of roles, fun bots, and a level system.
A long time ago I wanted to make a place for me and my friends to talk and then it just kinda caught on, And now I want to make an active place just for general tom foolery.

We Offer:
A multitude of channels for just about anything you may need to post this includes NSFW
The ability to get Rank,Custom roles, and Positions!
Welcome to the Bloxxerian Republic. This is a place where many people are allowed, you can find things that you can find entertaining.

We are sort of anti-LGBTQ. But before this you must be processed through our border, if you’re lucky enough, you will get accepted.
We are a brand new Discord server, we will get better over time and make you feel at home. So please join if you want to chat.

Friendly Staff
Lots Of Bots
Lots Of Channels To Chat In
VC Chats
Villagers Town

📦 A Minecraft related server 📦

Here's our great features:

- Great bots 🤖
- Custom currency bot 💶
- Ordered and minimalistics channels ◻
- A warm welcome 👋
- Custom and secret commands 👤
- Fun stuff and commands 😂
- Memes 👽
- Partnerships 🤝
- Politican jokes 💼
- Anime is not allowed 👍 jk

And many more! 😲

Find them all in Villagers Town!
Carzona is a cool server. Memes for you Dank Memers, Currency by UnbelievaBoat, and when you level up by MEE6, you get access to more chats.
Developers are welcome too, we have a whole category dedicated to Developers.
A WWII RP server which uses UnbelievaBoat as a currency system, allowing you to buy country-specific units, and do battle with other nations. JOIN US COMRADES!
Hi there! do you want a family friendly server with fun bots? Well look no further! We don’t have any verification thing cause what’s the point. And also we need some game ideas.Here’s what we have to offer:



🍔food channel🍔

😂meme channel😂

🚫no NSFW🚫

📺range of channels📺

🎮video game channels🎮

😎cool emojis😎


👨‍👩‍👧friendly community👨‍👩‍👧

👨‍💻self promotion channel👨‍💻(lots)

And more!

if you leave the server your self promotion will be deleted Are you down to join? Well come with this link:
Hey there! We are a social server who loves to have fun! Feel free to join our server and have all the fun you want! <3
Coins and Currency Collectors.
Welcome to CaCC. A Community of Coin and Currency Collectors. This is a place to share off any interesting Coins or Bills from any country that you may have or friend unique.
Want a community that evolves around Nimses? Join today! We are growing everyday, and we would be happy if you joined.
Atm we are not ready to RP and are looking for worthy admin + people for ideas.
WIP and Dishonored spoilers
Come to the sanctum. a nice chilled out server for you to come make friends, listen to music, post your memes/selfies or just linger in the background, entirely up to you! :)
Come and join Utopia today! We have many amazing things here, mostly the people! We are still in an experimental stage, but I'd like to grow it as much as possible! If you have any ideas on how the server can grow, don't hesitate to tell one of the leaders! Have a good day!

-Leader of Utopia, ! Hentai Connoisseur
We're a new server for chatting, making friends, listening to tunes, messing around with the server currency and overall having a good time! Come stay awhile, chill and help us grow!