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Hey! I am looking to get a good group of people to play hearthstone with, if anyone wants to chill and play some casual hs, come join!
A place for people to use poke cord and hang out!
Good evening, sir or madam (or prefix of your choice), and welcome to the UNO Casino. This is a server dedicated to playing UNO with your friends, talking with others, and just having a good time. Stay a while, and have fun!
Yu-Gi-Oh TCG server. Has a 20 slot leaderboard. Come, and have fun weekly to monthly tournaments.
Server for The Elder Scrolls: Legends, a collectible card game on PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.
You Like Yugioh? Or Maybe Even Card Games In General? Or Maybe Even Popular Games Like Overwatch And Stuff
Well Here You Have Come To The Right Place!!
You Can Be A Cool Kid And Come Over With The Squad
The largest Discord server for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
Welcome to Hearthstone Americas Discord. This server is for Hearthstone players in the Americas region or with an Americas account. English is the preferred language. You must be over 18 or have a parents permission to join and remain here. Please read over and agree to all rules in the #rules and etiquette channel.
Not an official Valkyrie Crusade server. A Valkyrie Crusade fan server where you can just chill, talk about the game and favorite maidens, and even help each other out!