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Dragon Galaxy RP! A brand new DBZ RP server set in a time before the Frieza Saga. Canon Characters do not exist, so the OCs drive the story! Play from a large selection of races and begin your journey in our universe!

✪ Discord Ball Z bot, along with Dragon Stone giveaways!
✪ A multiplier based training system.
✪ Gravity System for the planets, as well as gravity mastery for Gravity Chambers!
✪ A selection of 11 races! (Demons, Kais, and Majins currently unavailable)
✪ A planetary travel system!
✪ Friendly and Active Staff
✪ RP Only
✪ Power Levels
✪ Fair rules for both general and combat.
✪ Tatsumaki, Rythm, Dyno, and more!
✪ Quick Responses

Starting Date: 3/20/2019

One-liners are not welcome.
Welcome to Dragon Ball: Burning Fury! This is a universe far removed from canon, with OC's only populating the world of Dragon Ball. We have a friendly staff, memes and more.
OC's only!
Friendly Staff!
and much much more!
Join today and see if you can become the strongest!
Hey! This is a role play server based on a dragon Ball AU (original I know) so join if you want. The more experienced of a role player you are the better! See ya soon
Brand new Dragonball themed meme server! Come hang out and have a great time! 👌
Roleplay as Original Characters in an alternate universe where they all exist! Power Level System, Custom Techniques, and a variety of canon dragon ball species to choose from.
DragonBall Universe is a Roleply like server, you can be people from gt to AF or partake in MI (dB mixed reality) or just relax with us and stay a while!
Welcome to the Legendary Star. A organization created to protect the universe. You will be put to the test and trained to be the best and protect the universe the best you can.
A small, DB RP server. Nothing irp is from the canon, except certain areas. Plus, there are no powerlevels involved, so you don't have to waste your time training! Stop by and make a character! And trust me, we won't bite.
Welcome to Dragon Ball: ChronicleZ! We need your help! The Earth is being invaded by beings that seem to be unstoppable! What will you do? Will you be a Saiyan? A Frieza Race/Frost Demon? A Namekian? A Majin? A Human? Will you help, or will you be the one who is causing the havoc, the mayhem, the chaos? It's up to you, you alone!
Just a server anyone can join dragon ball is its main center piece
The largest Discord server for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game.
A chill and laid-back chat for discussing all things dragon ball and whatever else! Meet new people and hang out in our tight knit community
This server was made with the intention of hanging out with fellow fans of the Dragon Ball series
Nesse servidor se foca o dragon ball e a atuação do RP.
Caso você goste desse estilo de jogo, tenho certeza que você irá curtir muito o nosso servidor. Ainda está em manutenção, pois faz pouco tempo que ele foi lançado.
Aqui no Dragon Ball: The Destruction(DB:TD) Temos algumas coisas que outros servidores não tem

:diamonds:Temos Cargos:diamonds:


:no_entry_sign:Temos organização:no_entry_sign:

:purple_heart:Se Torne Um Deus ou um Anjo:green_heart:

:dizzy:Aqui nesse servidor você pode ser uma pessoa totalmente nova e poderosa(o):dizzy:

:no_entry_sign: Temos Regras:no_entry_sign:

:crossed_swords:Um Lugar Feito Especialmente para X1:crossed_swords:

:gem:Temos Vários tipos de Ficha Tipo de poder de ki personagem(obvio), transformação combo e comida:gem:

Venha se juntar com a gente nessa fantástica aventura!!!

Bom Agora adeus!! nos vemos lá

Divulgue para todos os seus amigos e venha se juntar a nossa comunidade