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Blader’s all around the world! This is not a drill! The Dark Power has risen once again, and is back stronger than ever, with a plan to destroy our world. Will you join forces with Gingka and the Gang to help prevent the destruction of our home? Hurry before it’s too late!
If you like beyblade and rping this is the server for you you can be a cannon character being the characters from the beyblade burst series or you can make your own OC character and beyblade
A Beyblade Burst roleplay/dice game that is easy to learn. You can also chat with other Bladers for fun.
So basically, There's this new game system/headset that came out, And it's very popular due to it being created by a famous company. But, The creators forgot to remove one of the functions that are dangerous to anyone that uses it, So several systems had a game programmed into it known as "Fight.BRB".
The rest will be specified irp.
Beycord one of the bots created by the owner of the server brings Beyblade, a spinning top toy that fights until it bursts or stops spinning, into Discord. This servers goal is mostly to get developers and gamers to connect with each other and of course
our community support server is also to let everyone have fun, our second main goal is to let developers and gamers get their help in things they are struggling on if possible. Members here are friendly. We also produces NPM Packages and Discord bots.
Welcome to our beyblade rp server here u can become an elemental these are the most powerfull beings every from years to years the elements were given to the next generation but not everyone had good intensions so the other Elementals had to fight them and suddenly an Danger bigger than any other appeared will they bladers face it and beat it?
come and support them and become the best blader ever!
We also feature Npcs and NSFW rp is also allowed and the coolest thing is
u can be as toxic as u like Why not check it out?
You will love it.
If not then not but give it a try =)

A Beyblade Roleplay Server that will hopefully make you enjoy the server i created with my hard work.
Hello Discord Citizens and Developers! :smile:

•Want to have fun?

•Want to develop and have updates made by yourself or a team?

•Interested in Anime?

•Like Advertising?

•Like going on Pokecard or Beycord?

Here is the Perfect place for you!

We have:

:punch: Tournaments!

:robot: Awesome Bots!

:camera_with_flash: Advertising Channel!

:crown: Anime!



And More!

Please join! This server has lots of enjoyable thing that are here and that are coming! We have Updates every week or so! Beyblade Super League! We are a Diamond tier server! Please join this server to show some support!
A server for fun, but basically for beyblade community!
- Active Beyblade Roleplay Server
- Canon and Made up Characters allowed
- Mix of Metal Series and Turbo Series bladers
We are an Official discord server for Beyblade. We are the Beybladers Free Streams Team and we are a group of people who loves Beyblade, the Beyblade Anime, the Beyblade Manga and the toys and merchandise. Chat with people who are a fan to Beyblade and stay updated with us on latest contents. Our goal is to expand the Beyblade community and we will do our best to make sure our discord server will improved to your liking.

1. Game Lounge
2. Music Lounge
3. Voice Channels
4. Non Toxic Community

Not a fan of Beyblade and the anime? We have an off-topic discussions channel for people who don't talk about Beyblade, the anime and the toys and merchandising. Join Now

Our Website:
This is the server where Beyblade and our OCs mix to create one fantastic story that not even the anime can beat! We encourage you to join us and start your Beyblade Adventure in burst evolution with your own custom bey, or be a character from the anime to show off them mad skillz! Several teams from around the globe compete, but only one team can claim to be the world's best! (This takes place in the Beyblade Burst Evolution Era)
Welcome to our beyblade server here we have fun at roleplaying we are one of the servers using npc's as aiga valt etc. come in and face challanges like the big five or the battleship or even the 3 guards of egypt we even have the dead gran and many other things create ur own character and beyblade and btw
we also have different teams like

EC Cordis(Egypt)
Raging Bulls(America)
BC Sol (spain)
SS Spring (switzerland)
CC Charger(Canada)
SB Rios(Brazyl)
Beigoma Academy Bey Club(Japan)

Are you the next turbo master will u beat everyone and be number one?
Welcome to Beybladers Nationwide

Partnered with: Official Beybladers Free Streams

About Us:
- Beybladers Nationwide is an Anime-Manga Discord Server dedicated to serve the purpose of expanding the Beyblade community and discuss the whole Beyblade Franchise such as the anime, toys and manga. Talk with your fellow Bladers and see latest updates regarding Beyblade Tournaments, Beyblade News and more

- Music Lounge
- Game Lounge
- Non Toxic Community

So what are you waiting for? Join Now
A beyblade server in which there is quite an active community. Beyblade Ultimax is a beyblade metal fusion/metal masters roleplay. It contains the following
- Canon beys
- Efficient stat system
- Custom/Canon special moves
- School based roleplay
⚜️We hope that you would consider joining this server. ⚜️
After the series shogun steel many new bladers began to rise. With this a new set of villans will also rise. Some beyblades from before have gone into hiding waiting for some people to come and find them. The evil bladers will stop at nothing to destroy this world. They have already destroy about 100 other bladers minds and beys. Who knows what they will do to you in this server.
This server includes the following things:
~A super fun Owner who is practically always online
~Fun times where you can chat
~a Lgbtq+ safe space
~MAny rp Spaces
so please come down and roleplay with us for a bit
Beyblade has grown over the years, beys evolving and becoming a bigger source of fun and entertainment. However, beyblade has given a new meaning to bladers worldwide - all different in either positive and or negative ways. The evolution of beyblade continues - new threats making themselves known and as a new era rises quickly. Beyblade is reaching the climax of it all.

New enemies approach in attempt to rid the world of beyblade by using it themselves. The reasons why are unknown? However the results are believed to be revolutionary as some fight for everything.

The year is 2020, currently and most of the world doesn't believe in the myth of the Legendary Bladers! How many do exist? Who knows. . . . yet.
Come join in on the fun of this Beyblade Burst Roleplay! Fun peeps and great battles! Also a nice easy stat system to make everyone get along!!! Oh look that rhymes >~> HELL YA!
Interested in Beyblade?
"Beyblade Oblivion" is a new game on Roblox (WIP)
Help my Clan out!
(I own a 2000 members, feel free to partner.)
Welcome to Beyblade: Eruption, which in short, is a roleplay based off the Beyblade Burst anime, where you can roleplay as your Beyblade OCs and have fun with your custom beys, we currently have:
•Rank system based on points.
•Occasional event hosting
•Usage of the Dual Layer System, with more to be added as we grow.
Welcome to B: Ultra! This is a Beyblade Discord Roleplay Server. We got dat BeyLogger and stuff... Oof. We could use some staff as well.
A new up and coming beyblade sever that I think is epic. Where you can battle role play