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An RP server base around the popular manga, anime, and toy line Beyblade Burst! This RP uses OC's instead of canon characters, allowing you to get as creative as you want! You make your own beyblade or use a bey from the actual series!
Welcome to Beyblade: Eruption, which in short, is a roleplay based off the Beyblade Burst anime, where you can roleplay as your Beyblade OCs and have fun with your custom beys, we currently have:
•Rank system based on points.
•Occasional event hosting
•Usage of the Dual Layer System, with more to be added as we grow.
Just a fun place for beyblade fans who want to roleplay,we went beond beyblade burst and went with evolution instead,announcements and tournaments will be held for the Great five,and you can also be a leader of one of the bey teams,like SB reels or Taquan
A new up and coming beyblade sever that I think is epic. Where you can battle role play
Discord's #1 server for competitive and casual beyblade discussion? Looking to meet fans of the Beyblade anime or toy? Join Beyblade Nation today!
Check out our discord server to get the latest access to our youtube videos and other info.