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Blader’s all around the world! This is not a drill! The Dark Power has risen once again, and is back stronger than ever, with a plan to destroy our world. Will you join forces with Gingka and the Gang to help prevent the destruction of our home? Hurry before it’s too late!
✨🌟 Welcome 🌟✨

This is a beyblade server where he like to have fun

🎉What we offer🎉

-Ocs and canon character 🗒️

-Blader ranks💯

-Plenty of Bots🤖

-Over 40 rp locations!🏢

-New story’s 📜


✏️What were doing✏️

-Taking requests✏️📓

-Answering questions❓

-Looking for administrators📷⚖️

-Frequent events📆

-everyday class🌞

-Bey upgrades🛠️



✨🛡️ So come and join our Server! 🛡️✨
We welcome you to _BeyClub_ the biggest Beyblade server on discord!!!
A perfect discord server for all the Beyblade fans out there!
Server for Beyblade Blaster's YouTube Channel and Beyblade Fans

Talk about Beyblades, post memes, make friends!
Welcome to Beyblade Burst-- King's Game!

This is a roleplay server featuring your roleplay characters being trapped inside of a classroom, forced to play the King's game-- completing the orders that the King provided in the game. The King remain anonymous, and it's the students turn to find out who the King is in order to end the game.

It starts off fun and harmless--like a prank or a troll game, honestly, before turning bloody and murderous real quick.

"One of us, is the King. "

Among all students, who is the mastermind?

Will they make it out alive?

This is a roleplay server specifically for people interested in high-school aus, but horror and murderous. Your roleplay characters are all students here, and one of them will be the King. So be careful, for every move you take :)

In this server, we provide :
>> Friendly atmosphere and kind staff members!!! We all hope you will join and have fun staying at here!
>> Canon Character and OCs roleplay!
>> Text roleplay and Literate roleplay!
>> Different characters each game!
>> Characters in the [Burst, Chouzetsu, God, Gachi or Superking] series!
>> A great place to chill or talk to anyone!

Join our chaotic and humble abode ;)
We Are A Beyblade Fan Club Better Join Quickly Roles Are Beginning To Fill Up! We Also Are Doing RP. Not Strict. Accepts OC. We Might Be A Small Community But We Will Try And Gain More People!
Tired of these low-quality Beyblade discord servers? All the auto hitting, one lining, and metagaming? All the unnecessary edginess? Well, then buddy I have the right thing for you!! Welcome to Beyblade burst Yurei. This is a What-if story where HELL tower and WBBA fused to create a new era of Beyblade. This also brought out a new layer system, named the Soul System. The best consist of 2 layer bases now, allowing completely different contact points and gimmicks in one bey. Sounds awesome right? Well, there's more.

We also have legendary bladers, similar to the sparking anime. Although sparking never took place here, meaning that our plot won't be affected by the anime. It's 100% self-written storylines and arcs in which you can play a role as well! We have a bunch of original members when it comes to their beys and a chill community which you can also just hang out with. Come and join us!

-You owner, Dr. Jakey#9692
Welcome to Beyblade Burst Realms!

Beyblade Burst Realms is an extension to the current Sparking system, incorporating a modified layer system with a brand new part, The Realm Stones. Realm Stones are ancient gemstones discovered by WBBA scientists fairly recently, and when combined with a bey, they found out the Realms Stones could induce high levels of energy into the beys, reaching a new level of power.

In Beyblade Burst Realms, you have the chance to achieve this power! A tournament is being planned by the WBBA right this second, and the winner will be granted a Realm Stone! Be ready for this exciting event, and don't forget to have fun!

But a new evil is rising. The Realm Stone's power could prove to be dangerous if fallen into the wrong hands. Someone has discovered that they wield elemental powers, the Void Element. They quickly come to the conclusion that there are other people with elemental powers.

Only known as The Void, their goal is to steal the 5 Elementals and rise to complete control, and with the possession of a Void Realm Stone, the chances of their success is high.
This is where you come in. One member is chosen to be the main character, the Aether Elemental, and their job in the RP is to gather the other 4 elements; Water, Fire, Earth and Wind. With the power of all 5 elemental bladers, can they defeat The Shadow?
Hey, Faction for Beycord. One of the Earliest factions, Join now be active and climb the ranks.


A fun Beycord Community

Latest Beycord Updates

Beyblade Roleplay!
If you want to battle beyblades, Pokémon, or just talk here is the place to be
a fun rp server for everyone that likes beyblade this rp will be in the beyblade burst era and no oc characters
Welcome to New Avalon! Here you can do everything any normal person would, like exploring the quiet (and not-so-quiet) streets of the city, make friends and build bonds with others, engage in Bey Battles to resolve conflicts, create your own story and reach high for your dreams! (And maybe, juust maybe, manage to save the world in the process! ^^ ) The best bladers will be displayed on a leaderboard that changes every month!
Welcome tho Beyblade Burst: Hearts Wavering. This is a roleplay with only OC characters with custom arcs, beys and much much more. We are very friendly and respectful to everyone and respect people's opinions.
-Fun Roleplay
-Active Members
-Oc Creation
-Custom Beys & Parts
-Self Written Storyline
Friendly community✅
Friendly and protective moderation✅
Fun activities ✅
Level up system✅
✨welcome to the bey knights academy!✨
We are a beyblade community!, and we offer fun and interactive activities. Such as beycord, beyblade burst/metal fight discussions, and more!....join today!
This is a fun exciting Beyblade server.Switching these up with beyblade roleplay!We just started we are a bunch of chill people we have spots open for staff.Come on and join us!
This is my discord server by beyblade masters and I thought it was a good idea
Hello and welcome to **Shadow Bladers!** We are a Beyblade discord server. If you like Beyblade, or are just a chill person overall, this is the place for you. We are closely moderated to ensure a hassle free experience for you!

Welcome. It's fun here.