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- Active Beyblade Roleplay Server
- Canon and Made up Characters allowed
- Mix of Metal Series and Turbo Series bladers
Welcome to our beyblade server here we have fun at roleplaying we are one of the servers using npc's as aiga valt etc. come in and face challanges like the big five or the battleship or even the 3 guards of egypt we even have the dead gran and many other things create ur own character and beyblade and btw
we also have different teams like

EC Cordis(Egypt)
Raging Bulls(America)
BC Sol (spain)
SS Spring (switzerland)
CC Charger(Canada)
SB Rios(Brazyl)
Beigoma Academy Bey Club(Japan)

Are you the next turbo master will u beat everyone and be number one?
Welcome to the Beyblade Burst RP server! Here you can roleplay with others in the Beyblade Burst universe!
Welcome to our beyblade roleplay fan community
Here you can have fun in many ways and with infinite possibilities
before starting read the rules

¡Discord Server Rules!

1.toxic behavior is prohibited, we want a community free of toxicity

2.sexual or earape sounds are prohibited in voice chats

3.controversy is prohibited on this server including everything that is related to the controversy

4.Sexual content is prohibited, such as Hentai, Rule34, etc.

5.Spam or shitpost is forbidden for the good of the community

this community is from the fans from the first beyblade burst to the current GT, have fun :D