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Sava Gaming presents! WW3 RP

Text roleplay with custom lore on World War Three. Serious military RP.
-Admins active 24/7
-Military rank system
-No training required
-No bots used for RP (D&D)
-A Different theater of war every month or so
-Naval, air and ground RP
-New server! Looking for admins and experienced players.
-Open to suggestions!

No NSFW and or gore.
United States of America, 2016-- American Republican Party wins election with Donald Trump put in power. Socialist and progressive governments and supporters outraged.

United States of America, 2016-2020-- American Democratic Party is far left and unconstitutional.

Ireland and United Kingdom, 2016-2020-- Fianna Fail and Fine Gael in Ireland lost to Sein Fien. In the United Kingdom the Conservative Party lost power and the Labour party took over.

United States of America, 2020-- Democratic Socialist party starts a civil war forming the United Socialist Progressive State of America, or the USPSA, after the reelection of Donald Trump. France, Germany, the Nordics, Palestine, and Canada declare war on the United States of America in support of the USPSA. The Progressive Socialist Alliance (PSA) is formed.

British Isles, 2020-- The conservatives and right wingers commit a coup d'état causing the PSA to declare war. The Free Libertarian Conservative Alliance (FLCA) is formed. The United States, Israel, South Korea, and Taiwan join the alliance.

Australia, 2020-- The libertarians take control and join the FLCA. Loosening gun laws Australia once again has American respect.

World Wide, 2020-- Secret Israeli and American special operation teams attack and dismantle the largest most dangerous nuclear missile sites. Israel and the United States then dismantle their own.

Russia, China, India, North Korea, New Zealand, the rest of the EU (Other than Ireland and Britain), Guatemala, Venezuela, the IRA, Egypt, Cuba. Vietnam, and Mexico join the PSA.
Belgium, Columbia, Belize, Georgia and Turkey join the FLCA.

Jan. 3 2021--A joint FLCA Guerrilla force is created

Fort Crammeys Run is constructed in Morgantown as a base for the FLCA team.
We offer you:
- Great, fair, active and kind staff.
- Realistic combat roleplay.
- Active roleplay(We just opened, but we will be active.)
- Interesting and cool events(Once we will reach enough members.)

Join the fun today!
Ever wonder what it would be like if the US single handedly took on Russia and China, along with North Korea? Well in this WW3 RP it is all possible! We have just opened so membership is low as you can probably see, but that doesn't mean we are not active. We are all experienced RP'ers and we would love it if you joined our server! Hope to see you!

🔥 An Extensive amount of channels!

🔥 Detailed faction information, and in-depth terminology for those who are not good with military terms!

🔥 This RP is set to change, with more channels, so nothing is set in stone, as the tides of this war are always changing.

🔥 We have friendly staff, and many bots to server your needs!!

🔥 We use dice roles, but for deciding the outcome of large scale battles, pvp is to your best judgement.
The year is 2020, Earth has had a outbreak of Sub-species of humans, such as Wolf, cat, and fox people, in a campaign to erradicate the kinds, they declared war on the countries of Alvonia, Bartovia and Lichtenburg, Lichtenburg Decided to stay Neutral, being inbetween the 3 other countries wouldn't help them at all. While the 3 other nations fight to erradicate each other, People of Lichtenburg Stay neutral, and go about on they're days, working in offices, fields and etc, taking in soldiers from both sides who fight on the outskirts of the countries territory.
Hello and welcome to [The New War]WW3 text rp server! We hope you enjoy your stay and thank you for serving in this devastating war, protecting the peace and rights of the people.
What we have to offer!
-Great place to chill and hang with others!
-Friendly staff members willing to listen to your suggestions and help you along your way.
-Bots you can use for casual/entertainment purposes when you arent on the battlefield.
-Much more will be added as we grow.
Lore: From 2019-2034the world was already in chaos. Constant tension and conflict between nations lead many to believe that war was imminent and those people were right... In 2035 Russia who had already taken a part of eastern Ukraine began it's push into the rest of Ukraine. However the remaining part of Ukraine had joined NATO 2 years ago and we all know how military alliances work(for those who dont Ukraine's allies declared war and after this Russia's allies also declared war on NATO). The 3rd World War had now begun. Timeskip 5 years ahead to 2040 which is the present. The war has raged on for 5 years and its evident. Cities destroyed, areas full of dead bodies and the war shows no effort of stopping any time soon, both sides in an apparent stalemate. Who will "win" this war? Will you be one of the few and proud who decided to step up when their country needed them?

We are a roleplay server, set in 2010. Join up and create a country, declare war on your neighbours, take over the world! (not really). We are quite relaxed, just be active!

What we offer:
-Dedicated Earrape Channels
-Nice Staff
Come and join, looking for active members. We are very small but we will grow.

This RP server is about the aftermath of WWIII.
After North Korea, Germany, and Russia had teamed up and attacked America.
The president of the USA after president Trump has interrogated the three countries and continued with threats and shitting on them.
Now it's the aftermath and America is left in the gutter, their allies are gone. Everyone is on their own (unless you're in a group).
You can be one in the military, be in a group, or be a loner!

If you join, enjoy the server!
Shadow Company is an PMC founded by @MARSOC in 13th December 2018, we are a Private Military for hire to help in a War in need. We operate worldwide with our operaters who are highly trained that can Protect , Inflitrate, Exfiltrate , Armed Combat , Unarmed Combat and ETC. We currently operate in Afghanistan, USA , Mexico , Brazil, Bolivia , Peru , Argentina , Colombia , Chille , Iran , Iraq , Saudi Arabia
A war rp group just now starting on Jan,7,2019. The backstory: 1 nation's fought in a diplomatic arguement, one side calling themselves the the infloma pact the other the The Union of the Undivided, when one of the infloma nation's diplomats took it to far and said some brutal, racist and Nazi sounding ideas the whole thing blew up into a fight, and most neutral nation's agree more and like the union of the undevided, the 2 alliances only 3 days later declared war on each other it was WW3 and when it started everyone was Force to take a side..
Ich schreibe das hier in einem Versteck. Vielleicht ist das auch mein letzter Eintrag. Wir sind auf Russen gestoßen, die unsere Gruppe zusammengeschossen haben. Ich war einer der Wenigen, die fliehen konnten. Zudem höre ich überall diese Mutanten und spüre diese Krankheit auch in mir schon aufsteigen. Es wird nicht mehr lange dauern und ich werde auch einer von ihnen.
Tschüss, grausame Welt.
Der Trupp der Deutschen, auch bekannt als "Einheit 67", wurde am 2. April 2057 komplett vernichtet. Die wenigen Überlebenden wurden von der Krankheit befallen und starben kurz darauf. Nach drei weiteren Monaten einigten sich die Länder aufgrund von totaler Verwüstung auf einen Frieden, und jedes übriggebliebene Land rief einen Notzustand aus, sammelte alle Überlebenden in einem Gebiet und baute mehrere Bunker zum Schutz. Die Medizin hat sich stark entwickelt, doch ein Gegenmittel gegen die Krankheit wurde noch nicht gefunden. Insgesamt sind beim 3. Weltkrieg 6,9 Milliarden Menschen gestorben. Die Länder haben sich nun organisiert. Die einzigen überlebenden Länder sind:
Die Story beginnt im Jahr 2065, die Medizin ist ziemlich fortgeschritten und die Technologie ist auf einem etwas niedrigerem Stand...
The Sad War Takes Place In 2222 When Germany And It's Allies Manged To Annex Britain And France And Other Allies And Swiftly Take Europe While Japan Took Asia And Russia Helped Both Of Them The USA Is Failing And Has Begun To Form A Plan But It Will Not Be Revealed Until Its Champions Arise. Who Will You Be Good, Bad? Maybe Even A Champion! Join Now