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Welcome to a sevrer where you can chat and hangout with people! We offer Not so strict rules, great channels to talk in and more! We are open for suggestions!
Still active in 2020
Sm4sh : Days of Glory is a competitive international Smash 4 server. We have both 3DS and Wii U. I hope we will be known has the most active Smash 4 servers, and I, the creator, will try my best to.
Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
This is a wii u server created so that people could have a fun time playing wii u games and have fun(this is only wii u)
Bonjour tout le monde, voici Planète Nintendo un serveur Discord regroupent les joueurs Switch, Wii U et 3DS pour discuter et jouer autour de jeux.
Moi et toute la communauté avons âte de vous voir parmi nous ;D
Do you have a Nintendo console?if you do then feel free to join this server we hold weekly events and have discussions about all things Nintendo.
Hello there! 👋

Welcome to our Nintendo server! There you will be able to :
• Play with people online
• Play games from all the newest Nintendo consoles
• Chat with people casually, talking about Nintendo or other topics
• Chill while listening to music
• Watch somebody streaming, or stream yourself in the server
• And more!

And the most important :
• Help this server become the best Nintendo server!

I hope you will enjoy and have fun in Nintendo Palace! =)
"Until next time... keep with the tide!"
Inkopolis Center is the perfect place to hang with your best buds and play some Splatoon! Whether you play Wii U or Nintendo Switch or just want to hang out, this server is right for you. We have unique Splatfest events and plenty of gamers just waiting to greet you!
Welcome to TrueSplatoon, an alternative to the Splatoon discord server! Come and join this up and coming server, and have fun!
Inkopolis central is chill Splatoon Server, we like to do private battles, Salmon run, and we even are starting our own custom Splatfests, we could use more members to join on the fun and make the server even more fun, whether you play competitive or not it really don't mattter, we're here to have fun and help those who are competitive get even better at the game or pass down their knowledge to help others grow. We also play other games from time to time as well like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and even Mario Maker.
Tu as Minecraft Wii U Édition et tu aimerai jouer avec d'autres personnes ?
Ce serveur est fait pour toi !
Ici tu pourras partager ton identifiant et te faire des amis pour jouer avec eux et t'amuser !
Rendez-Vous sur Minecraft :D
Ton Ticket :
This is a server for finding others to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS. You can also find many other things that might interest you, such as music, art, tech, and more. You can also come just to hang out. We hope you enjoy!
Just a server I made we have owo bot and pokecard im new to this stuff so yeah dont join and leave
Hello! If you're looking to meet friendly folk to play any Wii U games with, this is certainly the place to be! You'll find a variety of people to play with on all the main Nintendo games alongside third party games such as Minecraft and COD. We're a very relaxed community that isn't too strict and just like to chill and play games. We like hosting tournaments too so come down and give us a chance, thanks :)
This is a server where you can share your level codes with Super Mario Maker players, and have small chats with other users.
Este es un canal creado para aquellos jugadores deWII-U que quieran encontrase con otros compañeros para compartir juntos partidas. si te gusta el canal compartirlo a tus amigos para crear una comunidad mayor de WII-U en LATINOAMERICA!
Welcome to Maritime Memory! We are an active, yet new Splatoon server that provides weekly Splatfests. We appeal to any gender, race, sexuality, and culture!
We are a loving and caring environment, and we would love for you to join us!

We have original lore and idols, that have breathtaking backstories. This server is located in Inkopolis Vicinity, a huge American-style city with a huge population. Our idol group is Maritime Melody, a teen pop-style band.

This server is still very early into development, so, please bare with us. This server will be much larger and fantastic when completed. We do take suggestions, so, you can help our new server grow!

We also have many other channels such as art showcase channels, a gaming corner, and much more. You can show your talent and be praised by our amazing members!
We have a multiracial general, so any culture is welcome here. In this server, you can speak any language! In VC, you can speak any language you want as well.

We provide so much more, so, why don't you check it out? Have an amazing day, and thank you for reading. We hope to see you soon!

~ MajesticPhobia (aka Sonya), owner and creator.
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This is a discord to play Minecraft wii u. Make new friendos and play Minecraft with us!
(Only wii u)
death to israel
the friendly modding and gaming Nintendo server we can help you with any Nintendo modding needs