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A general Nintendo server for fans to hangout and play some games! :)
Hello! We are a splatoon fan club discord,we have links,fanart, music,roleplay,game and splatfest updates and more. We would like more members and we are active! The owner bumps the server each day and we hope to see you! Splat On.
Hello, squids and squidlets! You have been invited to join the Splatoon 2 Clan server of KrakenKillerS! We’re a freshly new competitive splatoon clan who has debuted with splatoon 1 and is willing to recruit new members to become a bigger clan! we've got 2 teams for each regions such as EU and NA , but if you’re in the UK you’re accepted as well!
we are also accepting casuals from any ages and multiclanning is allowed~
We are not only a Splatoon clan but we also do games such as MK8 and SSBU.
We also do little activies such as SR, Movie nights, Minigames and some more fun stuffs!
Interested into joining any of our teams? please check our website and join our discord server! You’re free to join as guest as well!
Hydro is a splatoon 1 team looking to reach the top! Anyone can tryout, as long as they have a wiiu, meet the requirements, and pass tryouts! We accept people who either dont have a wiiu, dont want/cant pay for switch online, or who have switch online and splatoon 2, but want to play splatoon 1 once in a while!

This server is public, so if you arent intrested but still want to join our discord, you can!