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Welcome to Switch fun times, a new server about the Nintendo switch and it's games. Right now we have decided channel groups for Super mario maker, splatoon and animal crossing but we plan to add more in the future. We aslo may host fun events in the future. So join now if you are interested.
Note: Server is not owned by Desbug.

This is Desbug's new community server! Ever since the fall of the old one, the community has a new place to talk all things Desbug, and gaming! We've got a dedicated new staff team (partially comprised of the original team), and tons of games and channels to have fun in! Come on down and maybe subscribe to him if you haven't already!
Welcome to the Super Mario Maker 2 Community! 🎉
On this server you'll be able to exchange your levels and creations from Super Mario Maker 2, discover tons of exciting new levels, and you'll also be able to talk about other fun and nerdy stuff like music, movies, memes and anime, and the most important thing; you'll be able to meet awesome Nintendo fans alike! 😎
Everyone is welcome in our community, so come on in and say hi! 🤝
Super Mario Maker 2 [FR] est un serveur Discord visant à rassembler la communauté francophone autour du jeu Super Mario Maker 2.

Grâce à ce serveur, vous aurez la possibilité de discuter avec des personnes qui, comme vous, aime et joue à ce jeu de construction sans fin. Vous pourrez partager vos expériences dans ce jeu, ainsi que partager vos stages .
Welcome to Mario & Co.! A server dedicated to the Mario video games and discussion of them. We also have channels for discussion of other games. Come on down if you're a Mario fan!!
A nice little fan server about super mario maker and super mario maker 2, (we also have fun with other games as well)
A place for all the memes revolving around the Youtube Personality Desbug, come on and join the madness
Arena Smash is a friendly server where gamers can come and interact with one another. We sometimes do events too!

This includes
•Super Smash Bros.
•Mario Maker
•And more!
Come join and have fun! :)
Bist du auf der Suche nach eine freundlich MM2 Community? Dann bist du hier genau richtig! Finde Freunde zum spielen und nimm an Events teil oder mach noch vieles mehr! Wir freuen uns auf dich.
Hi there! Smash players is a place for ultimate and other smash related content! Read the rules and get some roles! Don't forget to say hi, we don't bite
We are The Nintendo Lounge - 4 popular games, under one roof.

A super welcoming community, with original server games, bot games and much much more! Join today!

We hope to foster the community and make a welcoming environment for all!
Are you all about Nintendo? well come and enter the brand newly made Nintendo Unlimited! We talk about different variety of games (some listed above), we talk with friends and buddies and use the variety of bots we have! Hope you'll join us on this adventure.
This server is a brand new server trying to reach popularity! This server is about games such as Mario Maker, Smash Bros, and more coming soon! We have fun bots! Since this is a new server, you have a chance in becoming a moderator. Hope you can Join!
You like create levels on Super Mario Maker 2 but few people play at your levels...Come and share them on our server !
This server is the best to share your Super Mario Maker 2 levels !
Emojis, chat rooms and others...
What is Super Mario Maker ?
Super Mario Maker 2 is a platform video game and level editor developed and published by Nintendo, released on June 28, 2019 on Nintendo Switch. It was announced at the Nintendo Direct on February 13, 2019. It follows the game Super Mario Maker released on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.
Welcome to SMB3E's Public Discord Server!

Super Mario Bros 3 Encore is a collaborative project between 30+ makers that will bring you a quality campaign of 8+1 worlds to play through! All levels are traditional! If you are hyped and you wanna play this project once it releases, I suggest you to join this server and share it!
Welcome to Club Nintendo, a Discord server all about Nintendo and things to do with Nintendo! In this Discord, you may socialise with other Nintendo fans, find matches, and people to play with for your favourite games, and many other things! The server is designed to be personalised for you, so you may choose your game preferences and only see channels relating to those specific games, avoiding an unnecessary clutter of channels that you never use. Now, let's get started:
- Firstly, you should head to #rules, and read up on the rules, to make sure you abide by them at all times.
- Upon finishing reading the rules, head over to #self-roles and choose your favourite games, a guide can be found in the pinned messages.
- Once you have done both of these things, settle in, and have fun. Remember to ask staff at any time if you need them, @helpers being there to help you with small issues, such as being stuck on a game, @moderators there to help you with staff issues, such as spammers, and @administrators there for anything you need, we cater to you as to make this server special and fun for all.
Looking for a place to show off your Mario Maker levels? Well look no further! Mario Maker Central has many features, such as:
- Channels for your levels!
- LFG channels for other games!
- Suggestions!
- Roles for Switch and Wii U!
- And more coming soon!

This server is very small, but it's gonna get bigger as people join it. So what are you waiting for? Join now!