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.:. Welcome to World of Light .:.

We are an 18+ Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roleplay server, dedicated to bringing the story of the World of Light campaign to life. This group’s main focus revolves around character development, forging bonds, world-building, and expanding on World of Light’s premise.

.:. Summary .:.

Order and Chaos are irrevocably intertwined. For many millennia they have been bound to one another, forever protecting the multiverse from stagnation. Though like all things, this peaceful coexistence was not meant to last. When a surge of Chaos rips through the realms, the Order grows enraged. Believing the deity of Chaos and Darkness to be responsible, the entity of Order and Light seeks to reclaim the balance that has been lost.

In his attempt to return balance to the multiverse, Galeem unintentionally causes catastrophic levels of damage to the various realms. This damage ultimately causes the realms to return to their origin point, located at the center of the universe… The Smash Realm. Upon their return, the various dimensions within the multiverse summon forth champions to protect the interest of the multiverse and all who inhabit it. Unfortunately, these warriors are not given the exact reason for their arrival and roam the world with no sense of direction or purpose.

Can the Champions of the Multiverse learn of their true destinies before it’s too late, or will everything be lost within an All-Consuming Light?

.:. What do we offer .:.

🤝 Friendly Community
💠 Member Driven Plot
⚔️ Weekly Roleplay Events
⏫ Server Leveling System
📖 Fanfiction Night
🍿 Movie Night
🏆 Tournament Night
🖌️Art Gallery
💖 NSFW Channels
❗ Plus More…
Come join Cow Hideout!
This is a nice server if you wanna come through to play and improve in a competitive environment.

With 500 members, we're looking forward to making it grow a ton.
-Competitive Smash and quite a few nice members to be around.
-Nice channel/vc lineup and organization.
-list of roles and 2 music bots for convenient purposes.
Looking for a chill nintendo server to play your favorite games in? Well you've found the right server!! We offer a kind and non-toxic community for nintendo gamers alike, don't be afraid to join in on the fun!
Nintendo Union!
A social based community of people who love Nintendo and video games. Join to make friends with decent people! We take pride in having quality conversations and having a diverse set of members!

Look forward to playing with people on the server as well!

- Make good friends
- Events
- Potential giveaways
- Movie nights
We are brand new server with a very friendly community, looking to bring together a wonderful little close-knit community! Our server includes the following:

⭐ Your standard community channels, including a general chat, memes, anime, bot commands channel, self-assign roles, etc.

⭐ We're home to a strong smash community! Includes a 'Smash Ping' so Smash players can easily gather for games.

⭐A self promotion channel where users can promote their own content with limited advertising (only limited by a 5 minute cool-down).

⭐ Lack of frivolous @everyone or @here pings. We do NOT ping. Also includes an anti-raid bot to protect the server from raids.

We have various channels for popular Nintendo games, and more! Come join our community, whatever your purpose may be!

We are currently looking for more players to join our currently running Smash tournament!
Welcome to the Low Orbit Arena, based off A location in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. This sever is for any Nintendo fan but we primarily dabble in Smash and Xenoblade. We are a friendly community and we welcome anyone here, even if you do not play the games listed above. I hope you enjoy it here!
Hello! This is a smash related server. Here you can battle others in smash, discuss smash, meme around, and much more!

We hope to see you there!
Looking for a global, friendly community to make new friends and grow as a player? Look no further than because SnR is the place for you!

What SnR offers:
-5800+ members
-An active community welcoming to all!
-Community events (Art contests, casual events, Mafia nights and etc)
-Free to enter gaming tournaments with cash prizes! (Smash/Pokémon)
-The largest online smash tournaments on all of discord!
-Tutors for Smash Ultimate and schoolwork!
-An academy dedicated to improving your smash skills!

Come join SnR today!

We can't wait to have you aboard!
Welcome to Isaiah's Kingdom of Glory!!!
- I hope you have a great time in this server
- we are a great community and love to play games

Some of us watch anime and do art as well:)
Come and join and see it for yourself ;)
Until thenn byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
We are a community of gamers that have some fun! We do server vs server crew battles, we hold monthly free tournaments with prize money, have multiple smash streams (and other games) weekly with viewer battles, monthly giveaways, Game nights, youtube channel, twitch and many other things! We also have game nights, special roles, the list goes on and on. Come check us out, or you will be missing out!
We recently got to level 1 in nitro boosts! Come share some emotes!

YAHAHA! We are inviting you to the Zeppy & Friends community server.

It's a server where most of us play Nintendo games and have fun, we are like a family but we are always looking for new members to come join and have fun too!

We have the following features:
Gaming Channels
Are you a fan of Animal Crossing? Smash Bros? Splatoon? Mario Maker 2? If you said yes to any of them, then this server is good for you!

Do you think you have a really good or hard level in Mario Maker? We hold streams showcasing levels people create on Mondays and Thursdays! We also host an open lobby for Smash Ultimate players so they can show their skills on Fridays!

Movie / Anime events
Do you like movies or watching anime? Maybe you like some Jojo? Come here, we are big fans and we always like to share memes or watch together!

Roles, colors and more!
We have some level progression roles! You can pick a color you will like for your username! You can also earn more from hanging out with us and sharing your interests!
There’s a place for everyone here at the Milkyway’s own discord server. It’s a slowing growing community with the vibes of a small one.
Wanna game? ✅
Wanna talk? ✅
Vent? ✅
Chill or just bored?✅
Make friends? ✅
Discuss politics? ✅
Play mini games? ✅
Music? ✅
And more!
We welcome everyone to our home and can’t wait to meet you.
__**DiO Smash**__

We’re an active group with lots of fun events and rewards:
~Bi-Weekly tourneys with cash prizes
~Server-wide crew battles
~Ranks with rewards and chat perks
~Roles for competitive, friendly and doubles, and money matches
~Elite matchmaking
~Livestream program to post your streams
If you’re interested please take a look!
A gaming based server on Minecraft, PUBG, SSBU, and many more games. We have plenty of bots, so immerse yourself with peace and joy. We have the chillest admins, no toxic people, and the friendliest members around! Hang out and have some fun!
Bloom Palace is a Fire Emblem server that worships Tiki and the dragon girls. We also love video games!
-Level up and currency system based on fire emblem heroes
The Gaming Cafe is a chill server that focuses on videogames and well, just having a good time. If y'all are interested, we have channels for different videogames along with a suggestions channel so you can help us grow! We plan on hosting events like small Smash Tourneys and things of the like in the future. We don't discriminate, whether you're part of the LGBTQ+ or of a different cultural background. Anyways, we hope to see you!
The #1 Strongest Crew.
Zenith is a Super Smash Bros. Crew that has top players and will release content and is interactive with the rest of the server.
• Home to some of the strongest players.
• Will host tournaments.
• Allows players to have 1v1's with skilled members.
• Has active voice calls.
Nia’s Lost Woods is a Small community supporting my Twitch streams for smash bros Ult! (Link main ofc) We have Nitro giveaways, Matchmaking , and we will eventually set up mini tournaments , where even YOU can compete!💛 , please feel welcomed in by a active server where we love meeting new people and playing smash. Hope to see you there
Hiyaaaahh!! Welcome Welcome Welcome! HylianCrib is a server a small growing gaming community, we're always looking for nice and enjoyable players to come through and stay awhile. We play games like Smash Bros, Splatoon 2, BlazBlue CrossTag Battle, Minecraft, Fortnite, or any other Nintendo games you're looking forward to have a good time on! Almost forgot if you're a nerd about The Legend of Zelda this is certainly the spot for you to come hangout! Overall HylianCrib is a server for players to chill make friends and having a good time!
Super smash cord is a server where you get to talk about smash bros with other people
A place for all Smash Bros. Fans alike! Biweekly tournaments, friendly members, a custom bot in the works that gets constant updates, and an expanding roster of emotes to use! All skill levels welcome here!
Advanced Vortex Gaming is a Super Smash Brothers Server, that also has a crew. We help players improve and have matchmaking for battling and even unrelated channels to let people have fun when bored. We even have top player (8bitman) willing to give you advice.