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This server is about all talents coming together in one place to learn, thrive, and prosper in your particular area of expertise! This server is mainly based around beatboxing, acoustics, rap, and singing! We serve to help you grow at your skill, and maybe introduce you to new things such as beatboxing, acoustics, rap, singing, anime, gaming and much, much more! We will be hosting all sorts of events for all the different categories such as jams, battles, sing-offs, anime nights, Z.E.S.T.Y jam, Z.E.S.T.Y showcases and much more! We want to have a respectful, considerate, and all-round helpful community! We do not tolerate any kind of disruptive behavior!
This server is for mythology loving individuals like myself! With Mee6 level rewards of mythological creatures of your choosing. We are just starting out and would like some new people to share our interest in fantasy with us!

We have channels to showcase art/poems/stories that you like/made and various bots to play with.
A beginner friendly talent server for you to grow as a talented person.
Come join us and show us your talents, meet new people, and I’m general chill
Kingdom of Freedom (KoF) is a place of no judgement, no negativity, and a place to meet amazing people!
This server has:
•Friendly Admins
•Categories for Everyone and Counting
•Amazing People to Meet
•Bots, Bots, and More Bots
•Much More!
Our main goal for you stay is to not afraid to be yourself, and let others see what you can do. Welcome, and as we always say, “Be You.”
This is a server where you can hangout and become friends. not only that but you can have fun playing and listening to music at the same time
- no toxicity
- friendly
- fun