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💙 Furry Legacy 💜 A community for Furries / LGBT / Weebs / Gamers! ♦️ Active Voice Channels ♦️ Text Chats ♦️ Fun Bots ♦️ Events ♦️ Role Play ♦️ Active Staff ♦️ Fun People♦️ Lewd Posts♦️ Naughty People♦️

Furry Legacy is a server that gets all its functionality from the users them selves and the active staff! The server is made for literally anyone! Especially those who to role play and other fun naughty things!

Femboys especially welcome!
Hey guys!
We're a friendly, fun and furry-centric community server. We have many fun bots, roleplay section, and more. We're a growing server and would love for you to join!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

★ roleplaying channels

★ Active Staff team

★ furry bot, as well as other fun bots

★ a great tight-knit community

★ LGBT+ Friendly server
Hello! Welcome to a boat full of furries, come in a hop on, we have all sorts of stuff! Join to find 'em all!
Are you a furry over the age of 13? Do you enjoy OWOing and pouncing on others via rp? Do you crave for a new rp based on an actual plot line?

Well look no further! Furtopica covers all these things and more. As we are just starting out the world is our oyster and you have a chance to see it evolve from the beginning.

What do we offer, you may ask? Well, just a few things -
- Admins who know what they are doing
- An immersive story line about traveling the high roads
- Monthly events to keep roleplayers engaged within the story
- Casual roleplay for those looking for something softer
- Adopts so you too can have a character
- and so much more!

We can't wait to see you in there!
Lilacwic University is a public university located in Sydney, Australia. It is known for hosting a large portion of international students.

It offers the extended education primarily in the arts and performing arts. But still offers and exceptional range of other courses, arrays of science, business, legal studies, medical, sporting, and much more.
bunch of furry assholes is a sfw furry server thats welcoming to anyone of any background, furry or not. we're here to have fun and meet some new friends! we promise we don't bite, contrary to what our server name might suggest :)

🌿 active and friendly mod team!
🌿 100% sfw!
🌿 self-assignable roles!
🌿 art channels!
🌿 lgbt+ friendly!
Hey, you! Yes, you! I hope you're reading this.
*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ˚✩ ⋆。˚ ✩ ✫ ✩
⊹ ✯
✯ We're a cool furry community with very friendly members!
✯It's very new therefore it might be dead but we'll try our very best to be active.
✯ So far hope you'll enjoy our server! ✯

Welcome to Furry Anarchy!

This server is a growing community of 13+ furries and like minded people, we are all very accepting and we consider ourselves one big family!
Join now for :

× Active members and friendly staff (A cute owner too)

× An 18+ nsfw section for adults

× Art channels and an art market to sell your pieces

× Fun hand drawn emotes and top tier memes

× Channels for all your anime, meme, and rp needs!

× Active voice chats and weekly/monthly friendship building events

× A wide selection of self roles and requestable roles

Join now to start your journey into the rabbit hole of fun and absolute anarchy! We will be glad to see you in our server!
"A new year of highschool, and its all the same shit again! The stupid ass principles, the lazy ass teachers, this isn't the best highschool, but its home i guess..?"

Smithson highschool is no ordinary highschool, but its home to the most brightest furries around, and they sure know how to have fun.
-Be your fursona and live in one of the four tribes
-you have a anthro and feral form
-Trestos are magic users that are split into several groups, each having their own magic. They use their magics to further their society and further cultivate themselves, developing new spells and uses for them daily. The biggest of the groups are of the main four elements, while other smaller magic sections are scattered in smaller groups
-ordina live in a modern world, enjoying the luxuries of phones and televisions, however despite their laid back life style, they are known to stand strong when faced with opposition. They are the most intelligent of the tribes, with many workers in their society. Starting with the laborers who do the building and factory working of the tribe, their are often covered in dust and grime they picked up from their work condition. Then there are the engineers, they often work hand in hand with the laborers, using what materials they're given to create new and further advanced technologies. Finally there are the scientists, who work day in and day out to design and blueprint new technologies and research new things.
-The Mativa are the brutish group, encouraging their members to use their feral form whenever needed. Using this strength, they work with more primitive metals than the ordina, stone and wood. Going against their brutish nature, they are the best at their craft, building beautiful framework from hand and carving masterpieces as hobbies. There society is full of examples of their creativity as every home is well crafted and filled with the families creations.
-The secluded Feraws are masters of the hunt, for what they lack in smarts. they make up in being the most daring and dauntless of the tribes. They use incredibly basic tools if any, preferring to use there own natural weapons. They rarely come into contact with the other tribes, staying to themselves for a majority of the time.
-leaders are elected by atleast half of the tribe
-there is room for forbidden romamces between tribes
-magic usage
-pregnacy rolling and generator
-and lore
Come have fun and enjoy rping with others
Welcome to the Sandpaws Shore Town, where the anthros of the world conglomerate for some good old beachside fun! A SFW server, Beachside Furs RP is a slice of life good feels open-to-all roleplay for anyone looking for a less action-packed environment.
A fully SFW server for members of the furry fandom.

Express yourself with a vast array of channels to suit technical minded people, artists, roleplayers and the likes.

We hope there's something fur everyone!

(We also have free cookies)
Welcome to Furbox! Furbox is always improving in different ways all the time! Sit back and enjoy talking in General, or roleplay with friends in Roleplay! Ever need a break or would like to join a different server, try one of our Partner Servers! All in all, enjoy Furbox!
A chill server for furries (or non furries)! We dont take ourselves to seriously, so come hang out!
Must be atleast 15 to join, and 18+ to see the nsfw channels
Come join our furry and anime server. Due to kik deciding to shut down, we found ourselves needing to find a nee home and we hope to grow our group to even more and more people. So please feel free to join as well as invite your friends!
Hi welcome to the all-new furry community! join us and many others to share the love with owo's and uwu's!
Looking for a laid back rp server that tends to the furry community? Well look no further!
Paws of Arcadia is the place for you! Arcadia is a open world server with three(3) different cities and over 40 interactive rp channels for you to explore and play in. We offer personalized channels for your character's home or maybe your own personal business?
Arcadia also offers many NSFW outlets from art to rp, but of course, we have rules for this section to protect the younger eyes.

We welcome everyone with open arms so please swing by and see what all we have to offer; I'm sure you won't be disappointed!
Welcome to 🌸☘ 𝔉𝔲𝔫 ☘🌸
Here we can simply chat, discuss ships, share pictures and so much more!
We are new at the moment, but i'm hoping we could grow bigger over time, so if you're in the furry fandom and looking for people who also are, you welcome to join, darling!
A server where you can pour your heart's content into your fascination with cars, and, furries!
New upcoming furry community with amazing people and friendly enviroment,

verification needed and is safe for all furries worldwide.

- Self Assignable roles including unique ones
- ART and MUSIC channels to share your passion.
- Compare fursonas with each other

Amazing community overall!

Hope you join us!
♡✦✧✦♡~CAMP FURPAWS~♡✦✧✦♡
Camp FurPaws is a camping themed server for furries, scaleys, and even non-furs! There is role play, regular chat channels, and media channels for sharing things! What else do we have?
⊹⊹ Reaction roles
⊹⊹ Venting channels
⊹⊹ Easy verification system
⊹⊹ Accepting of LGBTQ+ and POC
⊹⊹ Chill staff
⊹⊹ Server events
There is much more, but you'll have to join to find out! We hope you'll stay a while
Welcome to the Chaotic Furs! We are a small community looking for staff and partnerships! Please come and join us, we'd love to have you!
Welcome to AxariaHotel! Here we offer a large source of NSFW and SFW channels, in order to make sure we accommodate your needs! With a working verification system, we are sure to keep away all trolls are raiders. Well what are you waiting for? Check in at the service desk and have a great time!