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We're a fairly new furry server full of friendly people! All ages are welcome, but the content is strictly SFW only. We have an in-depth verification system to keep the trolls out! We hope you enjoy our server!!
in furania there are lots of friendly people and staff. here you are free who you want to be as long as you don't make trouble of course. we got lots of NSFW and SFW channels, a sona bot, a yiff bot, and an absolute truckload of channels for hobbies. feel free to join us if you feel like it. but antifurs will get an insta-ban.

if you would like to join the staff team then please message either maxxi the femboy#0931 or strawlowa39#1926
🌙Welcome to Friendly Furry Friends and Family!🌙
We are a small furry server looking to grow and build a community. Our server includes many things such as:
🌺Chat rooms🌺
🍃Voice Chats🍃
💫Music bots💫
✨MANY fun commands and bots✨
🌻Self Promotion Chats🌻
⚡️Art Rooms⚡️
☁️Friendly staff and members☁️
⭐️And a whole bunch more⭐️
Our community supports everyone including but not limited to: LGBT, People of Color, all religions and more. 13+ please. We can’t wait to meet you! ❤️
Hello! Welcome to a boat full of furries, come in a hop on, we have all sorts of stuff! Join to find 'em all!
Welcome to Cloudy's World!
This is a Furry Server with Art Channels, Chat Channels and Some NSFW Channels if you want some idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I hope you join, it's great to meet you!
A relaxing server to chill and relax with calming music and fun roles. Anyone can join and have fun. It's a 13+server so if you do join it will remain in a bannif you are underage.
A cool server for furries ig lol. We don’t have fifty thousand channels like all the other servers. We don’t have seventy thousand roles like other servers. This is the bare minimum for a good server. Come join us.
This server is a species server created to bring Pony Town lovers and people alike. The species server is called Crystal Cave Deer; the species themselves are just Crystal Deer. The species is exclusive to a custom Pony Town server called Mystical Meadows. [links below]
- What do you do in this species?:
We do meetups on the MM server and come as one as a community.
•Play Games
•Run Special Events
•Just communicate with one another
•Throw dance parties
All ways to just have the server be active and fun.

-What are the requirements to join?:
There are not too many requirements. You just have to follow Discord's ToS and be 13+.
-What is the environment like in your server?
Pretty chill, if toxic behavior ever were to occur, my staff and I are on it immediately.
•We have music bots and game bots, such as Pokécord, in the server.
•We also have subcategories for Non-English speakers (just Spanish and Russian so far.)
•We are an LGBT+ friendly server; discrimination of any kind is not allowed.
We are a pretty active species server that is exclusive to Mystical Meadows, a custom server of Pony Town. We take priority in making the server fun and active for everyone, especially those from foreign countries. The server is LGBT+ supportive. Bad behavior is always dealt with accordingly.

PT Link: MM Link:
🌈Welcome to The Rainbow Den, a growing server for anyone 13+🌈

🎖️Monthly giveaways - Most recent is a fursuit head worth upto £200 so the giveaways may be more infrequent for a while ( the head giveaway is still live to enter until September 2020 )

🎀Set your birthday, own roles, zodiac signs. And let others know what Platform you play games on.

🎀Ranking system from Bronze to God levels - Higher ranks enable more entries into giveaways ( Be active to increase rank )

🎀Useful bots to make the server fun and enjoyable

I do have a verification method in place purely to protect my server. it is very simple and straight forward

this server is friendly and welcomes all aged 13 and upwards, Enjoy your stay and welcome to The Rainbow Den
We are a friendly furry community and we are happy to have new members. We have tons of interactive bots and people that will be glad to give you a warm welcome, we are drama free. Feel free to join.
Welcome to our Post Apocalyptic roleplay chat! Here we explore our character depth as well as a well created world. But don't be afraid to socialize as we have plenty of social channels to grow into a small and strong social group. Also have a nice variety of NSFW for everyone to enjoy!
꧁Furever Haven꧂

If you’re looking for a sfw fursona roleplay server, look no further!! ^^ We accept all ages— Really it’s just a place to hang out, roleplay, and have fun.
we’re still a new server, but we have a lot of roleplay channels, bots, roles, and more!! ^^

we look forward to meeting you!!
bunch of furry assholes is a sfw furry server thats welcoming to anyone of any background, furry or not. we're here to have fun and meet some new friends! we promise we don't bite, contrary to what our server name might suggest :)

🌿 active and friendly mod team!
🌿 100% sfw!
🌿 self-assignable roles!
🌿 art channels!
🌿 lgbt+ friendly!
A furry Server that has just about everything! bots, roles, bank, games, fursuits, 12- friendly areas, staff, 18+ areas, Music, Wiccans/Witches, and voice chatting!
Welcome to 🌸☘ 𝔉𝔲𝔫 ☘🌸
Here we can simply chat, discuss ships, share pictures and so much more!
We are new at the moment, but i'm hoping we could grow bigger over time, so if you're in the furry fandom and looking for people who also are, you welcome to join, darling!
Welcome to Forsaken Hub, the place where all information about the Original Closed species is found. @ExplorerRosie is the creator.

Join us to be the first to get your hands on this species!
💙 Furry Legacy 💜 A community for Furries / LGBT / Weebs / Gamers! ♦️ Active Voice Channels ♦️ Text Chats ♦️ Fun Bots ♦️ Events ♦️ Role Play ♦️ Active Staff ♦️ Fun People♦️ Lewd Posts♦️ Naughty People♦️

Furry Legacy is a server that gets all its functionality from the users them selves and the active staff! The server is made for literally anyone! Especially those who to role play and other fun naughty things!

Femboys especially welcome!
Welcome one and all to the nearest server on the block- frosting~
We are a fresh new server of whom is focused around the furry fandom, but don't sweat it if you're not a furry because all are welcome
In this server we offer:
•introduction channels to introduce you and your sona
•lots of roles to personalise yourself
•nsfw channels
•voice chats
•give away events like free adopts and much much more!