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We are the Wolves of Nighne, guardians of earth. I, Alpha; Jason Storm, welcomes you to the pack. We aren't just some regular pack, we are wolf shifters that use magic to protect the sacred lands of our home. Train to gain your rank that you were born to be or want to be. Hunt for prey to help keep this pack thriving. Here in the territory of the pack, there is much to do, from playing with pups to completing a mission from the bounty board. Here, with the Wolves of Nighne, we grant you a home that allows all to have a part in this world. Welcome to the pack. -Alpha Jason Storm

Here in this RP server we provide:
1. Tons of Roles for the RP
2. Many channels for the RP
3. A social category for folks who wish not to RP
4. Drama
5. A place for people to speak for their selves freely
6. A bean command (Like come on who doesn't need a good ol' bean?)
7. Events. Ex: A tournament for people to prove themselves
8. A backstory (Still writing it)
9. Much More

Note 1: Some of the members on this server may go to school or have work at times you don't. It may look like the server is dead at the moment but, we are always active at certain parts of the day/night.

Note 2: We are still growing and have much to learn. If things are unorganized or unneeded please tell us! :D

Note 3: Some of the members here do -one liners- and others don't, any form of acting in the RP is acceptable.

Note 4: This server is also a real pack that Alpha Jason Storm leads.
* Meet fellow emoji users
* Emoji requests available
* Emoji pack for Nitro
* Friendly staff
* Unique Channels
In a new territory kittypets have come to the forest seeking new lives and have started 5 new clans with the help of 3 starclan cats.
The clans are: Mudclan, Rainclan, Eagleclan, Sandclan, and Talonclan.
After 5 moons of peace dogs came into the forest, some were living in packs and others just roamed the forest on their own. Cats and dogs have been fighting over territory, no dog will trust cats And likewise no cats will trust dogs. What side will you be on?

*note:* you may have unlimited characters
Join the Roleplay Universe to explore new Realms. Currently working on a fantasy setting in ancient Greece where werewolves and elves are fighting for power and control while monsters are on the brink of bringing it all down together.
We are a growing realistic wolf pack and human roleplay searching for active role players. We offer plenty of high ranking roles available!

There are four wolf packs and one human village, with humans being the newest addition to our server, taking place in approximately the 1600s on an island being colonized by Europe.

》We feature the following packs: Ambersky, Moonvalley, Winterbirch, Midnightoak.
》Active and helpful staff and a welcoming, warm community.
》Open roleplay with completed lore and an interest in expanding it further.
》A constantly evolving plot and storyline.

Join us today!
Hi! The Hypnosis Pack is a group about a ''wolf'' rp, it is set around 3080 where wolves have evolved. In the ways they have evolved, they have managed to grow an extra 2 legs, along with becoming larger, and obtaining a raptor like tail. This group has an art channel, along with a channel where you can share beloved pieces of literature. We also have staff ranks. The server will be closed once it reaches 100 members, just to prevent it being over populated. Within the rp part, the wolves, now called Hysisis, have the power to control a select host. There are rules, ect in the group. The question is, will you be apart of it?
An amazing, new server with role play lovers whom you'll want to meet, talk to, and just have fun role playing with! We really hope you will join and add to the fun this server provides! human and animal role-players welcomed!

Custom emojis
Custom roles
And a lot more
Broken Muerte
->> Broken Muerte is located within the streets and forests of North Dakota. The weather here tends to be quite cold, temperatures ranging to the negatives. Pray is difficult to come by, making the canines and felines rather frivolous when it comes to food. This tension has caused territories to form, all with their own orders and responsibilities.

->> Owlsa
*This gang's territory is located within the caves of North Dakota. The temperatures in this territory tend to be very low, mainly due to their location. A large body of water can be found near the meeting place, making it a reliable source of water. Few pray can be found inside of the caves, such as bat, rabbit, and the occasional snake. Outside of the cave provides pray such as rabbit, vole, squirrel, etc. Crow's and Vultures tend to roam around, as well as other predators. There is an opening near the end of the cave that leads to the cities.*

*This territory is located within the ruins of abandoned houses, a rather dark forests of trees surrounding it. Dens here consist of loose brick, large burrows, and abandoned house material. The climate in this territory tends to be slightly more humid, but still obtains it's breezy temperature. Tons of birds and other predatory figures surround this area, as well as squirrel, snake, rabbit, and vole. There is a large opening leading to the city, and can be seen from the houses.*
MoonTide is a pack for Wolf and Dog therians, Wolf shifters, and werewolves alike. We are an open server welcome to everyone.
Welcome to the Coven of the Bloodbound! We are a friendly supernatural server(no rp) and we hope to be a safe haven for all kinds of creatures that are supernatural! Humans are welcome too! I hope to see you there!
A very open minded community that's run by two very hardworking people! Everyone who is decent can join! If you are coming to disrespect people please don't join! Well Trask and Karma are waiting for you!
We are a partiolly new server hoping to grow big it is a realisticwolf role-play canines only we have channels including:
-Nsfw chat
-Bump us
-ooc chat
_and many others
so come join today and help our server grow
☣𝐓𝐰𝐨 𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐟𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐯𝐢𝐯𝐚𝐥. The town of Veracroix had once been safe, but after the citizens were evacuated and made to never come back their "poor" pets, left by themselves, united in packs in order to survive. ☣

Join this literate roleplay with your own character, choose your side and rank and make yourself ready to fight by your Alpha's side.

The server is divided between the two packs and constructed so that it can come to lots of disputes within roleplay. It will never get boring.

𝓐𝓵𝓼𝓸 we make sure to keep everything aesthetic ; the design of the Server is special (if we can call us like that) and you are able to add self-assignable roles to your profile for your character!

Hopefully we will see us!
Era of the Tainted Wolves is a semi-realistic wolf roleplay server. It's made to our best abilities! There are plenty of roles just waiting to be snatched up!~ At the moment you can have up to two original characters. The admin here try their best not to be too strict about roleplaying. We're open to plenty of new ideas anyone has to offer! Not only do we do roleplaying, but we also have art, music, and a variety of different commands! We really hope to see you join, don't be afraid to ask any questions either.

Our role play takes place in a forest area with mountains bordering the sea. Where a once peaceful pack, the Masked Angels, have gotten a new leader who is determined to do anything necessary to gain territory and power. Some of their wolves have sensed the growing evil in the air and have decided to break away and form their own pack, the Bloodrose hunters. Meanwhile, the Nightwalkers, who inhabit the mountains bordering the seashore, are starving to death due to their herds that mysteriously stopped coming into the mountains. The Masked angels refuse to let them hunt in their territory and they are forced to slowly starve unless drastic measures are taken. The promise of war hangs in the air, and all the wolves know it. Which side will you take?
we are a new server just started 12/26/18 hopefully soon to grow we do realistic wolf RP we also accept dogs foxes ETC... we do not judge and do have a vent channel for those suffering with depression or anxiety please help our server grow big hope to see ya'll soon
New wolf pack!

Come enjoy our:
- Roleplay
- Video Games
- Memes
- Music
- Movie Nights
- & More!
A realistic, natural wolf roleplay set in the fictional territory of Halagard.
May have some mature themes, but we have nsfw channels designated for that as to not make others uncomfortable.

Recently started and very new, open to new and experienced roleplayers!

We have friendly admins and are looking at add more once we get more members!

Consider joining us and being a part of our story!
The snowy pack! Guided by the goddess, they are courageous, kind and diverse with many different powers among its members.
We have many different channels and an nsfw section. You can also be almost any species besides human.
A SFW roleplaying server with many roles and friendly people to roleplay with. We hope to see you here! c:
Welcome to the Imperium of the Rising Tides!
We are a friendly, open role playing community to those that are 16+ years of age, though we will make some acceptations based on when your birthday may fall and due to maturity level alone.
What do we offer? Well, look below!
-Friendly and fair moderators
-A realistic and literate role playing community
-Wolf role playing!
-Characters you can create, role play as, and make bonds as
-Fair role players
-High ranks that are challengeable
we are a new pack but we hope you will join us.
we will host events have roleplays and erp we add new things every day or week so i hope you join us and have a amazing time
Basically I set this server up to help get more people for a wolf rp server, however this server is separate from that one so that I can make sure people are trustworthy before they join.
Welcome to the Imperium of the Miljö Sol (The Imperium of the Setting Sun)! We are a wolf based Roleplay Pack that takes place during the mid 1800's near the Swiss Alps. We are 16+, so enter the server knowing that. We are active on Discord, Chatzy, and Wolfhome. Our website provides all the information you need:
The home of the LEGENDARY Silver Mists. Once forgotten with the passing of time, passed on to the youth of the originals! The Silver Mists formed originally in 2001 and has disbanded then regrouped several times since then, refusing to die. Though we know we may never live up to the image of Silver Mists in its heyday, we are happy to be back together again, however long it lasts. We aim to revive traditions that should never have been abandoned and provide an alternative for those who feel they do not belong in other packs or are simply seeking something new and different. We encourage you to visit us and hopefully even join us. This is our home, and it would honor us if it became yours as well.