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Welcome to a pack that are Family. Meet the Alpha and Luna and get to know who you are with. Story line changes as each new character develops there own plot. We are a small and close knit wolf roleplay server but do accept role play of other species. We arent looking to be big, we are just looking to have fun.

Any questions, join us and message Alpha or Luna!

Hope to meet you soon!
* Meet fellow emoji users
* Emoji requests available
* Emoji pack for Nitro
* Friendly staff
* Unique Channels
Welcome all to Pack Of Thr Beckoning Winds. This is a revamp to Pack Of The Hidden Falls for it had become inactive. This server is brand new and ready to become active and grow as more members join in the fun.

A note to all. A set of people recently left my server with complaints of power play and character stealing and unfairness in character twisted things. I can assure any who have heard these rumors that it is false. the one accused of stealing was myself. and I asked them first and when not recieving a reply I made and remade a character a couple off times. one of these times it would've been stolen but rereading it it was changed instantly. they also power played and pretty much kidnapped another character along with maiming her without asking if such would be ok. giving them the benefit of the doubt I didn't interfere since this was also one of my characters. please come check for yourselves and don't take everything you hear at face value. don't let their bad ecpierience and what they say differ you from seeing for yourself.
Thank you for your time.
it was a dark stormy night, one of the worst ones any pack has seen, so all the members ran into a cave, when suddenly a rumble occurred and knocked down a bunch of rocks, sealing the cave in, and when the pack realized this would be there new home, they settled into it, slowly making it more and more homey, they found new areas and over time evolved to there environment, slowly getting more adapt to there home. Now the pack is under rule of the twin alphas. This is The Pack of Shimmering Crystals!
Oasis is a literate, semi realistic, wolf roleplay server with a warm community.

•Weekly change in weather, and changing seasons.
•Plot is heavily up to players but occasional server-wide events, like weather disasters, pack celebrations etc. may occur.
•Choose between multiple packs to join or be a rogue
•Limit of 6 characters per member
We are the Wolves of Nighne, guardians of earth. I, Alpha; Jason Storm, welcomes you to the pack. We aren't just some regular pack, we are wolf shifters that use magic to protect the sacred lands of our home. Train to gain your rank that you were born to be or want to be. Hunt for prey to help keep this pack thriving. Here in the territory of the pack, there is much to do, from playing with pups to completing a mission from the bounty board. Here, with the Wolves of Nighne, we grant you a home that allows all to have a part in this world. Welcome to the pack. -Alpha Jason Storm

Here in this RP server we provide:
1. Tons of Roles for the RP
2. Many channels for the RP
3. A social category for folks who wish not to RP
4. Drama
5. A place for people to speak for their selves freely
6. A bean command (Like come on who doesn't need a good ol' bean?)
7. Events. Ex: A tournament for people to prove themselves
8. A backstory (Still writing it)
9. Much More

Note 1: Some of the members on this server may go to school or have work at times you don't. It may look like the server is dead at the moment but, we are always active at certain parts of the day/night.

Note 2: We are still growing and have much to learn. If things are unorganized or unneeded please tell us! :D

Note 3: Some of the members here do -one liners- and others don't, any form of acting in the RP is acceptable.

Note 4: This server is also a real pack that Alpha Jason Storm leads.

Update April 7, 2019: This server has been a little on the downside at the moment so it's not the most active. The Alpha, me, has been suffering depression and I haven't been that active, so as others. Feel free to rp on your own though its getting kinda tiring to see someone join and leave immediately. Thx! -Jason
Join the Crimson Moon Pack and have some fun!

We accept all character types

Great plases to rp

All we ask is you be repsectful

So come on in!!
Do you love dogs? (Who doesn’t) and Wolves! Adorable. And what about the Dingos? Australian wild dogs, who have formed tight knit families to stay alive. Do you want to join that family? OUR family? We’d be happy to welcome you. You may join my, Alpha Cassias back, or Make your own pack! Or go it alone in the wilderness. Your Dingo May fall in love here, they may start a family, or they may climb the ranks and some day.. Lead the Pack?
Anything can happen here! Come join to find your destiney!❤️
Have you ever felt abandoned, or alone before? Have you ever wandered for days on end? Have you ever been in a role play? Have you ever-

Even if you haven't done those things, you're still capable of joining us! Pick one of the three current packs; The Pack of Silver Dawn, The Pack of Midnight Blood, and The Pack of Thundering Skies.

Your journey awaits you, Learner.
Link in case it doesn't give you one that works:

Hello, I don't really know what else to put up here so I'll go ahead and list a few things we have to offer xD.

Many available roles!
The Ability to create up to three characters to rp with!
A good character template you can use!
A LGBTQ friendly staff!
And much more!
•ღ﹒‧˙‧﹒.·:🌿 :·.﹒‧˙‧﹒ღ•
¿˙﹒˙‧。…:•·˙‧﹒𝔀𝓸𝓵𝓿𝓮𝓼 𝓸𝓯 𝓬𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓺𝓾𝓪𝓷𝓽﹒‧˙·•:…。‧˙‧?
•ღ﹒‧˙‧﹒.·:🌿 :·.﹒‧˙‧﹒ღ•
Welcome to the world of Wolves Of Truth & Valor! This is an incredible Semi-Literate RP where YOU choose which pack your OC is loyal to! Pack Life not for you? Then apply to become a Loner instead!

What This Server Includes:
~Two Packs to Join From
~Multiple Ranks
~Descriptive Environment
~Fun Discussion Channels
~Forbidden Romance
~ User Involvement in Plot (Through Polls)
~Well Organized Server

I Hope You Enjoy Wolves Of Truth & Valor! Happy Role-Playing!
__Dark Moon Pack__
•The Dark Moon Pack was founded by Luna Savannah.. Surrounded by forest and dark woods. The sun barley shine’s as the dark tree’s hide the sun making it shady and warm.
It might seem scary but it’s home to most dark wolves.

__Light Moon Pack__
•The Light Moon Pack, is founded by ——— . It’s always sunny and flower’s bloom in the meadow’s. The sun always shine’s brightly and gives off happiness.
The west paw pack is ran by alpha harper Grayson who lives with husband pack on his property that spans into the borders of the forest. This is a roleplay server where you can be a pack wolf and live with and interact with the pack. A rogue who can either join the pack or be a enemy of the pack. And even a human who can believe in werewolf’s or not it’s totally up to you.

Everyone is very friendly and will help with any questions you have hope to see you soon

Some mature themes such as swearing and reference to blood anything other than that is advised for DMs
We are a growing realistic wolf pack and human roleplay searching for active role players. We offer plenty of high ranking roles available!

There are four wolf packs and one human village, with humans being the newest addition to our server, taking place in approximately the 1600s on an island being colonized by Europe.

》We feature the following packs: Ambersky, Moonvalley, Winterbirch, Midnightoak.
》Active and helpful staff and a welcoming, warm community.
》Open roleplay with completed lore and an interest in expanding it further.
》A constantly evolving plot and storyline.

Join us today!
__Blackwood Crest, was founded year’s ago.. The Alpha was what everyone dreamed of, The Luna was beautiful as can be, with their one daughter Persephone. . Untill hunter’s came and destroyed the pack and killed everyone.....
Persephone got away and is on the verge of gaining everything back, to be human/wolf again with the gods.. to find her mate and start a family.. her pack family..__
We are an rr34 community that uploads rr34 games every day. We have 1000+ members and counting. We have nice and friendly staff and a nice community. Come on down and join! (
There are 2 packs 1 is D.C (Deprimido Canines) and 2 is A.C (Alegre Canines)

<3 Deprimido Canines Lore<3

In 1999, there had been complaints. These complaints were going into the government, telling them that people were getting bored of their everyday dog. They wanted more breeds, wanted them to be more intelligent. The government, of course, listened to their complaints. As soon as possible, they contacted a scientist to create new dogs and to make them intelligent. The scientists did as best as they could by breeding dogs together to make new breeds as well as get dogs from pounds and put different genetics in them. What they didn’t know is that these dogs had gotten mutations over time as well as powers. One night, two dogs, a Doberman and a Dalmatian destroyed the lab, making it go down in flames. The two Canines took the remaining dogs into a refuge in the woods. All of the dogs were sad yet angry, wanting revenge. The Dalmatian decided to name their group Deprimido Canines, and they have been alive, carrying their blood line on, ever since.

<3Alegre (cheerful) Canines Lore<3


As you walk past the arch that reads "SMILE" you spot a deer in a flowery field you trot into it as you spot your alphas they greet you and yall howl calling the others and you are nwo welcomed to the Alegre Canines pack

About Them

In 1200, there was a pack made for cheerful canines
This is a new server looking for active members. Here's the lore:
The plentiful land of canai is only taken by mother nature herself. The whole world is up for grabs at this point. Many years ago there was a devastating storm, many didn't know would happen. The inhabitants had made their own hierarchies and systems. But this all crashed down when the storm wiped them away, Few survived.

Now it's up to Anastasia and the remaining couple of wolves to put together more packs for this land to enjoy.
This server is definitely still a w.i.p. and in need of mods.