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Welcome to ChernobylBoys!
This server is freshly(not really)made and needs active users and partners! Don't judge us just by numers.
We want this server to grow as much as possible. Every entry counts!
This server offers:

-Tons of different channels and voice channels(psst, we are making even more of them quite often)
-Spicy memes 🤩
-NSFW channel 🔞
-Freedom of speech
-Friendly staff😋
-Empty slots for mods!!!⚠️
-Flexing channels!!😉
-Starting with my youtube😒
-couldn't think of anything else, but we are still making this server better.😂

I just wanted to say that this is still FRESH server and it needs a lot of new members,
so you can apply for mod any time. Just be active 🙂
Your sincerely,
Papa ZGopnik | ChernobylBoys and Tyrone Bejlabeg
Join and have fun where you can enjoy and take naughty selfie nuds and featish and you can chat with each other but asking to pm another person but enjoy and meet new peopl
Fun discord with a lot of girls and guys.
New discord come and try it out right now
plz fuck my ass
(+)Welcome to FallingDates !(+)
(+)Meet new people
(+)Date girls / boys
(+)Talk to new people
(+)6 Bots
(+)Self roles
(+)Verification system
(+)Friendly Owner , people
(+)Good moderated
(+)Age 13-18
Lets talk about what turns yall men/female
Tbh I was board and thought it up hooping it'll be Instrusting and entertaining join and half fun it is new
Everyone welcome! We have fun... Almost no rules. Speak your opinion. We chill. Non-chillers get banned. Join bitch.
This is a new kingdom of the naughty and kinky. Where all walks of life are accepted and can be who they want to be.

-Non toxic
-BDSM and all kinks are welcome
New server we got nice people soon we will have more e egirls and people hopefully we can have you