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Welcome to my server! A brand new server that it's about Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and mostly, my server! The minecrft server is still being made, won't have any plugins for a couple of weeks, but it's still based on survival on other fun types! We're currently looking for Staff! Support me by joining my server! You can also find other players to play minecraft with anytime!
Genesis a completely vanilla approach to the MCPE Bedrock Realms experience. We have been around since June 2016, and strive to create builds and friendships that celebrate what we love most about Realms: the community.

⧎⧎ A Taste of Genesis ⧎⧎
》An active, lively group of players from all sorts of walks of life. You will be sure to find your place among us.
》A rich, documented history dating back to the beginning of Bedrock Realms
》A community with a knack for building, seeing limitless potential in a single block.
》A gorgeous Realm including public red stone machines, contests, practical jokes, and player curated builds.
》A Discord server built around making the Genesis experience more convenient.
》Daily Discord events.

Our ultimate goal is for the realm to not just be about the gameplay, but about the people. With that in mind, our application process is designed to be stricter than most. Thanks to this process, we can pride ourselves on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for our players. We promise it'll be worth the wait, and hope to see you exploring Genesis soon!
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- Welcome to -
💙Safe Space Cottage💚
We are a new server but we hope to grow a safe and welcoming community for everyone that enters💕

⬇We have⬇
💙 A fun Minecraft server
💜 Cool bots
💛 Nice hangout spot
💚 Safe space, no tolerance policy on bullying & discrimination.
💖 We are always open to suggestions to improve the server as well so if you join and want something added, suggest it and it might get added.

We can’t wait to have you :D
to join:
A Minecraft Bedrock SMP Server with friendly and co-operative players. Join us today, make more friends and help us grow our server :)
Welcome To LandMark Factions, The Most Unique One Of A Kind Faction Gameplay You Will Experience, Always Active, Always in Motion, And Hourly Events To Keep You On The Top Of The Food Chain, We Expect Quality In Our Work To Provide A Great, Fun Community!

𝘑𝘰𝘪𝘯 𝘛𝘰𝘥𝘢𝘺 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘮 𝘤𝘰𝘥𝘦 : - hGutfVArYa4


• Modded Villager For Custom Trades
• 3 Kinds Of Faction Claims
• Modded Kits
• Auto Drop Party Event Every 4 Hours
• Mining Event Every 2 Hours
• RARE crate Drop Every 30 Minutes (over 22 Crates in over 20 different locations, each one will always be different)
• Amazing Crate System (over 80,000 combinations)
• /Warps
• Donations Available!
• So Much More!

Any questions please PM me!
Welcome to Bedrock Gang!
About our server**
• Bedrock Gang is a server for people with Minecraft Bedrock Edition to talk, chill and play Minecraft together.

What our server has
• Lots of different roles including color roles.
• A counting channel for the community to work together.
• A looking-to-play channel for people to join each other in Minecraft.
• Fun bots for people to use.

What are you waiting for? Join now!
if u play arsenal and is really bad this is the server for u we also play mcpe nether games and cod mobile so come hand otit the kids crib
CrocMC is a Minecraft Bedrock server running on the vanilla software "BDS". This means it is classic single player without any plugins or restrictions aside from a few things to keep everything running smoothly. Join groups, wage wars, or play by yourself, the possibilities on Croc are as endless as those on your own single player worlds and more. Due to the fact it runs on the Bedrock edition it introduces you and your friends to a much larger array of players than you would find if you played on Java, introducing people playing on mobile, PC, and even consoles.

The community is tight knit and anyone with enough ambition can become a well known player praised by the community. If this suits your interests don't hesitate to join.
Looking for a bedrock Minecraft server with interactive staff and welcoming and growing community? Then this is the place for you! We are a new server so joining now will mean you will be part of the first people in our community, the building blocks (get it?).

What we have to offer:
- A discord with channels for anything you may need, and if we don't, you can suggest new ones!
- Kind and attentive staff
- Fun bots and more to come

- A bedrock server which requires no application to join
- A beautiful cottagecore aesthetic
- And hopefully you! Every single person that joins is valuable and we're glad to have you!

If you choose to join we thank you in advance!
- Custom Plugins. 💻
- Active Owners & Staff Team. 👮
- Mature and Professional Team! 👮
- Pvpwars Experience in Bedrock Edition. 🔨
- Hand Made Builds! 🔧
- Needing Players & Staff Members.
> More features posted on the #sneakpeaks channel in the discord server, if you don't believe us, check it out yourself!

Welcome to DivineCraft!
We are a Bedrock Minecraft OP-Factions and Prison server.
We hope you join us in our community.

We offer:
- Prisons
- OP Factions
- Custom Enchantments
- Advanced Economy System
- Crates , Lootboxes , Artifacts , etc
- Lots of fun bots and stuff with friendly community
AND MUCH MORE! (More features at #information channel)

So what are you waiting for?
Join our server at:
Our vote link:
⛏️ Evercraft - Minecraft PE/BE/Bedrock Realm ⚔️
🛡️ We are a group of Minecraft Bedrock players, originally from reddit.
🛡️ Bedrock Realm, Vanilla+ (no fire spread, custom traders, & 1-player sleep), Survival, HARD mode always
🛡️ 18+ Only
🛡️ Application required

Official Website:
Hello! Searching good minecraft server? Then you're in the right place! What do we offer?
-We have bedrock server!


-Responsive and sociable administration!

-Channels on different topics! (nsfw too...)

-And much, much more!
We are a small minecraft team devoted to the creation of Minecraft custom maps for everyone to enjoy, especially on Omlet. We specialise in making minigames and other kinds of maps that we hope you'll like!
Welcome to Oblivionpvp.
This server has a mcpe server for people to enjoy.
If you would like to join be free to.
You have been invited to HangoutPE, The Official Discord for the official server for the MCPE community. We Currently Offer:

Economy Driven Survival/ Factions

Creative Freebuild And Plots.

So Come On. Join already, weve got what you need!
Un serveur SkyBlock français bedrock édition , voir l'ip et le port sur discord
(En dev mais on recrute du staff et on prends toutes vos idées ^^)