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Новий діскорд сервер по іграм таким як Brawl stars, Clash royale , Samp mobile ,Minecraft pe. Заходьте і піднімем сервер разом! Ми чекаємо на тебе!
We are a gaming Community called The Flames Forging Community (FFC). We mostly play Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and usually play on our realms most of the time. We also have content related to Minecraft if your looking for that.
Welcome to World Nation RP! We are a MCPE military community that have a cool world map to make a military clan and conquer as much land you can get! Join a military or make one (needs to follow requirements). Enjoy large-scale battles and a active community!
This Is A Minecraft Discord Server Called Bahamuts Paradise [ Call It BH I Guess]. We Main Minecraft But You Can Mostly Play Anything In Our Community! Join and Have Fun!

◇ Minecraft: Bedrock Edition server
◇ Active community
◇ Government: Live under or eventually create your own territory; watch your territory grow!
◇ Anarchy: Absolutely no rules; every man for himself.

Join our ever-growing community today!
Tout simplement discord convivial les modérateurs sont toujours à l'écoute pour vous nous accueillons tous les joueurs tu joues sur mobile et ceux qui joue à Minecraft sur Windows10 edition
Pour jouer avec les joueurs mobile ce discord est fait pour rassembler les joueurs mobile pourquoi retrouver plus facilement des joueurs qui ont les mêmes intérêts pour un serveur pour faire des parties ensemble une bonne partie des jeux présents sur mobile en tout cas les plus connus sont accessibles sur ce serveur bon bah voilà vous savez tout donc à bientôt😁
Willkommen, liebe/r Leser/in, mein Team und ich freuen uns sehr dass Sie sich die Zeit nehmen um mehr über den Server zu erfahren. 🤓👍
Es ist ein Minecraft Pocket Edition Discord Server der Spieler sucht und auch noch Plätze für das Team, es freut uns wenn du vorbeischaust 😇🤘
Bem Vindo!!a Para Quem For Novato No Discord e Ainda Não Sabe Usa-lo Direito,Recomendamos Quê Usem Essa Sala Para pedir Ajuda Aos Outros Membros Da Comunidade.
A server dedicated to the Minecraft Bedrock modding community. We share various addons that have been created by us and the general community!
Hey welcome to ⭐️Zak’s Galaxy⭐️!
A community discord for the YouTube channel ZakIsPlayer2!
This discord was founded on Oct.8 2019
This discord features everything you need!

Kid-Friendly Chats
Awesome mods
Handful of bots
Much more!

Be apart of the ⭐️Galaxy⭐️!
Hi! Welcome to the Parrot Party, a Discord server that plays minigames in Minecraft Bedrock! It's open to everyone :3
Hallo du willst ultimativen Spielspaß?!
Denn komm auf unseren Discord:
-nette Leute
-netter Support
-coole Gewinnspiele!
-Spielspaß vor Programiert!
Sie können sich auch noch bewerben als:
Also wenn du dabei willst komm jetzt!
Wenn du dich Bewerben willst denn bitte bewerbung an: [email protected] !
Du zockst PUBG MOBILE oder Minecraft PE?
Dann bist du hier genau richtig.
Dieser Server ist Spezialisert auf diese beiden Spiele, wobei jedes Spiel seine eigenen individuellen Bereich hat.
Natürlich kannst du auch mit anderen Spielern in Kontakt treten.
Was wir bereits bieten:
• 3 individuelle Bereiche
• eine Nette Community
• moderner Server mit Bots
• ständig aktuelle News zu beiden Spielen
• Musik auf dem Server (mittels Bots)

Was wir noch bieten wollen:
• eigene User Channel
• PUBGM Clan Bereich
Du hast Interesse?
Trete jetzt bei und hab Spaß!

Owner: Talvkes#0628
❦ **Come join Shadow Nation!** ❦

We are a server specializing in **Factions and Mines**.We will also have other fun minigames such as:
⊱ *Mazes*
⊱ *Dropper*
⊱ *Parkours*

Including gamemodes such as:
✿ *Skyblock*
✿ *Plots*
✿ *and many more to come!*

**«☆»** Don’t miss out our events which are coming soon!

**«☆»** We are also hiring staff members all the time, and we have positions opened for Builder + Moderator.

**What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!**

`PORT: 47194`
Fun Mcpe discord server with many fun bots, custom emojies, and friendly staff, minecraft server features Factions, Vanilla smp, and soon prisons, many CE'S and much more
This is a community server for Minecraft pe roleplays we need a lot of people to help us if you join be patient because I’m new at creating a rp so see you on our sever
Disney Parks Minecraft (DPM) is a multi platform Disney Parks server, that is built from scratch, with DisneyLand Resort being the main park.

We are creating an accurate park from experience and what it feels like to actually be there and on top of that, we are trying to hire staff who can be very active, however the server is at a cap of 30 players, so we will only have about 5 - 10 staff max.

Lastly, we want to focus on community, by this we mean engaging and having fun, as well as making sure everyone feels comfortable with those in the community, therefore we will not tolerate any offensive actions toward our community members.

With all that being said, please hop on and join us on this journey through imagination!
Wir sind ein Server der sich eigendlich auf unseren MinecraftPE Server spezialisiert. Da findet man den Support von dem server
Ihr seid alle willkommen
Euer ~FreeMineHD~Team