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Pretty friendly Nintendo server!
-Discuss various games, find others to play with, share media & more.
-You can choose your own role from a selection of characters & colors.
-Matchmaking for games such as Smash Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 etc!
Anyone Is welcome to join!
Do you like Earthbound?
Come on over! We can discuss all kinds of things, such as Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3!
A fan community dedicated to the (formerly known as) Mother 4 project, now in the midst of a re-brand. Details scheduled to be announced before the end of 2019.
Its an awful day outside, it always is since villany had taken over the world. No more chosen people, just hopeless ones. As innocent people try to avoid the killing spree, they fail to do so. Will anyone end all of this? Who will save us?

- Lore by the server's owner, ItsToilet#2126. Come in to this non-NSFW RP server!
A server for general discussion of the mother series and also memes also smash ultimate stuff
Just a server for having fun. Nothing in specific. (except for homestuck, Gorillaz, etc.)
Welcome to the Earthbound/Mother Roleplay server! We're quite new and are still working on the server, but everyone here is pretty cool and we love meeting new people. OC's are allowed. Enjoy your stay!
The year is 200X, and the world is a wacky place to live right now, with street level crime being rampant, and weird monsters roaming the wilderness, the average citizens have become tougher, dealing with these gangs and monsters has become natural for the common man, and some beleive that the world is better for it, however, what isn't something worth getting used to are the strange powers that have started to appear in the children of this new dangerous era, this power has been dubbed "Psycho Power" or "PP" and can be used to do any number of things from summoning fire to messing with the minds of others, these powers are not particularly powerful in most children, but some children have a particular knack for this power...
The world has gone to shit, a mysterious flash turned the world into an arid hot wasteland, for an unknown reason there are very few women in this new world, and the men left on this hell fight to the death over whats left of it, while most turn to violence due to greed and desperation, some try to rebuild, the current day is 20 years after the flash, children have lived their whole lives in this waste land, and the threat of going extinct weighs heavy on everyone, after all, without women, there will be no more children...along with this problem is a new drug going around named "Euphoria" that seems to instill a sense of joy into the user, as well as having medicinal and performance enhancing capabilities, this drug also has horrible withdrawl effects, as well as a nasty side effects which make this drug a very taboo thing even in this crazy post apocalyptic world...horrible mutants also roam the wastes, though they are a rare sight and have some sort of connection to the new drug...
Where Earthbound and mother 3 fans can hangout and chill!
Even if you're trying to get into the mother series I welcome you with open arms :']
a server where fellow mother fans can band together. please feel free to join! the more people that come, the more active it'll be and more things will happen. the owner will make sure events will take place once there are enough people
hi i ant people to join. it's mostly earthbound and jojo but there are other things soon