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a server all about the mother series, no nesscas (sorry).
Our story takes place in Quakeville (A city in a alternative version of California) Quakeville is a normal place that has a minor earthquake every 6 months. Some consider this a sign of good luck while others think its a sign of evil. Two strange islands have mysteriously formed by the coast and strange men are being found in random places. There have also been random occurrences of children and adults awakening to strange “psychic” power. What will you make out of these strange and weird occurrences?

A fan community dedicated to the (formerly known as) Mother 4 project, now in the midst of a re-brand. Details scheduled to be announced before the end of 2019.
A server for general discussion of the mother series and also memes also smash ultimate stuff
A gaming community for parents who still love to game! Find fellow gamers at the odd hours we get to game, whether it's during naps, school, bedtime, etc.