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A new Mother world. All your favorite enemies and locations from Mother 1, Earthbound, and Mother 3! Come and make your own PSI user and make groups with other people to take down the new Giygas!
A homage to the mother series, we bring you "Into wonder woods", a server ment to encapulate a certain childish wonder as the kids of Freeville explore "Wonder Woods" and uncover ancient secrets on their innocent childhood adventures...
Our story takes place in Quakeville (A city in a alternative version of California) Quakeville is a normal place that has a minor earthquake every 6 months. Some consider this a sign of good luck while others think its a sign of evil. Two strange islands have mysteriously formed by the coast and strange men are being found in random places. There have also been random occurrences of children and adults awakening to strange “psychic” power. What will you make out of these strange and weird occurrences?

This is a Mother series roleplay server which is going to be made into a fangame at some point, it includes multiple planets and, while mainly using things from the plot of Mother 1 and Earthbound, probably will also use or reference things from Mother 3 and Mother: CogDis. You can rp as an OC, and they don't even have to be human! of course, you can also RP as a canon character too, but there are more guidelines on that.
A gaming community for parents who still love to game! Find fellow gamers at the odd hours we get to game, whether it's during naps, school, bedtime, etc.
The year is 200X, and the world is a wacky place to live right now, with street level crime being rampant, and weird monsters roaming the wilderness, the average citizens have become tougher, dealing with these gangs and monsters has become natural for the common man, and some beleive that the world is better for it, however, what isn't something worth getting used to are the strange powers that have started to appear in the children of this new dangerous era, this power has been dubbed "Psycho Power" or "PP" and can be used to do any number of things from summoning fire to messing with the minds of others, these powers are not particularly powerful in most children, but some children have a particular knack for this power...

Description by server owner Morning Son