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The Valenhar Facility is a place created in an alternate reality from our own. One with magic, anomalies, and further advancements in technology. In this world, The Valenhar Facility was made not only to protect the world from threats, but also to study, and learn about these strange people, creatures, and objects. However, The Facility also takes in arrivals from different universes, who found their way here through whatever means possible... So what will you be in this fantastical world? A Facility worker? An anomaly or powerful creature? Or someone from another universe? It's up for you to decide...

This is a new server that we hope will grow to be a great place where roleplayers of all universes and fandoms can roleplay as one!

Cannon, and Oc characters are allowed from any Universe.
Have you ever wished to live out your Pokémon fantasies? Ever wanted to be a trainer or maybe even a Pokémon? Well this is the place for you! Pokémon Shinwa Adventures is a fanmade roleplay server that takes place in a fanmade region while still following the Pokémon worlds rules and stories.

Some of our Features:
⭐️Active and Friendly Staff.
⭐️Roleplay for more serious roleplayers.
⭐️Member's Lounge for the days you don't feel like rping.
⭐️A well organized template for you to make your OC profile.
In a world where supervillain is just another day job, and vigilantes enforce the law. A world where civilians are at risk every day. Each day more people take to the streets to destroy those who oppose them.

Welcome to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, for the fellow fans of the magical books of the harry potter series here’s the chance to play your own witches and wizards. (16+ I understand character’s may be younger but the player has to be least 16)
A young juatice roleplay server. We are always accepting new members! Just saty cannon...