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When Weebs Attack is a multi-platformed server, with options to get recommendations for anime to chatting with your friend about a new video game that came out.

Things our server takes pride on is how we have roles that are locked to specific channels. ie: We make sure that if you don't want to see the NSFW stuff, you wont have to!

We may be a small beginning server, but we're sure with the way we communicate with our members, and keep it active, that the server will grow!

We will be holding giveaways, with the specific tag "Giveaways" You will have access to those, and be pinged when the giveaways will happen.

So what are you waiting for! Come join our fun little server and get to know us better!!!
- Taking suggestions
- Still growing
- Actively doing giveaways
- Gaming-oriented community server.
Join our growing community at Smash Bros. Ideas! Share any ideas you have for characters, items, stages, modes, and more! Alongside discussing the game, you can also find people to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with. Anyone is welcome!
crystal skylands a great server with a event in discord on minecraft crack players so if you wanna join the srever come and join right now with has a new features and things everyday some come and join the server
We got suggestion channel which is I may accept your suggestions and you could be happy. Its an empty server now alright.
The Hangout.exe is a place with much to offer such as

❗️❗️active staff
❗️❗️several channels of various topics
❗️❗️many bots to cater to ur needs
❗️❗️memes, for when u need a laugh
❗️❗️English speaking community
❗️❗️gaming channels coming soon
❗️❗️a growing community that would love for u to join :)
❗️❗️streamer and youtuber roles for u grinding content creators
❗️❗️we take suggestions to improve the server
❗️❗️mee6 lvls so u can flex on ur friends (that u should totally invite btw😃)

If these features interested u , join the server<3
Welcome to Anime2Watch, this server is dedicated for gamers and weebs. Here we show you anime that you should watch and more in #anime. we also do event once a couple of month we live some anime in dedicated channel. For the gaming we made some specific channel and vocal for that. If you want anything to be add just DM our helpers... ty for reading and hope you join ;D
This is Game server, this game is a .io game. If you are willing to join, make sure to have fun!
We have bots, coins, skins, and other stuff for you to enjoy!
Hope you check it out, and play the game!
Dans ce serveur vous pourrez y retrouver :

💬 | Divers salons pour parler de tout ; de vos talents artistiques ; de vos passions etc...

♟ | Plusieurs salons où vous pourrez jouer avec des bots

🎉 | De multiples animations

🤖 | Quelques bots afin de s'amuser avec des commandes fun et de garantir la bienveillance du serveur

🙋‍♂️ | Un staff à l'écoute de vos suggestions que vous pouvez nous faire

🎭 | Des rôles qui peuvent vous correspondre et vous intéresser

🎁 | Divers giveaway sont lancés pour vous faire gagner des rôles ou des comptes

On vous attend avec impatience, donc venez nombreux !
The Old World

The old world is a respectful, engaging geopolitical Role-playing community. We offer many positions to those who are interested in become staff, and many nations are still available. Our staff team is reliable, fair, and unbiased. Unlike most Geopolitical community’s we offer you the normal player the chance to become a superpower. By establishing many modifiers to your role play you have the chance to conquer the entire world. We know you’ll enjoy your time with us, so please join.
just a small server here to let people have fun and to make friends! We have a suggestions channel-so the server is pretty much run by the people ;)
We have custom roles (new roles can be suggested)
and a semi-active community!
We hope you join to help get this server thriving :)
📌 Welcome!
Well first i'll tell you about it of course:

📌1) Lots of bots
🍵2) Many channels
💬3) Self assignable roles!
🏮4) Other, & misc channels/categories
💮5) Misc roles as well
🍸6) Custom emojis!

📍So what are you waiting for?
👏Join us today and find out what has been added!
━━━━━━━━━ ✧✧✧ ━━━━━━━━━
møb realm
━━━━━━━━━ ✧✧✧ ━━━━━━━━━
.・゜✧゜・ ・゜゜✧・.

✧ a peaceful server if you want to join
make daily friends! ✧
we offer you with the following things

→ nontoxic server
→ active members
→ gaming/movies
→ daily giveaways
→ selfroles
→ contains nsfw in a separated channel

───────── ✧✧✧ ─────────
→ looking for partnership servers!
→ looking for active members!
───────── ✧✧✧ ─────────
This is a fun server created to have fun in a community with players of any games, we have a lot of bots for your enjoyment and we take suggestions :D we would appreciate a lot if you joined us in this fun community!
A city server, with erp allowed. We need people! We are always open to suggestions on how to improve the server. There is no specific plot to the rp, meaning all types of characters are allowed as long as they follow the rules.
TonyNites Official Discord Server! We are looking for Discord Staff and some new members to vibe and hang out with!
There's no discrimination allowed and our staff do not abuse their roles. As long as you follow the rules we set for safety and things like that, you can do whatever the hell you want!
got ideas? got suggestions?
place them here! we're building this server ENTIRELY off of your suggestions!
This server is a server where you can have fun, talk to people, and share all kinds of art! This server is very accepting of people and their art, as well as a safe server, and is pretty family friendly. There is cussing and a NSFW channel however. This server is owned by me and I'm very trustworthy and I think I can handle the server. We also have mods, and mod applications, helping out. Anyways there’s a lot of art channels to choose from, and I hope you have fun! (Channel requests are always open!) we restarted so it is small but we really would love if you'd join! we also have a verification system so just follow the welcome message!
Discord earth
Welcome to Discord earth! Chat with your very own Nationality, make new friends, and even discover more servers like this!

What we offer:

- Wide variety of language chats, guided by self assignable roles.
- Level rewards for members who love to participate
- The ability for ordinary members to add any country of their choice by suggesting.

Join now for the best experience!
We have a pizza place, mall, and many other stores! You can roleplay as a teen kid and adult.