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A place for those interested in Yiddishkeit to safely discuss their views.
We place a large focus on tolerance and user behaviour to ensure a minimal amount of toxicity.
this is both a roblox and theological server. We make it our goal to talk about the abrahamic faiths and encourage religious interaction. We welcome All abrahamic faiths . we are small but our community will be constantly growing and expanding in the near future.
Looking for a jewish server with fun memes and hebrew languages and some very epic financial advice? well join on now for a epic fun time
This is a shitposting server. We are only joking about Nazis and this is not actual racism. If you have a good sense of humor you are allowed to join ;)
Shidduch chat is a discord server designed for Orthodox Jewish singles to post resumes, message each other, and generally discuss shidduchim & dating. Non-singles are welcome too, if they'd like to observe or just give their seasoned advice.
השרת הכי מגניב בעולםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםםם!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ובאוזבקיסטן יש כיבוד