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Wicked is a community comprised of people from every walk of life. Wicked started out as a platform for us to create competitive gaming teams and build, but we quickly realized that we were much more interested the community aspect of gaming. We host tabletop/roleplaying games, movie nights, game events, seasonal and spontaneous giveaways, and have an extremely dedicated admin team. We'd love for you to be a part of our community!
Seeing as we don’t allow advertising at Wicked, but we still like to see Discord servers and content creators grow and flourish, we’ve launched Wicked Advertising! Wicked Advertising is a brother server to Wicked and is a place for you to do a bit of shameless self-promotion! Happy Advertising!
The Maze is a structure by who the Gladers call 'The Creators'. Every single month, a newcomer appears in the Box, an elevator like... box that is sent up to the Glade, if you try climb down the hole... May aswell say your goodbyes. Every newcomer is called a Greenbean, Greenie for short.... There are these jobs, farming, slaughtering, but the most important but deadly job... the Runners. The runners run out into the Maze at a specific time every day, they exit different sections each day. These are apart of 10 jobs.
and Runners.

These 10 jobs are all apart of the Glade, in the Glade, if there's no peace, no trust, no teamwork, then it'll all fall apart.