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Welcome to My Tribe we are an 20+ server catering to mature individuals who seek conversations with gamers, artists, weebs, conversationalists and people of all walks of life. Come share your content in a place where you can express yourself, chat, have fun and make friends.

Join My tribe and find a new place to call home :)

I only created this because I find it should exist but found it didn't exist yet. If people closer to Teal Swan than me want to adopt this server, I will let them do that. I think it was Blake though who told me I can basically just keep running it.
Server Summary
In this server you assume the role of a yautja (Predator) species. You will have to deal with your clan's affairs, bring honor to it, hunt the most dangerous of pray to become the ultimate hunter and gain the respect of your people.

This server is 100% roleplay and creativity based, you can create everything yourself from your character's equipment to the species you prey upon. PVP exists but you got to set the rules of victory and defeat yourself with your opponent and roleplay. Each channel is a customizable territory where you can describe it, post pics of how it looks and whatnot.

Multiple Characters / Tupper Bot
In this server you have the ability to create more than one character and with the help of tupperbot (please learn how to use it from the instructions in its channel) you can roleplay as each on at the same time.
✨Phinion Tribe✨

We are chill active server that enjoy vibing and chatting

We offer many roles, and organized layout, and a properly functioning tribe to show pride to the lord Phinion (minion Dr.Phil). We are usually active and play a variety of games.

Our goal is to a build big community that create a friendly environment. Full of diversity.

we do not condone and sus content

This is my first server so go easy on me.
Its a roleplay about four tribes who live on an island together with their own magical powers (if you want more info you can join and read the lore and if its not ur thing i wont judge if u leave) These powers are fire, water, shapeshifting, animal control and plant control. you dont need to be an experienced roleplayer or a literary genius. Were just here to have fun and ive been wanting to make this roleplay for a time now so stop by if this seems interesting to you and most important of all: Have fun 🥰🥰
Thousands of years ago, the hellhound race was created by Lucifer. The first two hellhounds were created, named Astoria and Ivailo. They were known as the “Original hellhounds” seeing as they were the first created, and many followed afterwards. The two were known as some of the most brutal around as they did Lucifer’s dirty work with no hesitation. As time went on, they arose through the ranks. They were allowed a bit more freedom, and the two decided to pay a visit to the world above. While still doing the work of Lucifer, they decided to stay on land for some time. This eventually led to the creation of The Misbegotten Kingdom, with Astoria in lead and Ivailo just behind her. Members came from all over to join them and the group eventually grew very large.

The Misbegotten Kingdom covered acres upon acres of land, the home they lived in being an abandoned castle. One of the very first members who joined was named Vyncent, a shifter who eventually became a brother to Astoria. Years passed and members began having children and growing families. All was well.

That was until one day when a fire spread throughout their land, forcing them up into the mountains. They sought shelter in the mountains for what seemed like months while the fire continued to burn their land to ashes; until one day when it finally dissipated. The group emerged from the mountains, taking in the sight of their now burned land. But still, the castle that they called home stood - saved by the holy chapel that created a barrier between the castle and the fire. The queen and her members settled into their home once again while trying to find ways to survive in their burnt land.

Months later, as their land began to grow and prosper again, Lucifer came to Astoria with an offer. He asked her to be queen of the underworld, and she accepted. It was time for her to finally return home. And with that, she left the Kingdom to her brother and the members as she bid them all a farewell.

The Misbegotten Kingdom is now under the leadership of Vyncent, and renamed the Summit Tribe. The Tribe isn't a traditional tribe. The canines in the group operate differently than a regular group. Here, we use weapons, wear armor, take care of herds, have festivals, etc.

-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-16+ Server
-Friendly Group
-In need of ACTIVE members
Hello, Thank you for turning your attention towards this server.
My name is ToxicApple, Owner of the Beast Tribes server. I wish to welcome you all with open arms to a public, multi RP, social fun, server.
Take the time to read the rules to understand guidelines about the server and how it works, talk to Admins, and ask us questions about things that confuse you.

In this server, you may request to build your own tribe, type of beast, and list categories on what makes them unique. Don't forget to add friends and bring in new ideas, We take in every new suggestion given.
Hi! This is Cathy’s loli tribe! We’re both loli’s and we’re the Only onces ;) feel free to join :) and we hope you have fun here!
Seen a gorilla, could have been a chimpanzee who cares! It licks its lip at me...I kinda horny, chimpanzee, neum neum neum neum it’s good! It’s all we got out nipple tribe, signing out...neum neum neum neum
~Tribe of the Endless Mists~
Based off the Warrior Series by Erin Hunter

The tribe is reborn from the ruins of a great war. A war that not only involved the first iteration of the Tribe but a group of Rouges that took claim of two kits. When the dust settled from the war those who survived picked up the peices to start anew the legacy they lost.

What we offer
Friendly helpful staff thats on almost every single day!

Multiple ranks to choose from!

Easy going RPs with few restrictions!


Have fun in our general chat, want a laugh? Check the meme channel! Angry, want advice? Come to the Vent channel. Theres a channel for all your needs!

Join today! The Tribe awaits you young cat!
Hello everyone, we are a dark oriented tribe on Animal Jam and Discord. Check out our page and consider joining!
-Tagadi was a kind and caring God who gave much to those who worshiped and adored her. She was fair and just in her ways and treated the people of her forest how they treated her. The Sovereign of The Hopeless Wilds was compassionate and cared for her tribe, she led the tribe to greatness through the worship of Tagadi. Though when she fell ill, her son Kazine rose as the new Sovereign of the tribe and led them down the wrong path. He abandoned their past ways and demanded that he was the only one that deserved worship. This led Tagadi to punish the tribes with swarms of hunters, famine, drought, and disease. The felines of The Hopeless Wilds lived like this until a young she-cat overthrew Kazine and restored the tribe to its former glory. By repairing the lost connection with Tagadi and praising her, their troubles were no more and they thrived once again.

This is a server of warrior-cat type roleplay but in the setting of a tribe in The Hopeless Wilds. The roleplay style is advanced/traditional.
Join a server that simulates a Red vs Blue society.

Fast and easy character creation. Lots of self assigned Rolls.

Key kinks: Furry, trail by combat, prostitution, slavery, sexy beasts.

Limits: No underage content, no lgbtq shaming.
A well designed booga booga discord server.
Join and arrange teams/chat with other people
! Warning : This is still in it's baby phase !
Have you ever wanted to join a semi-active tribe and be a cat? Like from warrior cats? Well guess what, there is now a tribe based on a game which is based on the series. So basically if you wanna role play as a cat, come join us! We have cookies and cake with soda or water.

There are still many admin roles empty and we'd appreciate visitors or people wanting to join.

The only ways to join are:
Semi-good role player,
Have played Warrior Cats Ultimate or has a picture of their cat

Great helpful community. Join if you want to team up with other players or talk to people about booga booga!
Jerrycheese jerrycheese Welcome to the jerrycheese tribe we praise jerrycheese and all his cheese. We are welcome to new jerry's, BUT NO TOMS!
In 2020, the world was thrown into a nuclear war that ended as quickly as it started, over 105 years, everything has mutated, from animals to plants, to the very minds of people, everything is changed from what it once was, though there is some hope, or so it would seem, in the middle of the green desert, the Great Plains sits the restart of human civilization, Golden View, this is a city that is quickly growing both in size and population, only issues are that as it grows it has to go through both dangerous tribes and even more dangerous wild lands, and it doesn’t help that south east of the Golden View is the Stone Forest which was once a bustling city but now is full of monstrous people and creatures, which seem to be increasing there land as well. Who will come out on top Golden View or The Stone Forest, or maybe if the tribes put away their differences. They can join forces and keep their land and their legacy, it’s up to you to choose your side and the land’s fate.
Join the world of The Astral Call!
At this feline roleplay server we feature:

Littlecloud, Applepaw, and Rythm!

A deviantart group dedicated to the server!

A tribe and a kingdom; Tribe of Serenity and Sawtooth Brotherhood.

Familiars, rather as pets for your characters (Serenity-exclusive)

Twoleg accessories to wear! (Sawtooth-exclusive)

A friendly and fun community!

Server suggestions if you have any ideas!


Come and join us today!
We are a red dead online tribe called the Kiyaya Tribe with rules based around immersion and keeping the community toxicity free.
welcome to eddies discord server Eddie is a really nice person
and he is a epic gamer