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A very well designed booga booga server. It is easy to arrange a team and play together using this server. Join if you like booga booga!
welcome to eddies discord server Eddie is a really nice person
and he is a epic gamer
Welcome to the wholesome tribe!

We are a public server working to spread the message of positivity and wholesomeness! *-*

Anything that is unwholesome, contains blood or gore is not encouraged, unless it is vent art, then let loose your emotions and feel free to talk to the higher ups of the server, we are always open ^-^

There are three titles and three jobs, medic, warrior and hunter. We usually call them factions.

We welcome you to the tribe, no matter who or what you may be. The most important thing is for you to have fun! ^A^

||~~btw this is just an edited version of something in the server, i am lazy ok~~||
Seen a gorilla, could have been a chimpanzee who cares! It licks its lip at me...I kinda horny, chimpanzee, neum neum neum neum it’s good! It’s all we got out nipple tribe, signing out...neum neum neum neum
The birb tribe is a small group of people who just like to hang out and do fun stuff with eachother. We welcome everyone from everywhere all over the world! We got self-assignable roles!
Welcome to the Tribe of Shaded Caverns!

In this rp, the Tribe of Shaded Caverns is placed in a mmountain range where they have lived for generations. Since the death of the last Crystal Reader, a new leader has been made, and he hopes to be the best he can be at leading and healing his Tribemates. However, something sinister lurks around the corner. Could it be a traitor? Or something more sinister?

Play as a cat in the Tribe or as a Kittypet or Rouge!

❄Really chill community❄
🌈LGBTQ+ Friendly!🌈
🌟Lovely Staff🌟
Jerrycheese jerrycheese Welcome to the jerrycheese tribe we praise jerrycheese and all his cheese. We are welcome to new jerry's, BUT NO TOMS!
The Tribe of Taz focuses on Taz (The middle ground and the products of it). In this server, I will teach you and others all about Taz. If you don't know what something means, just ask the Tazbot. We await the final days where the battle between the angels, devils and the Taz will begin.
Hello welcome to The tribe of SleepyHallow it's a Simi literate rp server all wolves are welcome bring your own character
I only created this because I find it should exist but found it didn't exist yet. If people closer to Teal Swan than me want to adopt this server, I will let them do that. I think it was Blake though who told me I can basically just keep running it.
There's a lack of Native American discord servers, so here's a place for American Indians to gather and talk! Join in, and have a great time.
Deep within the mountains, a group of cats relies on the guidance of their ancestors to survive in the harsh terrain. Facing threats like Sharptooth and the mighty hawks who soar high over their home, life is tough especially when the snow arrives. Roleplay as a kit or even a prey hunter and rise up through the ranks of the tribe! Will you put trust in the Tribe of Endless Hunting to guide you or will you turn your backs on them and face Snowfall alone? The choice is yours.

We are generally advanced roleplayers and advise you stick to other Warrior Cat roleplays if you don't think you are capable of reaching at least three sentences per post!
Welcome to the Trapper Tribe Roleplay Server! A server where you can interact with other members, and roleplay. We're a social community. As of now, there's not many members in this server. Upon joining the server, there are channels providing you with information related to the roleplay. There is a google document in the #trapper-info channel to help give you information about what trapper oc you would like to create and draw. Have fun!
Endeavor is a tribal role play with a stat system, unique characters and more that encourages character development and bonds to be forged. Come in as a loner or whatever. However, we encourage you to join.
So we are a new server with rules and lores that might possibly change if need be. Anyway...…here is half of the lore if you want to continue reading it you will have to join. Also just putting it out there we are totally open for suggestions to add things so feel free to express that.

Twenty five years ago there was this great tribe called Moloko. It was very prosperous and its people were always happy and well taken care of. This tribe had three chiefs who were all brothers, the oldest Chief Marco who ruled over the forest and the plains, the middle Chief Malik who ruled over the tundra, and the youngest Chief Caspion who ruled over the desert. The tribe people live in or in between these different climates. The thing about these Chief is that they viewed things a bit differently especially when it came to letting loners into the tribe. Marco thought that no loner should ever join their tribe, However, Malik would let them join without a second thought, and poor Caspion was somewhere in between that thinking some loners where okay and trustworthy but others were sketchy and unworthy to join. When Marco found out that his brothers were letting loners join the tribe without talking to him about it, he got angry and wrote letters to Malik and Caspion to meet up in the middle of the big tribe to talk but never said what they were going to talk about.

Another thing sorry if this sucked its my first server and I didn't really know what to do for the description.
Plane crashes can be a terrible thing, but this one is a whole lot worse.

After crashing in the Pacific Ocean, you are left with dead passengers, injuries, and the flaming husk that was once your plane. And if it couldn't get any worse, you're thousands of miles from civilization and within the jungles of the island, you can hear chants and voices; a cannibalistic tribe that has never made contact with the modern world before.

Forge alliances and friendships as you fight against disease, starvation, natives, and even your fellow passengers as the role of leadership becomes more-and-more elusive and the choices get harder-and-harder everyday.
"Meet Your Friends, Make Some Foes. But Never Forget The Tribe As Your Home "

A Tribe based on Roman Legions ranking system! (This desc doesn't do the server justice >.<)
Das RPG handelt von einer Welt ohne Erwachsene. Nachdem Forscher versuchten, ein Anti-Aging-Mittel zu entwickeln, damit aber ein Virus schufen, welches die Menschen binnen Tagen altern und sterben lässt, sind auf der ganzen Welt nur noch Kinder und Teenager am Leben. Sie haben sich zu verschiedenen Stämmen (engl. tribes) zusammengeschlossen, um gemeinsam ihr Überleben sicherzustellen. Das RPG ist zwar angelehnt an die Serie, Vorkenntnisse sind jedoch nicht erforderlich um hier mitzumachen.
**Welcome To The Land Of Two Tribes!**

Hundreds of years ago, the island was a land of peace. Two tribes lived in peace until supplies started running low. Arguments were held and battles were lost and won. Eventually, the land was split into two.

The maderas rotas tribe became the Broken Woods Tribe and the coyote perdido tribe because the Lost Coyote Tribe.

The land that was once a peaceful island was now a drained battlefield full of hatred which continued down generations until now. Tension is growing high again so, will you keep the peace or go to war? You decide!

This server offers the following and much more:

-🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+ friendly community
-🤝Helpful staff
-✍️A good roleplay
-📝A wide range of genre roleplay
-🖊Your roleplay contributes to the story!

So, come join!
Welcome to the Aiyana Tribe!
🌺 The name Aiyana means “Eternal Bloom”. With this name, it inspired this pack to be forever be radiant and to be supportive of everyone and everything around us! This is a pack tribe for all therian and otherkin to join and to be a part of the family! We strive for education, love, and to make long lasting memories. We began on June 1, 2019. 🌺

🌸 This is a International Therian/Otherkin family group that supports our goal in this family is to spread information throughout the community and help those who are lost or need help and support. To give them confidence about themselves and to remind them that they are perfect the way they are, even when the world is against them. To bring them love and respect they need to help them in life. And to give them everything they need to feel supported. 🌸

We provide:
🌲 Games
🌳 Contests
🌲 Lessons
🌳 Daily/Weekly Activities
🌲 And more!

Even if you are not a therian/otherkin, but are curious about the Alterhuman definitions, you can join as well! Just please be respectful towards the members and make yourself at home with us! Please be 13+ to join! ✨
Hi there! We are a community of Celery lovers who have beome our very own tribe! If you love celery, then you should join us now!
This is a fun role-play server based off of Erin Hunter's Warriors series. There is 4 tribes: Fire tribe, Water tribe, Nature tribe, and Earch tribe!
Join the server for more info! :3