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but du serv : insulter ta daronne
si tu lis ça et que tu rejoins pas ta daronne c'est comme un pot de nutella, on l'a finit avec un doigt
+ hey there ! we're a community created by people with personality disorders for people with personality disorders!

+ we believe in the de-stigmatization surrounding personality disorders and helping people learn to live with a pd.

+ this server is pro educated self-dx since not everyone can afford a diagnosis.

+ we have specific categories and channels for clusters a, b and c, and each of their personality disorders.
Here we just mess around XD. We have a lot to offer. We have places to RP, places for nsfw stuff ;), and we also offer chances to tryout new languages! In other words, we have certain chats for certain languages so you can learn and better yourself in that language! We also have a small development team which works on roblox stuff, yes you heard that right, roblox. Of course if you don't like that game we have small games in the server to play as well. We also have small private chat rooms and many roles to collect! We also sometimes have game nights where we all get together and play a certain game. We normally run on EST but can also play on a GMT friendly time schedule. Just remember, HAVE FUN.