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Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox. Other titles include Rocket League and Mordhau that are involved in events. Bastard Gaming is being built and needs admins/moderators and hosts too.
We Have 22 members and growing everyday.
Hey. Our server is a HOI4 centered community in which we play casual games and talk to each other between them. The server has a lot of variety from playing Vanilla to playing mods such as Kaiserreich, RT56, OWB and The Great War among other things. And if you want to host your own games on our server feel free to do so as we can give you privileges and roles to host games with.
Welcome to the Unofficial Paradox Interactive Multiplayer Discord Server! In this server we host games daily and we are always looking for new and active members on our server to host and play games daily!
Daily EU4 multiplayer hosts (around 2 PM EST on weekdays; 7 PM EST on weekends). Also a great place to ask for help in regards to EU4.
Сервер основанный на сообществе по стратегическим играм, где собираются люди для игр, общения, обсуждения политики и всего-всего.
При желании - ты всегда сможешь найти своего тут человека, так как каждый постоянный член сообщества по своему уникален.
Do you like Stellaris? Do you want a server that you can find people to play with?
Then this server is for you. We host official server games. We have bots such as Rythm and dank bot. Come and play with us.

Our Services & Features:
-Friendly Community
-Usefull Bots
-Active Staff
Społeczność poświęcona Thrashingmadowi i jego twórczości
Otwarta na nowe osoby i dobrą zabawe
Serwer Discord skupiony wokół gier, głównie gier grand strategy ze stajni PARADOX-u, ale także innych znanych marek z tej gałęzi gier video. Zapraszamy wszystkich :)
An eu4 Server that hosts games that normally go to 1821.
Games are late at night for Americans so Europeans may not be able to play the games.
Join if you want we have a furry section too
Hey, we're a small friendly community who host a lot of grand strategy game sessions, among other things such as Men of War: Assault Squad 2 and Arma 3. Rule breakers will be sho- banned :)
This server started out as just a place for friends to chat, but we want it to expand into a greater online community. Enjoy partaking in official game nights. We play almost all Paradox Interactive titles, and some other games.
A tight-knit, community-oriented gaming Discord server. Channels are available for discussion, gaming, debate, music, and dank memes. We play multiple games across the board, but some of the main games played in the server are:
World of Warcraft
Europa Universalis IV/Paradox Grand Strategy titles
Rainbow Six Siege
For Honor
Mount & Blade titles
Apex Legends

We also have Pokecord and other bots available for your enjoyment.

However, we also play many other games and are open to trying anything new. Feel free to stop by and make some friends!
Chill community based around the game Hearts of Iron 4(Hoi4). We try and setup weekly games around twice a month.

We are a US server mainly but accept all that can speak English. We are looking forward to playing with you.
We are a large group of Imperator: Rome players who play in ongoing multiplayer campaigns. We aim to cultivate a community that values competitiveness and good sportsmanship in equal measure. Come join us!
A Server for Hearts of Iron Players and Other strategy gamers alike to setup casual games. Friendly to Inexperienced or new player and welcoming home for experienced individuals also.
Mediocre Strategists is a chill group of players that aren't trying too hard while being averagely skilled. (At least that is what we tell us to not get depressed)
A server that is dedicated to helping people find Multiplayer games to play and for everyone to enjoy and share dumb memes and stories
This is a friendly International Community server, focusing on Paradox games. We schedule HoI4 games every week. We also have an EU4 campaign for those people who love painting the map.
Also If you need help about mods or other problems you can ask to our helpers... they'll help you.
Remember to choose your roles when you join so you can see everything
Communal gaming is a place to find people to play games with. We play a lot of strategy games, but not just that. We sincerely hope you give us a try! (Still somewhat a WIP)
An EU4 discord, for people who are new to the game, or semi-familiar! A semi-relaxed group for grand campaigns in EU4, with a focus on Roleplaying and storytelling, as well as having fun.