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The Fallen Eagles Server is a community run server full of dedicated hosts for a wide array of games. From Space Engineers to Hearts of Iron 4 to Arma 3, whatever you want to play you can find on this server. Our community is open to all people, suggestions are welcome, and will be taken into account when deciding the server’s policy. First and foremost in our minds, at ALL times, is how we can make this server a fun place for you. However, we are, and remain, a server run by the people, for the people. If you are interested, please click the link down below.
A server that is dedicated to helping people find Multiplayer games to play and for everyone to enjoy and share dumb memes and stories
Emerging Hearts of Iron IV multiplayer community. We've gathered a significant amount of quality players ranging from the best skills to the best curiosity. Zero percentage of toxic behavior and merciful staff.
This is a friendly International Community server, focusing on Paradox games. We schedule HoI4 games every week. We also have an EU4 campaign for those people who love painting the map. Like building instead? We've got our own dedicated MC server!
Also If you need help about mods or other problems you can ask to our helpers... they'll help you.
Remember to choose your roles when you join so you can see everything

Wir sind der Paradox eSports Clan,

Wir sind am 31.3.2019 an den Start gegangen mit der Intention einen eigenen, eSports-orientierten, und gut strukturierten Clan zu eröffnen.

Wir kommen mit allen Plattformen zu Recht, ihr müsst lediglich die Möglichkeit haben unserem Discord beizutreten.

Euer Alter ist auch nicht von Wichtigkeit für uns, ihr müsst euch aber trotzdem reif verhalten.

Ihr solltet ein Mikrofon/Headset haben, was anderen das Trommelfell nicht zerreißt wenn ihr mit uns/ihnen redet.

Ihr solltet mind. 1 Stunde am Tag zocken können, wenn dies Mal nicht der Fall ist, könnt ihr uns gerne Bescheid sagen.

Wir haben folgende Ränge:


Am Anfang werden alle ins CasualTeam aufgenommen, ihr könnt aufsteigen, wenn ihr gute Turnierergebnisse erzielt.
Wenn ihr euch bewerbt, müsst ihr euren Tracker-Link angeben, aber wir werden nicht den Hauptfokus auf Eure Stats legen, sondern auf Kreativ/1o1s und Public Tests bzw. Turniere oder auch Rotation Games.

Was wir euch bieten können:

Einen schnellen und guten Support
Nette und loyale Member
Einen gut strukturierten Discord
Ein eigenes Clanlogo
Eine eigene Rotation Games Map
Eigene Custom Games

Wenn euch der Paradox Clan anspricht, dann könnt ihr mich (@CODE paradox-esports | Lars) oder meinen Co-Leader (@code paradox-esports | Akin) anschreiben. Wir werden euch dann die benötigten Links zukommen lassen.

Wir hoffen wir haben euch überzeugt und ihr werdet uns eine Chance geben!
Chill community based around the game Hearts of Iron 4(Hoi4). We try and setup weekly games around twice a month.

We are a US server mainly but accept all that can speak English. We are looking forward to playing with you.
The year is... unknown, it's like it's been erased from time. You'd think it's effects wouldn't be so noticeable, you're wrong. There are THIRD world countries? It's like as if there's a whole bunch of nations in Japan itself. Did we all split up? Was there something I missed? What Happened? There's some who use horses, while there are technological advancements such as -- I can't explain it.
Serveur francophone pour les jeux type 4X. Stellaris - Civilization - Europa Universalis - Hearts of Iron - Crusader Kings ... Game multi, entraide, conseil et discussion.
Хочешь открывать и исследовать античность не в одиночестве?😱 Тогда тебе стоит посетить наш DISCORD-сервер по Imperator: Rome! 😃
Вы скажите:
- “А что тут особенного?” 🤔
А я вам вот, что скажу. На сервере мы выкладываем новости, удобный интерфейс, который делался не на толкане, а вручную не один час. Отзывчивая администрация + система ролей. Есть правила по поведению, так что вы не встретите 8-него орущего школьника, который водил вашу маму в кино 😎
А чего тут разглагольствовать? Давай пробуй и проводи время вместе с людьми. Не в одиночестве...😰
A Casual hoi4 server I set up with a few of my mates, we aim to host every Saturday. Feel free to join or not.
Hello everyone! I am opening up my server to the public! It has all the essentials from Voice rooms to chatroom's for everyone to get what they need! I would love to see it thrive with active people and make a grand community for all to see. I cant wait to meet everyone who joins and I hope you all have a great day or night!
Hey, we're a small friendly community who host a lot of grand strategy game sessions, among other things such as Men of War: Assault Squad 2 and Arma 3. Rule breakers will be sho- banned :)
Friends, Paradoxians, Countrymen,

I tried to find a good I:R dedicated discord, but the few that are out there were all pretty basic. I think we should have something half-nice like the Stellaris Weekend Club, so I’ve done my best to put one together for us.

☛ Relaxed rules
☛ Nice thematic layout
☛ Free blessings from godbot Dynonysus
☛ Channels for hosting/finding mp games
☛ Self-assigned nation roles to rep your favorite I:R nations.
☛ Elitist roles for Modders, YouTubers, and Streamers.
☛ Top-shelf memetics
☛ suggestionbox for your big ideas
☛ self-promotion channel
☛ friendly texan admin
Welcome to our Discord Community, where we mainly focus on Hearts of Iron IV. We also dabble in other Paradox games such as EU4 or Stellaris, but we will promote any game as long as we have people willing to join! So if you feel like playing Paradox games, come join! If you just want to play some good ol' Hoi4, then come join our community!
We are a gaming discord, we play mainly hoi4, but do have a few people who play other paradox games, and even Starcraft II and warcraft III.
KAISERREICH MULTIPLAYER, though it is just a name, we intend to host Regularly Hearts of Iron 4 Games mostly on a weekly basis.

KM is a new and developing community

Please Understand that as a public discord, we are always looking for new people to help assist in moderation, if you wish to become staff, feel free to go to #applications and submit your application to become a moderator
A server made to house Paradox game lovers of all kinds. Play your favorite Paradox games with friends, and meet people with the same interests as you. Join us on this unique Paradox Game server!

👌 Great Bots! Plenty of Music! 🎵
❤ Great Staff!
👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 👪 Guaranteed Great community
One category for each popular Paradox Game!
Updating constantly, always taking new requests/suggestions 💭💬
Anyone who likes any kind of Paradox Game, please join!

Memey server for weekly paradox games, shitposting, and general fun in a large and highly active community!
In this discord, you can join HOI4, EU4 CK2 and Vic 2 games, and host your own.
A friendly community of gamers who also watch anime, looking for new friends to play with.